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So You Think I'm Scottish? 1.0 (HQ)

by theproselytizer • 393,291 views

David Tennant embarks on a journey to trace his family tree in this British genealogy documentary. All content property of Wall to Wall Media Ltd. Pt. 1/6. (2006). No copyright infringement...

Please never go bald David. Your hair is a gift to the world.
Especially when he plays the Doctor. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORBS!
that moment when he said "will I go bald?" I was like 0-0 "no, that hair must diefey gravity forever
he is just so damn cute.  And that accent......
David Tennant finds a bunch of skulls Picks one up Oh no I probably shouldn't have done that! oh lol
(HQ) , since when has 240p been High Quality? back in the times before even youtube existed for gods sake! Change your video title to (HQ for cavemen seeing TV for the first time ever)
Goo back to gallifrey >:c
+Shappyra because they dont make sense
then  think you will change anything..?
8:08 Wow I've always known he was crazy but... 8:12 He's REALLY crazy xD (luv u David :3)
don't touch it! they bury important people beneath the alter of churches sometimes saints relics… omg  i love you David but why did you pick it up!
This whole thing is actually about seeing who made the most perfect person in the world.
"Jeremy Irons" SCAR! :D Scar and the doctor isn't that one hell of a combination XD
That hair......makes me remember something I saw on tumblr (I think):  when you are 40 and you have that hair, you win at life.
Hes 42 and I think this was made when he was between 35 and 39
Omfg the character isn't 'Doctor Who' it's 'The Doctor'
LOL you know you've been playing Hamlet for too long when you just hop on into graves and start fucking around with the skulls!
hmm. little scottish boy growing up watching english television shows. familiar story that. i really should go back to scotland.
Omg david TENNAT lives up the road from me well his parent do
this is fascinating...
8:40 David, your Hamlet is showing.
My middle name is Mc Leod
7:48 "There's people's heeds!" :)
shouldn't he be on gallifrey? 
I love how he just casually picked up a human skull :D
time traveling hero "doctor who"..............just fuck..............
David! Don't touch the centuries old skulls unless you're going to recite Hamlet.
Rather funny he finds he's got a link to Mull considering in Tooth and Claw the doctor says he's from the township of balamory!
Tooth & Claw - My favorite episode!! I Love Pauline Collins!
dont touch without respect
IT'S MORE THAN SEXY!!!!!!!! Umm, beautiful, more or less. 
i watched this on August 1st... freaky
So the tenth doctor's great-grandfather was one of ten children? Interesting coincidence :D 
He's fearless, picking up a skull that could belong to anyone. "Meet the ancestors" lmao. Such a cool dude. 
David Tennant is the Jim Carry of Britain
I could listen to his voice all day long :)
This was uploaded on my birthday!!💛💛
Yay! My hubby is Clan McLeod!
Lucky bastard! Not only a Time Lord, but also a Highlander?
There can only be one.... :D
To everyone saying he doesn't play Doctor Who is wrong in the classics the actors playing the doctor where credited has doctor who. #justsaying
Oh, of course. He had to go and pick up that skull. that's so .. doctor-ish. :D
haha - my first thought when he picked it up was "that's so.... Hamlet-ish"! Tennant played Hamlet using a skull bequeathed to the RSC for the very purpose.  Alas, poor Yorick... :)
Hah, David McDonald!
He could have gone on ansestry, com but noo the Doctor has to touch skulls, /.\
Hairest man I've even seen. Not likely going bald any time ever.
+missbeans  you know what would be terrible? re writing rapunzell, but with a hairy guy, although being so hairy everywhere, he'd just be a cousion It, knockoff, so it's not disturbing, other than "oh Bropunzle, I am climbing your hairs, wait, am I hanging onto a nose hair or armpit. Oh bropunzle, you are worth it"
Actually male pattern baldness is associated with testosterone, the hairier you are (ie. body hair), the more likely you'll end up bald.
wait a min... davids parents BOTH are from the mcdonald clan?! omg   dont breed on small islands...
true... also, I see that they just showed the marriage name of the mother, not her birth name 
he's the real Highlander lol
Patrick Horgan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
If you like David, (as I am required to do because Dr. Who), then you might quite like this.  
Archie McLead: Scottish as fuck.
My mother was the youngest of 10 children...their family history is Scottish and their last name is MacDonald or McDonald... my grandfather sometimes used both... :O We might be related! xD
sure David. just go and pick up that ancient skull :P I now want to go into my genealogy and see if there are any McLeods in mine :D So You Think I'm Scottish? 1.0 (HQ) I'm not sure which category this would fit in as so I just put it in "discussion"
Leia Branagh Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I Love David Tennant :) He's so awesome! The Best Doctor EVER!
If i get called David Tennant one more time im gonna fkn scream. But now I know why I look like him. As much as my mom would like me to be 100% italian, my dad isnt 100% and has scotish roots on my grandmas side. I would love to visit Scotland someday, Im just gonna have to wear a disguise. Actually I got into Dr. WHo because I kept getting called Dr who by my buds. IM glad Davids a cool guy.
why did david change his name from david mc Donald to david tennant
저 이발사가 되고싶구나
I sighed of relief for him when she said he wont go bald
IDK. is there a version of this with a Murray Gold soundtrack? I'd like to compare.
Tennant's car sounds like the TARDIS xD
Jeremy Irons and David...all I saw was Scar and the Doctor o_o
I watched it, and then saw your comment but immediately knew what you meant. My boyfriend is Scottish and does this voice inflection too, its so cute <3
im not arguing with you, but technically the credits do call him "doctor who"
omg no wrinkles! full head of hair! u cant tell hes 42
I'm gonna side with you here. He was credited as "Doctor Who" for a long time, and referred to himself as that some too. I won't say his name is "Doctor Who", but it's not as cut and dry as some people here think.
No, it's just the Doctor..... Through classic and the new...... They've always asked the question Doctor Who, but his "name" has ALWAYS been just the Doctor.
If he went bald... can't even think about it.
I live David's little smile! It's like he's trying not to laugh and it's so adorable!
I have a total man-crush on David Tennant.
Scientists checking the scull, well, it has traces of David Tennant. XD
My dad has the same car as David Tennant!! Eeep
I have Scottish heritage. ANCESTRY RESEARCH TIME!
David had better not go bald or he'll have many fangirls to answer to.
I thought his family died on gallifrey during the last great time war. What is this made up background? Go open your pocket watch and get back in the TARDIS, I need the doctor.
Have you ever had those moments when you look back at what you said, and thought: "What was wrong with me..?"? I just had one of those moments.. :P
A lot of men go bald after a while, but luckily he still has a good head of hair!
is it just me or does he look younger with a beard
In the original series they called him Doctor Who as well. So either one works.
so not only is David a time lord but he also is a Highlander. makes sense
the beginning is so dramatic gosh I feel like i'm watching a documentary about whales going extinct
5:32 i love how excited he becomes :) so cute <3
My grandfather's side of the family is Irish, Scottish, and Welsh!!
"Oh look, dead people. Let's grab a skull!" What kind of a person does that??? :D :D
(Quote from Epic rap Battles of History) "Actually if you don't mind it's just The Doctor."
When my homework reading gets boring... I just let David Tennant read it in my head with his Scottish accent. So wonderful. I would really love to study accents and learn to speak them myself. Maybe if I watch more videos with him in them it will just happen ;) at least that's one of my excuses..... and he's hot. My oh my is he gorgeous. *sigh*
"There's people's heeds!!! Are they actual... skulls... of real people?"
I don't know why but you can see stanbul,Turkey in 1:52.You can also see Turkish flag.WHY?
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