Shooting in aurora movies people shot

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My heart goes out to everyone hurt i apologise to anyone effended. Was in theater 16 this is a tramatizing event. Please show respect to video and yes i took the video

Good for the guy holding the door open.
First off. If there was some dude shooting up a theater people will be hauling ass trying to get as far away as possible from the scene. Second, how the fuck are people who are shot being walked out without paramedics, Or stretchers? Third no one is running out. More like casually fast strolling
I'm glad I live in the UK. You're safe when you go to the cinema...
I think you should have waved and shook the phone around a little more because it was far too clear for me to make anything out at all
@henryjohnson don't you have a cross to burn somewhere? Just like the Ku Klux Klan claiming they like "good negroes," this vile racist BULLSHIT of "I'm OK with GOOD Mexicans, but I hate those La Raza people who think they're actually equal to great white people like ME!" Nazi fuck. Anti-racist is NOT anti-white, liar. There is nothing REMOTELY criminal about La Raza, they are NOT a "mafia," and shove your white pride right up your worthless Nazi ass.
Wolfen126....my god I am so sorry, I never even should of opened my mouth...sigh....
Did you know 0bama and the Democrat party were celebrating these deaths with parties and gave a speech about death to america and americans? then having gay sex with dogs, camels, arabs, socialists, and communists while praying to Karl Marx
who was near the shooter Jared Loughner and guess what??? He couldn't do shit to stop the situation because he couldn't get a clear shot at Laughner and was afraid he would accidentally shoot an innocent civilian....So he wasn't able to use his CC to do anything against the shooter who was only brought down when multiple people tackled him.
The hurricanes have most likely been created using HAARP as-well, it's what all the chemtrails are for, that and poisoning us.
you are a fucking brony....you just lost every right to argue with anyone on the internet
Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. - Albert Einstein
It says how much of a little immature bitch you are
Even though you're a troll, I'll subbed to ya. Sub four sub?
Chapo isn't from Culiacan. He's from La Tuna, Badiraguato.
Obviously, Holmes is solely responsible for the shooting. At the same time, better policy could have prevented something like this from happening. If you don't allow customers the right to defend themselves in the theater, then you damn better make sure you have an extremely beefed up security team. By neglecting both, the theater was just asking for this kind of atrocity.
College is a fucking waste. Especially if you are going into debt for it. It's called the Educational Industrial Complex and it's designed to turn you into and Economic Slave through debt. That path is slowly eroding and the Economy is a perfect example of why it does not support anybody but the Universities and Politicians who cram these Ideas down your throat.
I dont know. Seems to me like I struck a nerve.
In England by law people cannot own guns and they are not doing that bad because even intruders are rarely harmed with guns, also i personally think that being with guns inside your house as a protective measure against intruders is more dangerous than being without guns because when you have guns you are ready for a deadly confrontation and the intruder(s) usually are people that use drugs and react aggressively to the slightest inkling of a negative reaction from the victim.
Even if I am what you refer to as a brony, what does that have to do with anything?
Blame justice, not the "stupid mental" people. They saw this coming, and didn't do anything about it. It's a matter of time the elephant in the room had enough.
The forces at work go much higher then government agencies.
Nice you took time out of your busy life sucking dick to be a tough, internet troll.
Do you live in Denver? I'v never heard of Miami St. Then again, I prefer to move to London.
1 year that comment was from one year ago did you really did you have to are you
I haven't been to the movie theater ever since this tragic event. Any one of us could have been sitting in that theater...
he didn't really do it he's just too brainwashed and drugged up to know whats going on or what he's taking the fall for he didn't do it !!!
Seems festivleychaotic, people standing around, looking at it like its a movies scene.. Only in my country yo... I mean why the fuck would u hang around there knowing a shooting just happened.. Get the fuck outta there damn... Be grateful you weren't shot or killed, standing around looking is just so disrespectful to victims like there demise is for amusement.. Only in America, any other country that placed would of been cleared
Would have been nice if this guy had shot up a police station.
My father is actually friends with Chapo. He grew up in Chapo's hometown, Culican, Sinaloa, Mexico.
Learn to analyze better :) By saying as-well I made it clear that what I was saying wasn't directly relevant to this video, but instead an extension of the comment I was replying to stating how it is not only mass shooting being staged, it is also the hurricanes. Peace, Love, Namaste~
James Holmes, doesn't deserve death. He deserves pain for the rest of his life. like every killers and shooters in this fucking world. Peace for the all fallen by hands of this idiot.
I was there.the day that asshole shot 12 people dead, 70 injuried. i was in colorado when that happened.if i were the goverment i would have got him killed at the theater.
It was a joke what I said. Toast Toasts Toast. It sounds funny :P
I heard the movie was in 4d
Actually you're the idiot here. Look up Sandy Hook debunkings and you'll find that the girl sitting on his lap was actually her sister. Get your facts straight before you post. Also, not everything you see on the internet is real. Idiot.
see that little advertisement on the right? How about the one that pops up on the video.
Maybe the law has the be changed to make guns illigal for citizens
Allowing tyranny to continue to kill innocent people without investigation is insulting, not the other way around. Free your mind and THINK while it is still legal.
The freedom of the citizens is also drastically reduced. In the US, the people give the government rights through the Constitution, in other countries, the government dicides what rights the citizens have.
Not only is your comment stupid, but the fact you use google default as your own default image and then make that comment puts you right up there with some of the all time greatest dumbasses..Congratulations
The gun that's designed to kill living beings isn't the problem? Right.
1:07 if batman was there why didn't he saved everyone? WHY BATMAN, WHY??
no one needs a gun that can shoot 50 rounds a second.....the only people that should have access to those kinds of guns it the military
Its pretty fucked up that you monetized this
Yes! I can totally relate. I hate cholos too. The real hard-working immigrants came here to work but those cholos take credit for their so-called race. La Raza is a hypocritical criminal mafia. Anti-racist is a code for anti-white. To hell with brown pride.
Hey, he wasn't mentally stable that night. Please give James a break for once, will ya? He doesn't deserve an asulysm jacket either.
He puts ads... on a shooting video.
Did you know 0bama was celebrating these deaths with parties and gave a speech about death to america and americans? and then having gay sex with camels, arabs, socialists, and communists while praying to Karl Marx
Whoa whoa whoa! Calm down bitch! Don't go throwing a hissy fit because you lost your meds & can't afford midol til the 1st of next month! And you weren't with me when I originally stumbled upon this video, even though you probably WISH you were. So just because your female hormones are raging doesn't mean try to get all net friendly with ME. Go find your mothers tampons & masturbate your man-vagina & calm your ass down....PUSSY!
my point is that a lot of people wanted to watch this video, the cameraman provided the video, and so the cameraman was merely documenting it for others to see
Hello Bitch! As I said, I was looking at something else and ended up here (not too uncommon). I didn't need to "see what happens in the shooting", it was all over the news. And this video didn't exactly show anyone getting shot or inside the theater, just the reactions of the people exiting DURING the shooting, so your idiotic comment was pointless. With that being said, NO I won't go fuck MY mother, but let YOUR slut whore of a mother know I'll be over shortly for my nightly blowjob...BITCH!
what does hurricanes and HAARP have to do with mass shootings?
I thought you just called me batshit for believing in stuff like this??
Why the hell would u stand outside and record this when something like that is going on inside? What the hell is the world coming to???? Seriously!
LMFAO!!! lol dude thanks I needed a laugh... calm the fuck down and shut the fuck up...you won't do shit to anybody keyboard warrior
You're not amusing and quite frankly it seems as if you've learned this terminology recently and use it as an immature prepubescent kid would. Your comments are unnecessary and unwanted.
Hmm,I was positive that I responded with what I would/would not expect. But in a way I agree with u. The most HELPFUL thing would have been stepping out of the way & letting people (which I dont believe was displayed here--so this wasnt helpful). As for "documenting"? I wasnt aware the guy was Michael Moore & was "documenting" the atrocious shooting. People getting shot & murdered is NOT an event, the movie premiere IS an event. Now where was THAT documented?
Lol I'm just playing around anyway....I don't have anything against Mexicans for the most part except for the gang banger Mexicans in LA....But most Mexicans are decent enough
I herd about this seen it on the new so sad very sry for those people :(
Shut up before I come over there and blind fold you with dental floss!!! You cat eating slanty eyed bastard!!!
Stupid people would not be able to kill so many innocent people if guns were not so easily accessible, this is common sense, and there is proof. For example, there have been nine school shootings in Canada, dating all the way back to 1975, with a combined death toll of 28. In the U.S. however, there have been seven shootings in 2012, and dating back to the 1970's there have been more than 100. You can continue to turn a blind eye on this, but the rest of the world will not cry for you forever.
Even if you ban guns, only the citizens will not have guns, the criminals like this don't buy guns from gun stores, they most likey steal them or get them from shady dealers. So why take away our protection
That..... Wasn't even funny..... Are you 13 and just learned what a period is?
Wait a minute, the Aurora theater had stickers outside that said "No Guns Allowed" .. WTF HAPPENED?
Well for starters, Not stand there with a camera taking pictures and homemade video like a tourist. If there was a theater shooting, school shooting, child or woman rape or abduction, etc...The last thing I would expect for any SENSIBLE person to do is STAND THERE SNAPPING PICS & FILMING IT! But hey, maybe u feel differently and endorse such actions. And dont be sorry, I was more than happy to clarify. You're welcome!
God that's sooo sad! I still remember that day :(
Yep. My advice is take all of that money that you would have wasted going to college and invest in studying in an area that you love and value and the the market place will pay you really well to serve them with. Then build a business. THEN, hire LOTS of college grads...Cus they're the, Good boys and girls who will listen and follow ALL of your directions. What is what I did with pool cleaning. I built a business and while I did not hire a college grad. I hired a 16 year old who does the work.
This is all fake why are people walking and going back in . It's obviously fake every mass shooting this year is staged don't believe look it up
You don't have enough food stamps to buy a bus ticket to come whoop my ass, you little dick-sucking, pussy troll.
THIS is why I have a concealed handgun license.
Except almost in all of these mass shootings they buy em on the Internet where it's perfectly LEGAL and cheap and convenient for them to arm themselves to the teeth with weapons only a militant soldier would use.
No just get bigger TV. I'll come to your house and sell you snacks at an unbelievably high price
I think what he is saying is that if he put a toaster in a cannon and aimed it at your chest and he lit the fuse and no one was around but you to see him do it, It would soley fall on the cannons fault and therefor a posse would be sent to kill that cannon! Presto.No more cannons!
Indeed it is. I'm still going for computer networking at DeVry, like $30,000 in debt, I'm just betting my money on our current economic system collapsing before I have to pay a significant amount of that back. Or I'll just live off the grid :)
How about Adam Lanza, is he a hero to you too? LOL
Doesn't necessarily mean anything..You could have had 10 people in there with CC and there still could have been just as much if not MORE deaths from crossfire in a dark/panicked/crowded theater The shooter ALWAYS has the psychological&tactical advantage in these situations...First off he has the surprise advantage (which can be huge) secondly all he has to do is fire indiscriminately into the crowd where as the CC holder has to actively locate him AND avoiding shooting innocents at all costs
any progun comments here are despicable, quit ur reactionary whining about some ancient right to own and carry a gun(since its the only thing bigger than ur penis and ur brain capacity still doesnt make it justified). ur idiotic, old west lovin and violent ways are soon to end. get used to it. liberals want change, we arent hoping for bloody civil war like some of morons are trying to create. :(
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