Game over man, game over...

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So it looks like all I have to do is report venomfangx (aka posterboy for creationist stupidity or PCS) and his ass is history. Not only did he file false DMCAs against two of my videos, committing...

If there is such a thing as "God's work", +Thunderf00t is not only doing it, he is doing it WELL. If there is such a thing as an "after-life", Jefferson, Franklin, and Paine are applauding the efforts of +Thunderf00t. "Question with boldness even the existence of a God, because if there be one, he must more approve the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear."  -Thomas Jefferson If there is such a thing as a "Christ", he is celebrating the restraint, mercy, forgiveness and reason well demonstrated by, +Thunderf00t . "Prove all things, hold fast that which is good."  -Saul of Tarsus / Paul the Apostle/Persecutor (Thessalonians 5:21) God bless FREEDOM OF SPEECH, bitches, Eeeeee-aaaww!
+ItsFrenzy26 "God is a word coined by psychopaths" On this, we agree. "jesus is not what you think he is" I think that Jesus is everything that all verifiable evidence suggests that he is; at best a bronze age myth. "All I seen was stupid so I pointed it out to you." In English we would write this as: "All I seen " (I saw) "was stupid so I pointed it out to you." or:  "All I seen " (have seen) " was " (is) "stupid so I pointed it out to you." Now, let's get back to you telling me how stupid I am.
Thunder... Christian here, catholic persuasion. I'll tell you why I, on my part, believe in God: 1. The best amongst my exes was a fervent christian, though NOT a fanatical fundamentalist - just a very decent person - hard-working, trustworthy, intelligent, great sense of humor, philosophical - not to mention very sexy and fantastic in the sack. She did pray before making love though: maybe she saw it as partially sinful although not unnatural - but we kind of call that kind of thing "felix culpa" and NO ONE's fuelling the "wait till marriage" bandwagon: if you're grown up and sex is consensual (not under duress as in the case of most prostitutes in eastern Europe) no one's got a problem with what you do behind closed doors. But that's not "proof of God" yet and I realize it. So here's further evidence: 2. I was making a lot of cash gambling - World Cup 2010 was being played and I was constantly putting down reasonably big bets - and stacking up the winnings. We won A LOT that summer. (Gambling, they say, is a BAD vice.) 3. We drank. Sometimes - A LOT. (never good to go overboard, but me being from the ex-Soviet Union... yeah, you bet.) And lo and behold - NO PUNISHMENT! 4. Last year, I managed to draw money from an ATM via an old bank account which, upon checking, was revealed to be empty (in the minus in fact), NO overdraft, nothing. I asked for money, entered the pin and the ATM gave me cash. Weird! 5. I love cats. Always did. The strange thing is - cats love ME back! Sometimes, in fact oftentimes, a random cat will "contact" me on the street and walk with me for distances of over a mile! Happens with dogs too - but that's a little more explicable. I'm not an expert on animal behaviour lile Mr. Jackson Galaxy or Cezar Milan but I've NOTICED that in the majority of cases, cats are territorial while dogs are personal: NOT with me. I attract cats and I scare the shit out of most dogs - been attacked by dogs in the winter of 2010-2011 - and escaped unscathed. The funny thing is... so did the dogs. I do Karate you see. I know what stance to take and when to attack - If I hadn't been drunk as fuck, I probably would have managed to kick the first one too... but he heard the loud roar from me and turned the fuck around and fled - and so did the other four. The next time they ran barking towards me I ran straight back TOWARDS them and they turned to flight and scattered - a TYPICAL pack reaction: "not my fault - that sick fuck there got me into this." Nowdays I know to carry a foldable bo-ken. Dogs see a big stick being rotated, dogs run... Genetic memory I guess. And BECAUSE I KNOW WE ACTUALLY HAD EVOLUTION, I suppose our ancestors must have done similar things to fend off wolves. Just a thought... 6. One time... I was all outa money because of doubling down th gamble on football. I gave up virtually my last penny - Borrusia Dortmund refilled my wallet in the 93rd. minute with a completely pointless goal against Arsenal: it was 2-0 and then it was suddenly 2-1 - I'd predicted that Arsenal would win minimally - by one goal. Yeah - and I was expecting 1-0. And it WAS - until the 88th minute when Robin Van Persie scored for 2-0 - and for five excruciating minutes, I was in COMPLETE AGONY. 7. I have not been sick in 20 years - since I was 14. I'm a horrible person - not much of a liar but boastful, proud, vain to an extent, carnal as you want, virtually alcoholic, PRONE to cheating on partners, vicious, neo-fascist: an ex-military man with some combat experience and all of my old habits from the time when I thought - "What God? Do you people think I'm that fucking stupid? OK - here's a vibrator: SIT ON IT!" Now I'm making a breakthrough with stand-up comedy in various languages: people LOVE religious jokes! You, I see, are a SERIOUS philosopher: serene, you rely on evidence instead of taking the easy way out and pretending you somehow accept the common dogma of - "everybody says so, haven't you heard?" And you have very sound debating skills: you value every detail and you spit half-truths straight back out instead of swallowing as instructed - GOOD ON YOU BRO! So let me end this arduous post by giving you a couple of jokes I authored recently: Jerusalem, 27 AD. Jesus is alive and well and in his element. Two roman centurions are changing on guard duty - one's coming with four hastates to relieve the other company. "Salve vulva hypnotica!!!" "Hail centurion. Hail centurion... that's what I do ALL MY FUCKING LIFE - hail at you and stand on guard at night so you can come drunk and fuck up the protocol. Come here you pig - how many zealots did you round up today :) AVE MY FRIEND - AAAVEEE!" "Hey dude... did you hear Magdalene had a daughter last year?" "Which Magdalene bear?" "MARY Magdalene BEAR!" "God Damn Varinius - now everybody in town's a motherfucker!" Several centuries later (in fact, a whole millenium and some small change), heard within the camp Teutonic by the Holy City: Dear Briana - I'm your fan :) I do for you what I can. Your fantastic reputation - GLORY TO THE GERMAN NATION! But I have no time to lie - can you suck me till I die? You got holes I need to fill - TELL ME WHO I NEED TO KILL!!! Call me a hare-brained, supersticious idiot with superficial knowledge and a wiki-commons room-temperature IQ - but I swear to you - God exists! Peace.   
+Joe Dow Here's the joke: Young Vorvelder to Heinz Torwald, Stalingrad 1943: "Honestly - I don't know if there's a God... can't see him, can't touch him - I call him - he doesn't come!" So Heinz Torwald replies: "Hey... it's the same with Vassiliy Zaitzev: you can't see him, you can't touch him - try calling him: he won't come! But I swear to God - he's there the red fucking cunt - so don't go taking chances, PLEASE I fucking beg you!" Cheers man - we agree to disagree, like Margaret Thacher used to say.
And now that asshat is back, comedy gold incoming! But he seems to now be targeting Jaclyn instead of you Thunder.
+Shelby R hmmm give me like 5 minutes and I'll hunt it down just for you c: though I think it is still the same as it has ever been.
The genuine spiritual event is the personal relationship with God in a righteous lifestyle with the evidence of the biblical ONE BAPTISM of power for the John 3:3 believers of who Jesus spoke;  "Except ye be born again (accept Him by faith not by  demand of proof) ;  ye shall not enter the kingdom of God."   He said, " The wages (reward) of sin is death;  but the free gift of God (of Abraham through faith in Jesus Christ) is everlasting LIFE."   The New Test ONE BAPTISM is not the man made powerless baptism "of sprinkling water on little heads) which is not in the bible.  SPRINKLING is the false doctrines of false prophets, and which are increasing now in the end time before Christ appears for the "catching away of the saints." KJV.,   Jesus said so!  
GAME OVER FOR WHO!?!?!  ...PROPHETIC END TIME  message of the God of Abraham to millions of New Test believers today,  as myself hearing the the end time warning of Christ's return, saying;  "TELL THE WORLD I AM COMING SOON ...SPARE NOT MY WORDS."  ...to spare not His words is to ask: ...Do you know for certain that all sin is forgiven through faith in Jesus Christ to qualify for eternal salvation?  ...Do you profess to be a Christian but live like the devil? ...OR have you "not as yet" stepped into the kingdom of God knowing that heaven is your eternal home?  if not you may know that today!  just ask Jesus to come into your heart,  He only comes by invitation and your willingness to humble yourself and make Him Lord of your life! ...It's a personal decision,  you will not be beheaded if you refuse.  God bless you to this truth!  
+Person Oisels Ah yeah this REVIVAL OR BUST weirdo.. I remember reading her wall of a reply a couple of months ago and just thinking.. "Ah fuck it..." She actually seems to think were demons or something conspiring against her. It's tragic but I think she might actually be insane.. And I'm pretty sure I have no way to convince her to see a doctor so I just thought I'd leave it. I hope she gets the help she clearly needs one day cos THAT... is not a stable, functioning human.
+Matt Pope The way I see it, it's about probability. Is it more likely that, whilst browsing the internet, you meet a legitimately insane person who doesn't have anyone to help IRL, or that you meet a troll? I mean, of course, every so often one may meet a crazy person but it's a fairly low chance so it's best to just assume it's a troll every time.
Thunder any chance you can have only people with a brain making comments I don't mean intelligence I mean crazy sane people like moi take it easy haha
"Apart me" Yeh I believe you
Holy shit! this may be 6 years old but it still has a lot of weight!!
Kids that with with their parents shouldn't have world views
3:50 wtf? Thunderf00t spends the video talking about no censorship, then demands that VenomFang self-censor for an entire year? Sounds a little suspicious to me.
This offer sounds more like blackmail to me.
fucking blackmail 
Venom Fang didn't learn his lesson. Sigh
+Truth monger That can happen when you get your morality from a book written by warring bronze age tribes who considered people to be property.
+Baron von Quiply I couldn't agree with you more.
I'd just fuckin pursue legal action OR challenge him to a bareknuckle Irish boxing match to be posted online. One or the other.
Now your talking.Old enough to steal ,old enough to get his ass kicked.What a shit.What a low life.
All Athiests have sin. Sin of knowledge, of power.
If knowledge is a sin, then I want to be as far away from your god as possible. Lucifer, here I come. Odd isn't it, that the main criminal of the Abrahamic religions, is named Lucifer, coming from Lucid, which means bright or luminous.
"Then shall it come to fisticuffs then Venom Fang? I'll have you know I'm world famous pugilist Tommy Ray Thunderfoot!"
Damnit thunerf00t!  You should have crushed him!
VenomFang has lost his bite :)
So... what happened in the end? I MUST KNOW!
He was forced to make an apology on youtube, which is an amazing video, you should check it out. Then he disappeared for awhile before reappearing and changing the focus of his silly attacks to another Atheist. He doesn't fuck with Thunderfoot anymore as far as I'm aware and now takes his beatings from someone else, who finds it equally as easy to destroy everything he says. Oh yeah and since his return there have been all these mysterious "dump bots" exploiting youtube to create thousands of downvotes on the Atheist videos he speaks out against. Not necessarily him, but suspicious considering the timing. And he's already shown that he is willing to break the law in an attempt to discredit and suppress the views of intelligent people like Thunderfoot (obviously because he can't do it using words and facts). He's an amusing little fucker, I'll give him that. These idiots actually bolster Atheism with their stupidity, so I hope more of them come along.
On one hand i consider creationist unaccountable for their actions due to stupidity. On the other hand we must protect the survival of our species ……. So no mercy …..
Oh wow how this video is ironic now considering that DMCA IS punishment-free way to censort people on the internet thanks to modifications done in the 2011 changes. and some companies are abusing it already :(
I love the rationality of this: "How about taking a year off to reflect and mature? Oh, while you're at it, take that wheelbarrow full of bullshit that you tried to dump on my doorstep, and snack on it between bouts of inward reflection - it's either that, or I publicly spank your childish ass." Thunderf00t for the win, bitches!
This pcs faggot is canadian isnt it? He should be beaten to death like all canadians LOL
race2   [reys]  noun 1.a group of persons related by common descent or heredity. 2.a population so related.  Therefore it is a race. Hating canadian because they are canadian is racism.
Damn... that was... Headshot? :D
What did VenomFangX do this, like what did Venom fang X do?
Can someone explain to be the DMCA laws and rules for filing a DMCA claim so that I don't ever make this mistake? I'd be thankful.
I believe in a God, but not scripture. I'm a universalist, so I believe in science. Although I believe in a God, I still love watching irrational religious people get there shit pushed in in.
Even though I don't agree, this is the kind of belief that I am completly fine with. Organized religion on the other hand..
Why don't you three go get a room at the idiot hotel
Christians (creationists) are getting desperate. Keep up the pressure, soldiers for reason!
I seldom use slang, but, PWNED.
Medieval Version Overview : I shall not turn thee to a peasant to be mocked, nor shall I banish thee from the tube land for eternity. Thou shall be exceled for 365 moons before return. Your future existent in this land shall be for thy "Why do people laugh at creationists" videos where thy shall mock thee for thou ignorance, lack of proof, and stupidity... Tell me if I did good :) 
+Gabriel Olausson 365 moons... as in days...  +Barry Wheeler  which I would personally change to 365 nights (365 passes of the moon also works) and if I was you I would add something like "now... out of my sight, puissant" or something like that :p also... here's a franc... for services rendered
But wouldn't my quote truly been wrong if I had said 365 full moons. But I guess 365 moons was not specific.
@John Elric I concur. But very enjoyable to read. I like TF a lot. His videos are harsh but still quite enjoyable. but his arrogance does kind of gets to me at times. Everyone wants you to believe what they believe. People just cannot let others live the way they want.
you are fear and just funderf00t that scum does not deserve it.
@Thunderf00t: I guess I can't congratulate you for outsmarting a theist but you certainly seem to have gotten the upper hand here.
its pretty good but it is sort of pussy on ur behalf thunderfoot. i spose this is the science way think of the best way too do something or make someone disappear. there is no religion way too do this cause religion is gay.
All he did was settle outside of court. He told VenomFangX that he was going to be reasonable, and let VenomFangX Take a year-long ban to reflect on his actions, in return the false DMCA's won't be reported. That is called being merciful, and it takes more character show mercy than to be vengeful. The rest of your comment made no sense. The 'science' way of doing things? WTF?
So drama, drama, and more drama?  It doesn't seem like it did any good. Not only does he do the same things, but he's spread to other positions on the internet where you CAN'T get him for anything. The only other thing I wanted to say was; Youtube doesn't generally hand out IP bans. Even if they did, it doesn't take a rocket science to unplug your router for 10 minutes then plug it back in for a completely new one. What he did was kinda stupid. If you want a video taken down, don't report it for intellectual property. Just use a string of report bots to take it down for something under the sexual category. Automated processes make the report process a joke. otherwise, eh, seemed like a fruitless endeavor.
is this venom/shawn guy still around? i have just seen some of his videos, and i can honestly say he is one of the most annoying little pieces of shit i have ever seen.
HAHHAHhahaa venom does look exactly like that white guy that jewls shot in pulp fiction.
I don't get it, what did the dude do that was so serious?  It sounds like all he did was get some of videos taken down that the other guy made making fun of him using his videos?
+Anglomachian its still up under "venomfangx apologizes to the internets"
+Anglomachian "Thou shalt not bear false witness" One of the few times The Bible hit the nail right on the head.
yup definitely a moron. cant even spell his name the right way. 
Having watched quite a few of thunderfoot's and others videos over the last few weeks, I'm struck by one thing:- YouTube atheists seem overly smug and altogether far too self-regarding.  You feel certain, for example, that your concept of punishment for this alleged criminal activity is superior to one agreed on by the wider community (i.e. statutory law).  It may well be but it's that presumption which I find unbearable.  Atheists ought to be a little more self-critical in that regard.
+TheSoftware72 LOL, no the saying is go fuck yourself.  I do not believe Thunderf00t is anything of the sort.  John though was being a hypocrite.  He blamed all Atheists for the actions of a few.  I have only seen Thunderf00t recently as before a few months ago I never heard of him but I have heard of Venom. And what ultra left wing points of view?  You mean when he talks against current feminism or that he sees creationism as bollocks?   What are you being saved from? But I am glad in all of your criticisms you made absolutely no judgement on people.
+John Elrick Just a thought, but if the person who 'was certainly transgressed', and whose 'rights were violated' has 'no natural right to pass sentence', then who does? Who else can determine the severity of any punishment delivered? It goes back to the lex talionis: 'eye for an eye,' and all that.
i love your lack of reason as to why he sucks... does he suck for being a rational person? does he suck for seeking the truth? does he suck cause he wants justice when some one was trying so hard to screw him over?  if anything i think thunderf00t is a great influence for those who have a hard time dealing with creationist bible deepthroating bastards who spend their whole life kissing gods ass while they commit every sin in the book.
+TE3b No, he sucks because he defended himself from unwarranted, illegal, attacks in such a way that was logical and even handed to the extent that Venomfang couldn't fall back on the typical christian persecution complex nor claim the moral high ground publicly.
The derp is strong in this one.
I'll take Thunderf00t over the idiot any day.
thunderfo00t is a **
+Kumquatodor I think you need to take time to stand back and read all your comments you have wrote on yt and you sound all mixed up.  The Jesus part is ok but the other stuff isn't.
+Norman Smith Where exactly? The part where I quote the Bible that says "love others as yourself"? The part that quotes Jesus and says you should not resist an evil person, yet you attack TF? The part that quotes the Bible and says "don't break the law", and yet you defend the law breakers? Where am I confused? I need to know if I am.
Mr.Thunderf00t,I am a big fan,you are being too complacent when this scum is concerned,legal action is desirable to teach this lesson in my view of the situation.There are a lot of creatards on the tube,one less is a good thing,you will always have material for "why do people laugh at creationists",make peace with the fact that the well of stupidity,bigotry,and misinformation will not dry up so easy... Human stupidity is infinite... Peace be upon you friend ;D
Religion was respected, huh? By whom? People that would either be killed or publicly shunned for disrespecting it or those that are brainwashed from childhood? Got news, and this has nothing to do with the 'Good News': religion LEAVES no room for respect to anyone but God, and by association people with respect for God, who are 'of God'. I've witnessed this more than I care to tell you, as can anybody with their brain still intact. Religion deserves at least as much DISrespect as it's dealt.
Without atheists and secularism, you wouldn't even have the technology to spout your nonsense. You would still be talking to yourself with your hands together, believing you are on a one to one line with the creator of the universe.
I'm just saying, God and Religion isn't the problem. PEOPLE are the problem.
That's not mentioning the money that gets wasted by religions. If the good people in religions that are just trying to do good were to realize their religion is a load of crap, they would still be likely to be good and use their time/money to support a more positive cause. Like preserving the earth and humanity. Instead most think jesus is going to rapture them in their lifetime! Haha it's worth a laugh considering every generation has thought that and been wrong... Consciousness needs to rise.
...And then go to an athiest country and they probally wont care what you do, (denmark, sweeden etc)... You just proved the point that the real 'god fearing' religious countries are the last places you would want to visit..
Not that you care several years later, but sweet! Congrats on winning the internet.
If the religion bulldozer that disrespects everybody else by putting up signs saying we're going to hell, and so many others that are offensive to everyone not in THEIR religion, would keep to themselves we would be quieter. Quit trying to force your beliefs on other people. On a side note, he is not a noble guy! Did you not watch this video? He is knowingly deceitful and you are defending him!? Proves a point though when you defend such garbage because of his religion...theism needs to back off
Dont fucking threaten me. Fuck you and your god. Piece of shit.
This isn't a video about education, it's about humiliation. This thunderfoot wanted to get the last word in publicly, which only underlines his own weakness.
Look at it this way - he does far more good for the rationalist cause by being around and being himself than we could ever do by engineering his absence. If VenomFangX did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him. ** ** An ironic paraphrasis of a well known saying, rather than an expression of intent.
he violated the law, he is not a good noble guy. he deserves to be punished for trying to use the DMCA to censor people.
Just googled the anti bogan wordpress a minute ago, some young woman said some admittedly stupid things about Adam Goodes the footballer but this website has this young ladies private photos all over it and I would lay massive odds that she never gave them any photos or permission to use any. Can anyone rid us of these turbulent communists and turbulent creationists and conspiracy theorists ?. PROTECT FREE SPEECH
To be fair, the Soviet Union wasn't brutal as all get out because it was atheist, unlike many theocracies can say about their godliness, but because it was run by power-mad assjackets who simply were also atheists, their views on theology didn't affect their brutality, their need for control did.
None taken. Each is entitled to what they wish to believe. At least ur not so quick to throw the baby out with the bath water. I actually respect you deeply for even having the integrity to speak the way you did. At least we do agree that He did exist. For myself I am content in my faith that He is who He claims to be. I'd say that all Ive done is share my opinion. Jesus also taught to deny God is to be a fool. Im just sayin... Somebody's right, but I'll go with the Historical evidence of Jesus
Soviet Union's case was more like a messed up brain period, it doesn't imply that Atheism caused all the tragics (ie didn't believe in god), nor these tragics wouldn't have happened if the people believed in god.
Really.. Go read up on Henry Morse. Father of the MORSE code still used today & is very crucial in nautical environments. He believed in God. John Harvard founder of Harvard UNIV. did so in order to teach the future generations the Bible. Its funny, its like all u lil athiests have is yt and fb to spread ur fake socialistic nazi science. got news for all of you. My WWII G.pa kicked your asses... prepare for dejavu :) God doesnt look kindly upon those who mock His creation. remember u were warned
The fact that religious documents are full of inconsistent, contradictory bullshit that people apply whatever meaning they want to make it seem "sensible".
Geez, VenomFangX was such a self-destructive moron.
yes, not catholic ... jehovas witness? Quaker? Mormon? Baptist or a member of the only true church of newly risen saint? Whatever cult you're a member of, it's like Shakespeare says: "a rose by any other given name". (But religious bullshit aside, I would probably call you a truther, conspiracy-nut or crank - all psychological toubles that can be cured, by the way)
4/5 Was Mary Magdalene present when the stone was rolled away? Matthew 28:2,5,8 - “...Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it…The angel said to the woman, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified…So the women hurried away from the tomb…” John 20:1,11-12 - “Early on
1/5 What did Jesus say before he died? John 19:30 - "When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” Luke 23:46 - “Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” When he had said this, he breathed his last.” Inconsistent.
5/5 the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance…but Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb and saw that two angels in white seated where Jesus’ body had been…” Also inconsistent. Not to mention that the authors of the NT were originally anonymous and were only assigned names such as Luke and John. I speak mostly of abrahamic religions, also.
youtube.com/watch?v=wjmFm8PIz8M "Age of Deceit" youtube.com/watch?v=fSNU-jlHkDs "The UN & the Occult agenda" youtube.com/watch?v=P-8-teAlZsE "The New Age Agenda" youtube.com/watch?v=lT4w-0Wxg4o "Gods of the New Age" I have plenty more of research for you if you wish to DISCUSS this in a logical & truthful manner. Lets be clear, Im not here to argue w anybody. Only share what many have found. Afterall arent we all in the same boat so to speak?
Coward ass? That's quite a claim from someone talking to me through the anonymity of the internet. Look kid, if you want to defend your "phony bologna God," do it with some sense rather than extraneous trash talk.
if you want to ignore the facts that's on you ain't it? and please, don't hold your breath, you can't afford the loss of brain cells
i will not look for you, i will not persue you, but if you dont, i will look for you, i will find you, and i will kill you
"there was a time when religio was respected" yeah! it was called THE DARK AGES when life expectancy was 20years and people got killed for not believing the church's bullshit. There are still places like this in the world, why dont you move there?
Nobody ever said they were. lol Where do people get this idea that because someone says they are Christian, they claim to be some sort of saint? Again dont mix paganism of Vatican doctrine with what the bible truly teaches. You all obviously dont wish to take the time to even study any of the history I suggested. All the sources pushed at me in any rebuttal are new age and freemasonic. what now the masons are here to help us? so isnt that like trusting the big bad wolf saying he's grandma?
“I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so” ~Adolf Hitler dammit, I can't believe you made me quote Hitler. God, I hate you right now
A-holes like him shouldn't be allowed to get away with just an apology...
Kind of fills you with a warm fuzzy feeling doesn't it.
well, no it is not a jackass, jackasses are smarter than any christian... for a simple reason, they serve purposes
There was indeed a time when religion was respected, it is known as "The Dark ages"
thank you ranwolf76. your opinion means so much... :)
Eh, we all make mistakes... Just don't do it again or I will have to castrate you with a blunt rusty knife Joking of course...
I can provide u w qoutes from the popes claiming to be god... just like other religions. I agree "religion" is evil. I TOTALLY AGREE. I dont even attend a church. I read my Bible and honestly try to live by it. Even someone on here agreed that Jesus didnt come to teach "religion" but a way of life. Im not here to convert any of you...Believe what you want but respect what true Christians believe. We are not out to get u. On the contrary, we know ur in the same boat as we are. get rid of ur hate
venomfag is a gog ashkenazi "jew". their "rabbi" kook wrote a booklet named "faith hidden in atheism and atheism hidden in faith", kook said other things too like "if a jew can deceive a Christian, he may worship even the stars". venomfag does only what his rabbi kook told him, he is not realy a Christian but does this under the guise of Christianity to make Christians and Christianity get the blame for his fraud, to take his judaisticness out of the focus of negative critic. sue this swine !!!!
I was just looking for a video about Radiometric dating...
I like this guy. He seems like a reasonable person.
This venom-fag-X isn't worth wasting time with....maybe free thinkers respond to his videos because they are all easy to dispute.
You mistaken Catholicism for Christianity WHICH IS NOT. Catholicism is esoteric occultismhidden behind a mask of christianity. And as far as buddhism goes: Annie Beasant, Helena Blavatsky, and the all the evil freemasons enslaving humanity right now all claimed that buddha was just satan/lucifer. look it up. so really ur being duped into worshipping lucifer. This is also why the vatican (not biblical christians) is joining all religions together just as satans desires. Its no secret. just look
If only the original comment was not removed. Would you please tell me what it said, if you can?
Just try twisted cupid or the like. Remote Sensing does not work well in find a spouse...
It's very possible that most Atheists don't give a shit WHAT you believe, but are more interested in WHY you believe it. Socratic debate doesn't call for oppression. Religion claims certainty, science and reason DEMAND more questions and perspectives. Oppressors dismiss and punish descent, but scrutiny, testing and debate are the only ways science accepts anything to be true. If you feel Atheists are oppressing the spiritual, it's cause the arguments don't hold up to scrutiny on a large scale.
None of the above,i much prefer the Egyptian horus/isis deities,which incidentaly were being worshiped thousands of years before jesus came along and shamelessly adopted many of its basic principles and sayings,for example the lords prayer,Before you start ranting about satan,let me inform you I have studied eygyptology for many years,and I do know what im talking about,unlike your good self. Indeed there is mounting evidence jesus spent much of his youth in Alexandria,....
How long did it take you to come up with that comment on your own??? you must have "thunk" all night
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