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Minecraft: Eyegasmic Mods

by CaptainSparklez • 1,254,051 views

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Like if your watching in 2015
+CampFireTurtleHD -  D: whoa man i cant beat that! i guess i just have to time travel
+Jerman Chreeper says you you told people to like yours! XD ps i knew it would make a time travale disscussoin because i came from the futer 5000000 cd (50000000 years after cds take over the world)
For someone who didn't discover captainsparkles until 2013, this is REAALLY weird. It doesn't sound like Jordan at all..
This post from 2011.....when you get older....your live will change like,Faces,Sizes,attitude and voice
back when captain sparklez was batman
His voice is so different back in 2011 xD
Back when captainsparklez had intercourse with cows.
At first I was all like wait...... Is this Sparklez? Then I was like jeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!!
THIS VIDEO IS FAKE!!! If you watch closely you can see that there isn't any hunger bars and in the ACTUAL game there is hunger. You welcome everyone for saving you from watching this FAKE video!!!
Worst troll ever, I bet you thought you were first to make that joke -,-
MINECRAFT 1.2 1+2 = 3 A triangle has three sides Illuminati's symbol is not a triangle -_- It's symbol is called ”The Owl of Minerva" look it up on google
minerva is athena in roman
About 3 years ago, years ago, Captain Sparklez was a rapist tho, rapist tho, raping the cows like a playboy tho
what are you trying to do there because if it is rap...
Promotes the growth of your penis, thats somthing hilarious you wont hear him say now.
Like if watching in 2025!!
I'm not watching this in nuketown!
Ermagerd, that beta version dough.That awkwardly social sparkelz dooooo!
This video is so OLD!!!!!!XD
Liking this video promotes the growth of my PENIS O.o ?? YESSIR
Years ago when minecraft didn't have hunger...
Wow.... This shit is old
"And it promotes the growth of your penis" lol 😂
He still had thumbnails when most people still don't today
y did u stop mods? i liked it...
"Can't you see I'm trying to speak!" See. SEE?
oh god hes so young!!!
Almost exactly FOUR years ago. O_O
Like if your watching in 2800
Dat voice! Who are you and what have you done to Jordan?
back when Jordan was 19..
yea i can see this is pretty far back
Wow this is weird for me I discovered him like in hex it survival
Like if you're watching in 1999
wwwwwwwwooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww 1.2_01 beta long time ago
Everybody he on live on TV
omg he sounds so different! haha
Jeez! 3 years later, and you hardly ever swear, except when something really bad happens!
Watch his TF2. no holding back....
Can't belive this is so old it feels only yesterday he posted this realises he didn't watch sparkleypants long ago
Wow... it's amazing how people change.
What happened to Jordan? xD
so many homosexual bronie dianite scumbags here
+ProDigger yep ive ran into some real stinkers
+ProDigger sorry for assuming about everyone you proved to me not all but you have to understand that kind of stuff i described is pretty bad lol
He was always hilarious and still is
Captain my real name is Jordan too and this is my first ep watching you
Back when he didn't honor the cows
You have a playlist dedicated to minecraft mod reviews... I think you should do the same for texture packs, just your favourite textures or the ones you have or like to use, I'm struggling with which one(s) to get, but it would help if you did a review on some... Please do! Thanks
He sounds so different.
8 million SUBS!!!!!!!! Congrats!!
Before you could change the time :')
wow your voice is different now then when this bid was posted
Back when there was no hunger.
I'm from the future of 2014 😃👍
I'm even farther in the future, it's 2015!!! 😃👍👍
what texture pack do you use????????????????????????
Man the voice is different but I have been watch since the old channel
didn't he use to work in machinima 
any remember when this was the trend?
Dude you sound young and your lagging
This was 3 years ago dude.
wow he has changed so much
God this is so long ago
Like if you are watching this in 2014!
I watch this while time itself has been destroyed
Watching in 1563 BC
LOL he sounds so different.
He's yelling at cows now but when you watch his latest videos he loves them
Thats because he likes them a lot.
did i just watch jordan have sex with a cow?
OMG his voice is so young. Or his mic is not so good. XD
so the mod you have adds smooth lighting. Just update your minecraft.
Are you a dumbass? This was uploaded back in fucking 2011
The moon ls kwite cool
i remember when this video was uploaded
Is this actually his first video?
No. His first video I think was "This is your captain speaking" or something like that. And even before that, he had another youtube account called "ProsDONTtalkSHIT"
I miss his batman skin...
Wow that is so old. Man it's good to take a look at the past ;)
damn no hunger back than , the memories :D
wow and its in 1.2 BETA
Thumbs up if watching in 2014!!!
+Regan Savory People take the iSlab for granite.
i'm whaching in 2048
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