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The Animal

by FilmCow • 3,292,364 views

"The Animal" t-shirts and more available at the FilmCow store: People should keep their windows closed, animals might get in.

Every time I see Chef's parents, i imagine the "Maaaah" sound whenever they finish talking.
That shotgun has one helluva magazine
And invisible ammunition, apparently, as no shells are seen being ejected.
+dcruz453 And happens to be a pump-action that looks like an auto.
I like how with this being the first video of George and Angela, it's starts with a somewhat normal situation, then, of course, the following videos succeeding this one start to have more somewhat surreal situations involving that same animal, just like Regular Show or something. :P
They sound like Chef's Parents
Thats who they're based on.
XD he sounds just like Chef's parents from south park! 😂😂😂😂
GASPS the CrEaToR! bows low
watching youtube trying to do captions for this video is like watching a fish trying to climb a tree
Was that meant to be a reference to the Einstein quote?
I refuse to believe that the animal is not a shiny Mew.
May i interest anyone in a Grand Slamwich?
I'll have a grand slamwich. they're so populaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr
this is typical black peoples house in america
The way I draw cats.
To me, in terms of dialogue, this series of videos with George and Angela is similar to the game "L.A. Noire" because it seems like you hear the words "goddamn" or "godammit" being used in these pieces of entertainment either frequently or way too much. But, regardless, I do think it's freakin' hilarious how both of those characters use those words habitually towards each other, towards the changing animal, or just as a way of talking casually. :D
whats that blue thing that keeps on popping up on these cartoons
I don't think a single one of these comments had anything do do with the original post. Fantastic, great work guys, meet back up next week.
How much do these guys sound like Chef's parents?
About Tree Fiddy percent
Watch it with captions, you can thank me later
How do you watch it with captions
What's with Walmart? +Aaron Rascon, click the CC button on the bottom-right of the video.
Logan Howlett Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
So.......This is why people call me the animal 
I would've fed the animal with a nice juicy lamb chop...
Ooh, good choice! And today I could certainly go for some...  dramatic music plays  ...delicious crab meat. 
Did you hear it's "Maahhh" noises? I think that's it's stomach making the rumblies... that only hands would satisfy.
he never gets to eat his eggs
I don`t know how, but this is really funny, how can something this stupid really make me laugh? this is genius.
dayum, why so many dislikes? this is one of my favorite filmcow videos
I would love to see a video of Jason Steele doing the voice acting
qwadawadadadaqwadawadada in the house
That cat thing..I want it as a pet.XD "Meooooww?"
how many brain cells did i lose..
Khoshek...what are you doing leaving the bathroom, young lady?? You go and somehow find your way back to Nightvale
Why didn't he just take the eggs off the hob for a bit when he went to investigate the animal? Oh wait-- no that'd make sense.
A potato flew around my room before you came...
maybe you could take THE GOD DAMN EGGS OFF THE COOKER 
Enrique Lopez Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Hilarious vid HAHA The way he talks
whose his own little bird luger for you or a draw a burger burgers about all get here got him or the hallowed on armada boorda hard her I hope not in my room wall art are Barbara Marshall drawbar feel bad like overawed got Garda Garda about a lot dar order however for my broader problem Rob our caller did your wanted to show you all Bernarrd Orr guard our problem over our our Tokyo driver or other number every got a broken heart go crazy got outta here guard our our borders where da now dramatic hi how are you a lot don't know where to go we regard your honor their fish could give her are no over a week have a guardar out a little bridle on our broadcast are much scope of her lover hurler to brokers on border guard I'm proud holding the gun shoot a gun over ok dole got to go all out ball out again alright your guard up tall guy hold a row there's another war over there's more to ok writer wallace yeah well art follow your dollar dollar girl yeah on of program Walmart what are you go one got terrible when are the way to give her I was repaired your bro cohort in a row umbrella hope so you know what I walk will not be mired its all dogs are lower by Archer all bark
Funny enough these are the captions to this video
this is almost exactly like Chef's parents trying to get Kenny's soul out of the house..
oh, oops, I only see now a ton of people already commented that... my bad..
I thought of Chef's parents and the loch ness monster when I saw this...
Poor guy, all he wants is his eggs. :(
I was waiting for him to say "Tree fitty" XD
I want that God Damn animal as my pet.
 funny lol lol lol marshmalow is cool
this is the single greatest thing on the internet
Um is that a cat well then poor kitty
Anybody listen to welcome to nightvale? the animal reminds me of khoshekh, the cat who hovers in the men's bathroom. If you don't listen to nightvale, YOU SHOULD.
SPOILER ALERT: his goddam eggs burn at the goddam end.
I want an Animal plushie.
Robber,alien,and the animal all sits there saying meh hilarious.
Pump that double barrel.
Get this God ** animal out of mah howse Lol
lol! my eggs!!!!!!!!!!
How many are there of these? I've found four and I love them all!
Sounds like my fiance and I lol
"He said, I need about twee fiddy" May the GENIUSES who can trace this to the episode reveal themselves
There's a gawddamn animal flying aroung!
guys click the cc and click ok, it shows the words of the video, the words displayed will..... are not the words
There are no captions for this video... 😐
I watched this video for 3 hours...
Was this inspired by South Park? They look like Chef's parents
I love the noise the animal makes!
Am I the only one who thinks the animal is adorable? you are not MAAAAHH
I literally just realized this is so much like that one South Park episode.
The one where Cartman's "time" is running out and Chef takes him to have an exorcism to get Kenny's soul out of him... let me look for it.
Season 6, episode 15, "The Biggest Douche in the Universe". lol.
that sounds like me and my friend when he comes over to my house except for the gun
There's a gawddamn animal in the house!
O )           ( O       l      l ____________             BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
poor guy, all he wanted was some eggs TOT
i take about tree fiddy
This is my sense of humor
Nice Winchester shotgun.
hahahahhhahahahahahahaha Good Job! xD
Womaaaan don't get da gun womaaan
Aww your eggs are burnt...would you maybe rather have a grand slamwich? Or a lamb chop? :P
Lol WTC IMA go get my gun
Make more Llamas with hats
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