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The Woman In Black Trailer Official (HD)

by Clevver Movies • 2,802,276 views - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! The Woman In Black hits theaters on February 3rd,...

We watched this at school and I cant tell you how scary it was when a jumpscare came then 1 person screamed and it created a chain of screams ;-; frekin cheese balls
My school did that and I yelled out fuck.
why is there a doll in every single ghost movie 
Explenation: Dolls are what usually the ghosts control which makes everything creepy and bootiful ^ ^ <3
I don't know, guys, but it seems like Lord Voldemort's mother has come to take revenge.
I prefer the theatre production the be honest. The woman in black walks through the audience and starts grabbing people's shoulders :P
Lmao this is why Daniel radcliffe cannot move on in life. He will always be known as harry potter, he was in Horns i was still saying " run harry" . Now he is in this everybody's saying/thinking   " Harry use your fucking wand "
I don't think that's true. He'll always be famous for Harry Potter but he was great in this film as a different character. It's like Harrison Ford is famous as Indiana Jones but he's great in other movies too. Well done Daniel.
Where is Dumbledore when you need him?
It was really boring in first 30 minutes but then it became interesting and scary also Overall Nice movie;-)
expecto patronum that shit.
Just saw the  second movie in the cinema with friends,
#Yawn. Oh sorry nodded off did I miss anything? Nope...
Perfect thumbs up for this trailer on its own. Definitely puts you on edge, probably one of the most scariest trailers without a jumpscare scene
Must be a dreadful horror...
I watched the movie
If you watched the movie you should read the book! I hope the second movie is going to be as good as the first!
I had to study the book in school and it's a shame that reading a horror story over and over again just made it boring. I'm glad the film was creepy.
Honestly, I don't dare to watch this.
this movie is hella scary i screamed and ran out of the room on one part omfg
I really do love the look and atmosphere of this movie, but Daniel Radcliffe is so unconvincing in his role, I just can't take the film seriously, no hate against him but I think the film would of been a lot better with a different leading actor
Say the poem with the little girl at the same time and feel the chills...
Just take out your wand Harry!
Magic won't save him this time. :D And btw, where's this goddamn Ron Weasley when you need him?!
voldemort is playing mind games again, i don't think harry will not be so lucky this time!!!
watched 5 times woman in black
Omg I watched this and it's a great movie and daniel played the part beautifully but it is scary as hell
its a bit scary at some parts but its really really good with a great story line ive seen it
Is this movie based on Susan Hill's book??
Well, Harry Potter looks hawt now
Is this movie based on Susan Hill's book??
HARRY POTTER! Watch out! There is a woman in black behind you!!! Take her down like you did with his-name-shall-not-be-mentioned!!! :D
Someone shave a obliviate up Daniels * :D
Anastasia Kondratieva Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The Woman In Black- excellent film. It contains scenes of horror as well as sentimental scenes. 
brilliant but not as scary as paranormal activity 4
pfffft, paranormal activity? yawns
+Amy-Lee Stone or the excorcist. Or the grudge
reminds me of Sleepy Hollow... dont know why...
Use your wand kibb (radcliffe) (Harry potter) use your head!!!!!!! Plus me and my friend think u should have had Ginny in tht movie cause she's hot and Emma Watson or rupert grint and u should do a hobbit one of these
People stop with the Harry Potter jokes and be sirius ;)
4 fuck sake its not fucking shitty Harry potter so stop with the harry potter shit!!!!
Never saw a scary movie in my life but this one I have to see
Imo the ending was.. disappointing o-o
What made your comment so funny is cause of your picture.
This is obviously Harry's first job as an Auror...and the woman is Voldemorts mother coming back for revenge.
Sinister is scarier... But this was hella good (=
But him and his son die in the end they get hit by a train because the son gets cursed
Harry Potter still pursuit by dark things xD
That is the creepiest film EVER
I saw the movie and it was the best scary movie ever! I watched it with my cousin and my sister. U guys HAVE to see it. When I first saw the trailer i was so scared! But after I saw it I REALLY LOVE IT! :D
Harry Potter references are so creative! Do it more! Come on Youtube!
Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Let's all watch this.
*looks at comments* Daniel Radcliffe will forever be Harry Potter
So,the women in black is just a famale dementor ????
its harry potter in a nother film that is very spooky:o!!:o!!
Maybe because you shouldn't talk when you're in a movie theater?
Some pies can be white so hopefully it's something that is not as dirty as its meant to be...... lol :D
For not making a shitcrease Harry Potter pun? gud 1 m8!!!1111
I doubt Creature likes all those obnoxious children being in their house.
This movie scared the hell out of me. But I get scared easily, but that's just my opinion.
Harry you have been to Hogwarts for such a long time and you should know that ur wand solves everything!!!!!!!!!
The movie was really good and Daniel did a good job. spoilers: At least he got his dream come true and now I hope his characters will always have only happy endings.
Your profile picture is a picture of a Koala. I approve. Okay. Bye now.
This movie was soo creapy, i almost pied my pants.. :$
No she just looked on in Envy, she didnt mean to kill Arthur
Where's a magic spell when you need one
Insidious and the Woman and black are the only movies that still have me terrified from over a long time. Its still scaring me, O_O
I watched the movie and it scared the shit out of me! But seriousely... You have to try this movie!
The very first part of the movie is stupid they see her and go to the window and jump out and die that movie is funny/scary and btw USE YOUR WAND!!!!!!!! And scariest part was when she comes to Radcliffe and screams 😳😳😳😳😳 btw BIG FAN OF HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!
i see this movie on the shelves at walmart and im always walking around the little movie area deciding whether to take it home with me (because its HARRY POTTER) but i always stop myself because im always afraid its gonna be more scary then Amnesia: the dark decent. but if i can handle Harry Potter then surely i can handle this right?
This is a really great movie, its not slow and it dont build up the tension just to let you down. When it builds up tension to you are scared, its almost always a scene that will scare the shit out of you in the end. Maybe one of the most scary movies I have ever seen. Loved it :)
Be a lawyer they said, it will be fun they said!
U know u let your hp fans down stop callin him hp
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