True Facts About The Leaf Katydid

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true facts about humans? maybe? 
+Heros Arcade The last of the Timelords! angry bottom teeth this. Reminds me of the TIME WAAAAAR!
Why did I imagine Cry on the other end of the phone being the katydid?
+RedHawkeful no no, like he has an older sounding version of Cry's voice, just how cry would mature.
I would rather have that poison ass dart than nothing though...
Yeah, but what did Katy do?
This was pretty damn funny. I feel like the dialogue may go over some people's heads (which explains the comparatively low view count) but it's definitely interesting.
I think the humor and content in a lot of these videos are targetted at thinking people.  Sure a lot of sexual humor and some potty humor, but there's some razor sharp humor thrown in IMO
True facts about dragons!
+George Miles Oh shit you might be onto something.
+Vladimir von Drak And I'm not sure it comes from that. I know it does.
Creationist idiots gonna hate
I haven't seen any...
I would guess many of them would be offended by these videos, so probably don't forward them to each other
Best explanation of natural selection ever: 1) If you get eaten, you die; 2) if you don't get eaten, you don't die, and then you can screw.
+Zhu Zhong "screw" is a word that means to have sex.
Geez Katy lighten up xD
My apologies for the previous comment made from our account.  I received and realized through responding complaints that someone may have used a shared computer after we failed to log out.  We are a musical entertainment business and do not share opinions expressed about homosexuality or any alternative lifestyle.  The comments that were made have been deleted.
+Kuya Kano Relax. You did nothing wrong, and I am way too forgiving for my own good anyway. I was simply making a civil request to that other commenter (who you apparently removed) to simply look a little further and not lump people like me and my kin in with the people who, sadly, I have to deal with on a daily basis. The ones who decide to show their superiority complex bullshit give the rest of us a really bad image. I am not concerned with people giving your business an intolerant reputation because you already explained and resolved the issue. All is forgiven, and you did nothing wrong in the first place. Greetings from America! ^_^  
+Arsianna walker bashing people for having different beliefs? Complaining? I'm straight but the gay people I know are often some of the most happy go lucky, positive, lovely people to be around. You have NO clue what you're talking about and should just erase your youtube account. BETTER YET! Destroy your computer and go out and interact with different people so you can realize just how wrong you are.
Sounds like Jim Carrey
"If you get eaten you die!"
Ya, too bad nobody told the intestinal parasites that.
I seriously peed in my pants 
"There's no such creature. Dragons don't exist. They're not real." - Evolution Well there you have it, Megan Fox! Suck on that!
Do true facts about the hermit crab!!
+zefrank1 Can you do True Facts about the Komodo Dragon?
True facts about the cicada!
"Cicadas look down to us as their prominent food source."
what did Katy do?
Katy did a leaf. This whole video is about the leaf Katy did, not about Katy herself.
Holy crap I get the joke now XD
Speaking of shooting fire out of your ass... True Facts About the Bombardier Beetle!
You should do True Facts about the Peacock :3
how do you pronounce Tettigoniidae?
The closest to fire breathing is in the Bombardier Beetle. They can shoot a hot liquid out of their backsides that can reach almost boiling point.
+DeltaMetroid1 Shit, you beat me to it...
True Facts About the Bombardier Beetle
The monkeys are eating them.....unless there tarsier's there safe from monkeys
this video is just pure gold.
This one is the best,good, amazing one of all true facts.
This is a REALLY good one.
Not your best one. Still funny though.
That is how the Leaf kaytid do....
ahh my name is katie, this is my nickname rip me </3
True facts about the wolf! Please!
true facts about cordycepts
So that's where teemo came from...
So the leaf katydid makes a sound similar to a homosexual who gets all pissed off when someone says they don't want to hear about his fudge fondling obsession.  I guess I just assumed they didn't make noise, just crawl around and not bother the rest of us.
this is just incredible, amazing work 10/10
so far this was absolutely the coolest approach and ready-witted delivery in the whole series, at least for me. since that nerdcore appearance at TED, Ze Frank hasn't lost a tiny little gram of his hilariousness, quite the opposite: he saddled, just like the leaf katydid, the evolution process, to become a mimicking firebreathing dragon of wisecracking or... what the fuck did i just say? umm, yep, that doesn't really make any sense. it's 5 a.m., and i should probably go and make some tea or something
Don't like this one
The metaphorical phone conversation might have went over your head.
dont like it? i bet your a christian.
Talia Smith Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
lol, I love this guy
I just watched the Unfriended trailer before this, and I didn't realize the phone call thing at the beginning was PART of the video, so I freaked out and almost threw my laptop across the room.
Dragons EXIST accept it.
It looks so unnatural. 
i cant not look natural
Katydids complain too much.
Dragons exist, they are just invisible, and very,very quiet.
what the hell was that
True facts about clams.  XD
That Katy sounds very beautiful :3
This is what Katydid, do.
Hahahahahahahah!! PERFECT!!!
HAHAHA so funny! 
Katydid what? Katydid WHAT?!
Katydid E!!!  She said it was pretty lame.  Nothing like she expected.
all of the voices are him, right?? Man...
(Magic Morgan Freeman voice) ✨U should do one on the turtle... Because the turtle can breath through its asshole.✨
True Facts About The ZeFrank?
Dragons exist but they became extinct like the dinosaurs
+Benjamin Butter Santa Claus is real! I've seen him rummaging in the garbage outside of KFC, probably to help feed him and his elves (because obviously all his money into making presents) and I saw him again getting kicked out of a liquor store (probably said Merry Christmas, not knowing you are supposed to say happy holidays instead and got in trouble)
LMFAO the monkeys just look for leaves that move.
Poison darts that shoot out of our asses!!! XD
Katy Lied, I was halfway crucified, I was on the other side of no tomorrow. You walked in, and my life began again...
you should do the Stick Bug
dragons exist today we call them lizards or Komodo dragons YOU FREAKING RETARD oh who was that other fello or was that you talking to yourself because your possibly forever alone
What a great explanation. :-)
please do a true facts about the Dragons :D
the leaf katy did, ew 
Ryan Lee Brock Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Funny Fun Facts
omg i fucking love these
So the meaning of life is don't get eaten and screw. And people still make a fuss about it. Oh wait, I got confused! Silly me, the meaning of life is 42
Comedy aside, by a HUGE margin, this is a very clever way of looking at evolution. This is, in fact, very interesting (and funny as fuck!)... 
if you don't do true facts of goats i will hurt you
Do true facts about the duck billed platypus
Please do Red PANDAS!!!
There were never dragons
true facts about humans
The Betta Fish.  Do the Betta Fish.  Just because.
Make a True Facts About The Honey Badger! Please? :) They're one of the most bad-ass animals ever!!!
always haved loved morgan freeman. one of the all time greatest actors
So this is the meaning of life. Screw, over and over.
yeah.. dragons were actually real
THIS is what the KatyDO.
now i am scared of leafs ;(
This was very clever.
Why the cussing? Boo!
Oh grow up. People swear, especially on the internet, get over it. Unless something is specified as kid or family friendly, you're most likely going to hear some swearing.
Key Point to take home: "it is not a Plan, it just happens". Evolution is not a theory, it just happens, it is like the axis of time.
The monkeys figured it out? Ha ha ha ha :) 
I can't stop watching these videos omg lol
That would be hilarious if we shot darts out of our ass haha
I see what you did there
Im just laughing and laughing...this guy is hilarious
Dragons don't exist? Aw. shit...
My mind just exploded.
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