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The Bunny The Bear "Ocean Floor" Lyrics

by Jason Walsh • 148,425 views

This is a video I made for The Bunny The Bear's new single "Ocean Floor" off their album If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say. All rights go to The Bunny The Bear and Victory Records Thanks to...

You guys should all look up make them suffer or ovids withering the veil of Maya or born of Osiris  The only reason i say this is as i scroll down i see kids talking about metal or hardcore and this is neither it is good as fuck tho! But this is like post pop rock swagcore yolo420troll5life2cool4u
+Trey Logan Look up Aprill 11 to hear him screaming too.
I don't know why everyone insinuates that I'm saying the Bunny doesn't scream or growl. I know he does. I'm very aware of this. Most people are, actually. But you have to see them live to know what I'm talking about. The Bear does in fact do it as well.
@GWarrior156 Bro, i actually just ordered some a while back, and half the people ive showed these guys to get pissed when i listen to them. So i turn it up xD
@Myhumpbuddy Common mistake. The average bunny packs twice the brutality of a full grown male grizzly bear.
Probably my favorite Heavy Metal song.
@CerebrumTranceStep Ferreal? I remember 'em teaching it when they went over minor & major scales. :P Iol..Me too! Where do you go? I go to UNLV. :{D PRIDE. :D & I've always wanted to seem 'em live so next time they play Henderson or the strip I'll be sure to check em...
I'm seeing them, for the second time, in two hours. Shitttt. <3
Wow for once in my life theres a good song that doesnt have somone whining about how bad it is in the first page of comments. Hope it stays that way. TBTB <3
I saw them in concert a few months ago, was a really good show. Thanks for the vid, this is my favorite song by them.
i want to be a forest animal too :(
this is the only song i can say i like by tbtb because the breakdown is fucking incredible!!!!
But The Bunny does the screams and growls. I've yet to hear The Bear scream or growl at all. Although The Bear can sing so amazingly high! XD
at 1:07 sounds like he saying im going to punch u in the face lol..
this has to be one of the most decent fucking band ever
The Bear's vocals reminds me of Brandon Saller the drummer from Atreyu but with a higher vocal pitch :)
@bankaimstr You don't know good music then. His singing is amazing, doesn't matter how girly it sounds like, it is amazing and very unique call him girly too his face he would probably kick the shit out of you.
@aloniusWankington Both bands are good and have a unique sound and lyrics in their songs.Everyone thinks this band isn't unique only because of the techno-ish parts.I still think they are though.Their screams sound incredibly new and good.
@cooldudenumber2 I call them Electronic Alternative Metal, but it's completely subjective to be honest. They can be anything you want ^_^.
usually they make good lyrics that have a great meaning but this time..idk
Well you see... listen to the lyrics... if you don't get it then, bad stuff.
@Jordorgasm Technically they're about the same. I wanna do it all! Anime, video games. Hell, even cartoons! I love singing and turning myself into someone else. It's just a thrill. What about you?
It's bleeding cowboy, you can get it as
bankaimstr Ahhh you must watch BLEACH!!
Alternative Press mini-mag. Thank you Hot Topic. I FREAKING LOVE THIS BAND
Wow, just heard this song on my local music video channel. Very catchy and different sounding. A lot of potential from these guys.
I saw them last night fuckersss <3
lol, saw somebody wearing a band tee for this band and I was curious. They're pretty good :3
Saw them live Saturday night at BOTDF's Fight to Unite Tour. It was the first time Ive ever heard of them. And I have to say they were AMAZING. Awesome show. <3
All they did was tour with them, its not like they collaborated with them...
The Bear is the only reason I keep coming back.
@CerebrumTranceStep ...actually the bunny screams & growls. :P
@CerebrumTranceStep I know what the fuck an F sharp is. Christ. Don't they still teach that shit in elementary school music class? O_o & nope I haven't seen em. Not gonna front like I have.
Does anyone know the chords for the beginig piano part? I think I got it but it doesnt sound quite right. :/
Love the noodles out of these guys<3
@xXChrisShallBurnXx Dont listen to aisle then man. Its so catchy and youll listenin to it again. And again. And then youll like this band. And you will be ashamed of yourself man. Don't let what happened to me happen to you.
this song is just straight up sexy.
I listened to this song alot before i got a reply. I seriously dont get it :/ sry for being blonde i guess
Maddie i've found you. (it's Ally Griffis Torres) XD
they are a crunkcore badn from orlando florida they mix electronica as their style and their lyrics let's just say they don't make sense
my gf told me this was her favorite band and now i wish i knew about them sooner so i couldve said they were my favorite xD
The singing really reminds me of Coheed
this is my favorite song.. at 1st i didnt like them i was like wtf? but i got sucked in lol n now its addicting haha
I am seeing them then too! I cant wait! I just barely started listening to them, yet I am in love.. <3
same here and the next day my friend told me to look up a song by them during school
I'm aware this comment is a few months old, but the Bear doesn't do the unclean vocals. That's the bunny.
those are some great gutturals he has
what is that font called? been tryin to find one to use for a tat, and i think thats a winner
@Jordorgasm Because I've seen them live twice and watched him scream and growl. An F sharp has nothing to do with screaming or growling. That's a very high and difficult to reach vocal note. Although the Bear only did screaming on 2 songs from this album, he does it in a lot of songs when they perform shows. Have you seen them?
you could very well be correct. it just seemed to me the way you were wording it implied that he did all the vocals. carry on, good sir.
why am i feeling a bit of ADTR in this band
@Jordorgasm I was probably learning how to play a recorder around that level >_>. I go to UC Clermont college. It's a local college and it doesn't offer what I truly want (animated voice acting) but it's cheap and the community there is wonderful. TBTB have killer stage presence and the Bunny is absolutely hilarious. I hope you seem them next time they're around ^_^.
calm down. There's no need to call someone a dumb cunt for getting a term wrong. You could've said "Oh they're not metal." That would've been more understanding.
This is very unique thats why its not half bad :)
@Jordorgasm nah not right now. I live in Vegas & do death metal vox but Im havin' a hell of a time finding a good band. & as of right now, everything I do is at-home. We're setting up studio time for the rapping. (New idea hasn't really been implemented in any of my songs yet.) I've had bands before in the Midwest. Get Your Gun, If She Dies, Fuck A Fantasy. mostly 'post hardcore' material though.
@theburiedbetweenme I've seen them live. The Bear didn't scream at all when I saw them accept for during this song.
first time hearing this, they sound pretty awesome! *goes looks up more songs*
WHAT IS THIS SONG ABOUT? THEY KINDA SOUND LIKE CAMBRIA-WELL THE HIGH PITCH VOICE does... first time listening to them..not bad at all
hm, now tell me what do the lyrics mean...dont really understand every word and context :O
@CerebrumTranceStep Then why did you say "he screams, growls and he fucking wales on those F sharps."?
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