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Black Ops Griefing- The Karrit gets Hacked

by KillerKarrit • 23,406 views

In this video I troll a guy who says that he is going to take my account and IP. I then explained to him that I have an advanced lock on my router which needs 7 keys to be unlocked. He doesn't...

Lol, the British are so cute when they're mad. In addition, their little curse words are cute as well. 
LOL @ Interbread to burnt toast
"I'll bite ur ears off and spit em at ya" think hes fuckin hard hes the fuckin bellend
what in the hell is a belend 
Basically the end of a penis is shaped like a bell, hence bellend. like calling him a dick.
+maj well more accurately its like calling him a dickhead.
He also said he'd take control of his IP, Doesn't he know you can change it the twat, Either buy a new router or 'Internet Box' As this retard says, Or on PC Just type 'ipconfig release' then 'ipconfig renew'
Lol did the hacker just say he benched 160lbs?!? XD haha fucking fairy
In UK gyms they use KG, so he meant 160KG = 350 lbs ^^
yea i figured after a while that's what he might of meant.
lol "bring a friend to Birmingham and you'll never go back to Scotland." Karrit: "i dont have any friends." lolol :D
a padlock on your router i nearly died laughing haha
"Your IP is in your internet box" ... Clearly, the pinnacle of human knowledge right there.
Whats that clip in the outro: "Don't start talking shit, yeah? Fucking blow your fucking head off!"?
What was the remix at the end? Sounded great lol
Scottish people are fucking amazing ily karrit your a true king <3
I Have...I Didn't Say I Could Do It Consistently.. :P I Can Lift It Maybe Once or Twice lol :P
Haha how could anyone hate the scottish great people. Besides the ones who aren't....
Why do you steal every other general minus's fan boy comment?
why remove your previous comment which said you could bench press 190 at 17 ? now its 160? is someone lieing here haha? but its true what you say you can do then impressive but being a rugby if gonna make it a tad easier then if you were some bum who sat at home doing nothing all day :P
When the person you troll says they're going to hack you, it is a sign to proceed onward.
The Guy sounds like terry tibs
doubt that, your 14 your body hasnt even grown to its full yet
lol total utter bollocks kid take your lies somewhere else u lying lil rat
The 9 is Right Below the 6 On a Normal Keyboard and I Didn't Notice Until I Posted the Comment...So I Deleted It..And Commented Again and To All The People Saying I'm a Liar...I Can Bench It...Once or Twice...I Didn't Say I Could Do It Consistently...It's Hard
please get dai to rip the sit out of him haha
the one that you said in your words (scotish prick)
Is it just me, or did the other guy start sounding like he was tearing up?
Did you say dog because of the guy his name (the one who is laughing?)
Haha bitch I'm behind 7 proxies
Karrit ur amazin!!!! ;) i love the bit where that prick says do u understand he's guna bite ur ears off n u come out with no cos I won't be able to hear!!!! Lol!!
The arguing on here... Hilarious
Hahahahaha trolling some nooooooooobbbbbbsssss!!!!
**For some reason my reply button is being a little bitch.....** My apologies karrit.......but I enjoy calling people out on things ..regardless still love your vids. :)
@WhiskerScot569 Still bullshit mate your saying you can lift 1/4 of a tonne... No you can't your just making yourself look silly
Karrit, You're voice sounds really deep in this video.
lol I bench 160! Cool story so did I when I was 16...
Fair enough then, Just a habit...Don't even know where I got it from.
700 Kilos of helium baloons is the same weight as 700 kilos of weights, uneducated fool
Scummy chavs like that makes me hate living in Birmingham. Swallowed the keys haha, such jokes.
This guy deserves to be spammed.
An Irn Bru advert before Karrit's videos seems appropriate! The people featured clearly come from a long line of Fannys
Bloody hilarious mate! They're all tough wankers online aren't they? Haha!
Someone get this guy, he needs help!!
Oh noes! He's gonna take ur IP! I bet this cunt couldn't even tell you what IP stands for.
Now I've justified this to myself in all sorts of ways. It wasn't a big deal, just a minor betrayal. Or we'd outgrown each other, you know, that sort of thing. But let's face it, I ripped them off - my so called mates. But MrLBX, I couldn't give a shit about him. And General Minus, well he'd have done the same to me, if he'd only thought of it first. And Karrit, well okay, I felt sorry for Karrit - he never hurt anybody. So why did I do it? I could offer a million answers - all false.
So why did you remove your comment then? And A Swear word WTF
"I bench 160" oh shit dude. I'm sorry for everything I said, please, don't hurt me.
"I've swallowed two of 'em" xD This is too funny
"your IP is in your internet box" amazing
It's probably possible but when people say they will, 99% of the time they aren't able to.
hey karrit do sum more gay camp impressions with general minus that shit is sooooo fucken funny@!
he said 700, then the guy said yeah helium balloons, which implies 700 helium balloons, karrit didnt mention kilos till later
The scum of the earth are the people who blame their scummy ways on another race.
'Come to Birmingham any time you want and youll never go back; .. Sounds really shit there xD
"you'r ip is in you'r internet box" LOL, I have a bit of paper with my ip writin on it.
So I assume no one in search and destroy uses tactical mask pro...
Lol sad people maybe getting a job will help
can people actually just hack people? lol
"Dont start talkin shit yea" lol
lol nothing you can do with an ip really, you can portscan it then ddos/dos the ip through an open port
Didn't think it would be so easy to troll a troll, and the trolls fans
Ima spam him next time i get back online
Exterminate the hacker. EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE :). Good ol general minus dalek refrence
how can you tell when your host?
Dumb ass is not a word . Are you meaning a pacifier but thats known as dumb and ass is swear word.
Hey Karrit, do you even fucking lift?
why do people think they are hard by saying they will hack your account lol.
where i 've tried to find it . Stop making stuff up .
"Now listen to me....listen to me...Im going to have to come over there and smack you on the bottom"
That guy was crazy, eyeul byte yer ears off an spit um at ya fayce.
I'm ashamed to be from Birmingham after hearing this guy, all the chavs of Birmingham -_- act big but real life they run like little girls lol
I truly hate scum like this guy, dirty chavy little benifet reliant scum bag. Should be put to death. Scum of the earth
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