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by HTnewsroom • 248,694 views

Indiana State Police pair up with a school bus driver in Bloomington, Indiana on her after-school route to snag drivers blowing past the bus stop arm. The stop arm warns drivers that the bus is...

This is stupid, they wait for the last second the pop the stop sign right when the car is passing then pull them over, total BS.
You can't expect a car with someone behind them to stop when traveling at the posted speed limit when they're 100 feet away when the stop arm comes out. The second one, for sure, had no time to react. The bus driver is flipping the red lights on and opening the door before she is stopped to intentionally make a No stop case. Just watch and you'll see what I mean...
+Silent Paw here in ohio when you see the yellow flashing lights on a school but you just fucking stop. its not like a yellow stop light that you can just fucking blow through on the road its a yellow light telling you the bus IS GOING to stop so you just fucking stop. if you go through when the light is red and you are to close big fucking woop! you fucked up and deserve the maximum fine.
+thelasthallow I didn't get a single word of what you just said. Stop swearing, you might get somewhere.
In order for those cars to stop in time, they would have had to slam the brakes and skid in the roadway, creating another hazard. He told that one guy "stop a little earlier, okay?" With the forward acceleration of his car, I hardly believe he would be able to decelerate and come to a complete stop safely. That one was a little messed up.
I'm a huge advocate of idiots not running through school bus stop signs, but this is just plain freaking ridiculous. There is no way to stop by the the stop sign comes out without slamming on their brakes. The students wouldn't even be out in the time the person passed.
Hahahaha thats so fucking stupid. People can wear a gun, but have to stop for a bus. GG America haha
This was really stupid.  It looks like they just needed to write some tickets.  THEY HAD NO TIME TO STOP, do you want them to slam on their breaks and get rear ended because you put the stop sign out at the last second?  Plus, kids don't hop off right when the stop sign goes out.
The yellow amber lights were on that is the warning that the stop sign and the stop arm and the red light will come on it is state law you have to stop in mainly every state.
Why doesn't the bus driver wait for traffic to stop before opening the door to let the children out?  She's the one creating a problem.
lol america. have to stop when a bus pulls over when your on the other side of the road? another reason I'm glad I dont live there
+Trooper One That was the America of the 1940's, not the big lazy slob it is today. Also, I'm not British.
that's kinda bullshit at 1:07 the bus was still rolling when she popped the door open, that is bullshit, I understand the safety, but it seems like they are purposely trying to fuck people.
Entrapment!!!!   How the hell can someone stop  when they are on top of the bus right at the hood.  cars can't stop on a dam dime..  at  :58 seconds  she flings the door open engaging the stop arm.  The black automobile  is right in line with the hood of the bus.  That is not enough time for them to come to a complete stop. if the driver of the black automobile got a ticket he or she should have hopefully sued for entrapment.
The stop arm is not tied to the door opening mechanism. The stop sign and lights are generally on before the bus comes to a stop and they open the door. The door opening has nothing to do with when you have to stop, when the stop sign is out and the lights are on, you stop. 
+hzuiel You don't know school buses, apparently. Having been a passenger on a school bus not even two years ago, I know very well how they work. On some opening systems, especially that one, there is either a button to press to activate the warning lights, or a switch that is triggered by pulling the handle. The stop arm is activated once the (second) switch is triggered, by opening the door, even slightly. On that type of door system, that's exactly how it works. She has to press a button, then open the door to activate the stop arm. That will also activate, even when you're doing 60mph down the interstate.
Luckily for me, I keep a radio signal jammer in my car. They wanna try to radio me, but I have 3 different plates, and 2 of the same cars with different paint color. I make cops look stupid.
easy way to make that paper
They should only hand out tickets to drivers who where a reasonable distance from the bus when the yellow lights came on. Not to drivers where the bus flung the door open, without first arming the amber lights for a reasonable distance to warn others of the bus stop. Usually I never have this problem around where I live, yet some people run through the red lights even after they were on for a minute! Don't wanna run over some kids! You can speed all over town (yeah I said it, get bent) but not near buses or schools...
Please stop a little earlier = slam on the brakes and skid to a stop, then the cops bust you for that. This is why I stay off the streets when school lets out.
Buses display amber lights before stopping. Should give you plenty of time to slow down, since that's what flashing ambers are telling you to do.
+Nic Neufeld If it only worked that way. I have seen buses maybe flash twice, hit the brakes, the kids inside hold on for dear life, slam to a stop, and its red before you can react. 
Umm this is entrapment.. She opens the door as the car is already passing by. The very front of the car is already parallel with the hood of the school bus and she opens the door! If the person who receives the ticket shows this video in traffic court it will get dismissed! No doubt
YELLOW LIGHTS DO NOT mean stop!!!! it means go slow. 
To the tools who think this is entrapment... All school busses display amber lights signaling they are about to stop, several seconds before they stop, red lights are displayed. They knew the bus was stopping and disobeyed anyway and if the police were taking several officers off Patrol to do this, clearly it is enough of a problem that they had to address it.
And what of the cop  (at 1:55- 2:00) who is rapidly accelerating with no hands on the steering wheel!!!
I need this cop to come to my neighborhood and give a citation to the idiot bus driver that parks at the stop sign without their stop lights on with no kids in sight so they can block and hold up traffic while they bullshit with people standing on the sidewalk. I'm not going to sit behind a school bus while they bullshit with no stop lights on and no kids in sight, so I have to pass the Bus at the stop sign by driving down the wrong side of the road, and if any kid were to be crossing in front of the school bus, I can't see them because the Bus driver is illegally parked in the middle of the street at the stop sign so they can bullshit. Another ignorant thing this bus driver does is do a bus-stop at a stop sign on a "T" road to drop kids off. Apparently no school bus driver or their superiors have a high enough IQ to know that letting kids off of a bus at an intersection is the worst place to let kids off. Today I waited forever for the school bus (that I'm not even sure I need to stop for because they are technically not on the road I'm traveling on) but at the same time I can't see if a kid might come darting across the street because the idiot school bus driver is blocking the view of the intersection where they are dropping the kids off. So today one kid finally gets off and runs down the sidewalk from the direction that the school bus just came from. They couldn't drop the kid off close to where they live, when they can be idiots and do their bus stop at the stop sign and make it more tedious for people traveling down the main road and make it more dangerous for the kids getting off of the bus. I recently heard that School Buses in my area are dropping kids off at fewer locations, so the kids have to walk the rest of the way home. I see kids walking all through the neighborhood to get home after being let off of the bus. Apparently the bus drivers don't have time to let the kids off near their house away from an intersection, but they have plenty of time to park at the stop signs to bullshit with their fellow idiots on the sidewalk.
+Samu Rai I can see that you're frustrated, but racial issues aside, it wouldn't hurt to raise the issue, just the same, to the proper authorities. Being a hazard is unacceptable behavior, regardless. There isn't an alternate way to travel? I'd try to avoid the aggravation by choosing another route to avoid getting angry. Further, if she's parked the bus in the middle of the street, it could be a police matter. And, if there are no flashing red lights on the bus, perhaps you could proceed with great caution and go around the bus?
As this is a driving safety issue, what is the law in U.S. regarding the cop at 2.00 commencing a pursuit driving no hands & 2nd at 2.25 steering with the flat of one hand, here in Europe such driving standards can be deemed as dangerous driving & would fail a driving test.
I need to ask why . A=cars not stoping B=cops under cover?
messin' with the 'bama state po- lease
Hope the bone head bus drivers learn something from this. When you are coming to a stop on a blind corner with  double solid might not want to "not" fling the freakin door open until you have confirmed that all the other drivers have seen the bus and had time to stop. This bus driver is a complete moron, like most of the ones near Strathmore AB are. How about  we educate the bus drivers a little better...just because you got a flashing yellow and red light and a stop sign doesn't mean you have the right to f with traffic and entrap people. Not all bus drivers are dick heads but the few are make you all look bad!
its so stupid. i mean i agree that cars must have to stop for buses loading and unloading kids. but  you can clearly see in the video that when the bus stop the car were traveling maybe 30 to 40 mph. the bus stop and the stop sign comes out. opposite side car only has only 2 to 3 car length to stop of course they are going to pass it. its dangerous to slam on the brakes just to stop. WTF they can cause a accident or even a pipeup. atleast wait a couple of sec after you pull the stop sign out.    
if you were smart and not stupid you would know that the yellow warning lights aka the "you should slow the fuck down" lights come on several hundred feet before the bus actually stops giving drivers PLENTY of time to slow and stop. if they drive past the bus once it stops they deserve the maximum fine.
+thelasthallow maybe if you drive much and not stay at would know that buses do that all the time leave the yellow light on  or turn them on miles before they even stop. so you expect everyone to slow and stop and let the bus continue to roll. i bet you are one of those drivers that everyone hates on the road and get passed every time. 
Money machine$$$school bus.
This is a way to boost the city revenue by issuing lots of tickets
Yellow means slow and prepare to stop. Red means stop. Having common sense and knowing school buses are running means use caution period............
1:06 was the equivalent of a yellow light. You don't wait for the car to not be able to stop without skidding to pull the sign out. Gee whiz.
Good work, officers. Bust these boneheads who ignore the LAW about stopping for a school bus. For those of you who comment on this video saying there wasn't time for the drivers to stop, you're flat WRONG. A bus gives ample warning with flashing yellow lights, so if you're paying attention, you know that a stop is about to happen. Obey the law, and stop endangering young, innocent lives (our children) with your inattentive and dangerous driving. I hope these drivers all received an expensive citation!
+Rick Hilton True enough, failing to see the lights likely means you're distracted. Granted, there are blind curves, but, you should be careful around them anyways. As for being given enough warning, one would hope that the driver would do so. It's not automatic, and thus, a human, the driver, has to activate them. Drivers should always be careful around buses. In this particular video, the only question I have, how much time were those yellow lights active for, before the red lights and stop arm were activated? If they were active for a sufficient amount of time, then drivers would have had enough warning to bring their vehicle to a safe stop. If the warning lights were not on for a long enough period of time beforehand, and the stop arm was extended just before the oncoming vehicle passed the bus, I figure that would be a case for entrapment. But, assuming the bus driver did activate the lights long enough ahead, perhaps. But, again, the bus should be coming to a complete stop before opening the door. I don't think I saw that in this video.
+Silent Paw Paw, it sounds like you and I are pretty much in agreement. Drivers should take school buses seriously and stop when they're stopped and be prepared to stop when the amber lights are flashing. From what I've observed here in Texas, drivers have lots of time and warning that the school bus will be stopping very soon. I am assuming that the same applies elsewhere, including Canada.  Cheers!
What BS, she flips her little sign out before drivers can react. They'd have to come to a screeching halt and get rear ended to stop in time for this bus.   
Lookin sharp in those trooper uniforms!
Awesome. Doing some good work.  Kids on a bus, give them a chance 
Can you believe it?  People passing a bus...what is this world coming to?
with kids on it. as a matter of fact i saw a video where a kid was crossing the road and a passing car who failed to stop nearly hit the fucking kid.
if cops did this on my bus OH MAN ID KILL ALL THOSE FUCKING PIGAAASSS!
+Kevin Todd Go suck start a shotgun pussy
What the f*ck is this? You don't pull tricks like that. You don't surprise drivers by stopping right in front of them and then expect them to stop without burning their tires or causing a wreck behind. Is this what american cops do when they're bored?
i believe the first one was wrong he didnt have time to stop before she tried to swing the fucking door open he came around a blind curve
and so he didnt get a ticket he was let off with a warning as the video shows. dumbshit.
The bus driver just wants people to get pulled, pulls a red when she isn't even fully stopped fml.
you do realize that busses also have yellow lights indicating it is going to stop and to let oncoming cars to slow down right? i guess your to stupid to realize that though.
These vehicles weren't even slowing down when the ambers are activated, and just trying to beat the bus.
Hey! That's not, a real school bus, it's a huge motorhome carrying 10 cops. And there's no seatbelts on that piece of shit... I thought everyone was so worried about the safety of our children!? Maybe we should start there, or teach a class on crossing the road safely.
complete bullshit, bus driver wasnt completely stopped, wasnt in park.  she should have received a ticket.
I love cops damn wish I was a cop
I wonder if he talking to other polices on his laptop  on facebook haha at 1:57  and I love that video and video title
no he wasnt. its blocked. i have been in a cruizer before and they even block the USB devices from charging cell phones. how do i know? my cellphone was dead and the cop was nice enough to let me try and charge it. the laptop would not let my phone charge.
+StayCalmEveryone You have made a very good point. 
I have been driving for 15 years and  always stopped for school busses and slowed down to 15 in school zones other drivers don't like it but tough crap I put my self in the shoes of these parents and always say to myself what if that was my child I would hope people stop or slow down in school zones
the one at 1:00 was bull shit, he wouldnt have had been able to stop at such short notice
im ll bout kids safety and people stopping for school bus's but this is completely uncalled for the bus driver doesnt come to a complete stop before opening the door (the stop sign comes out when the door opens) if the bus has yellow lights flashing that means slow down not stop.......try driving down the road and have someone pull a stop sign while the bus is still moving lets see how good you do....also by opening the door before the bus is stopped puts the kids on the bus in danger the driver should be at 54 seconds in the video it will confirm what i said
Technically she's supposed to stop, set the parking brake, put bus in neutral then open the door.  Regardless that doesn't make running the stop sign any better
How fair is it when the vehicle is already going by when she pops the sign out? He was well past the sign!! Jerks haha
Ev Foster, I agree. Some people try talking big as if they don't hit the gas when the light turns yellow at an intersection. Trying to stop 100 feet away with a car behind you not knowing why you're slamming on your brakes is more dangerous than going on and letting the car behind you stop. These cops just want to look tough.
+2010V6RAV4 The yellow lights turn on 200 ft before the bus even stops......If you can't figure out the bus is stopping by this point you need to lose your license.
You can clearly see in the bus's mirrors that the yellow lights are flashing before the bus stops. Yellow means slow down. You know that the red lights are about to come on. Red means stop. Not a set up at all.
+supreme2005 there is a difference as some bus drivers keep the yellow on for longer and in this case shorter periods of time. The good bus drivers know when to pull the doors open. If they are really concerned about the kids safety that is.
+Michael Felker Sorry, Michael, but when the stop flags pop out, it means that traffic in both directions is supposed to STOP, not slow down. The first driver was advised to stop sooner than he did the next time. Notice that he didn't get a citation or even a written warning.
what??? the bus comes to a complete stop all of a sudden immediately pulling the sign out as the car is right next to the bus???
You're supposed to SLOW DOWN when you see the yellow/orange lights, and prepare for the stop sign to flip out. It says it in your driver's handbook.
What horse shit the bus driver is pulling out the past the view of the driver!  
Celine Chan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
thought you guys like this viedo STOP means STOP
At 0:28, 0:58, and 1:15, she opens the door as the bus is moving? For a proper stop, you have to throw your yellows on, come to a complete stop and set the parking brake, check the area for safety and then when it's safe, open the doors for the reds and stop sign to come out. If a kid bolted out the door and that bus was moving, I'd hate to be the paramedics, transportation director, police officer, and that driver.
I agree you shouldn't pass a school bus when the sign is out but what I don't agree with is that if your less then 5 feet away and the sign comes out you shouldn't have to stop. Because if you have to stop short it can cause an accident. Here in NY the school buses wait until cars are far enough away to pull the sign so drivers have time to slow down and stop safely.
I know that not all police are bad, but at the same time I wish that some towns would devote more resources into these kinds of sting operations. I see this happen all of the time in Illinois... Where has common sense gone, weren't we taught these things in our drivers courses? *facepalm*
That is bullshit that HHR didn't have time to stop
It most definitely does matter. Some deserve the ticket but they are intentionally setting other people up. At 0:58 she pulls the lever while the car is passing. Take another look. However, you are entitled to your own opinion. Take care.
So the cop drives high speed no hands on wheel! f this shit, and he is using radio at high speed, to make the roads safe, what assholes! take the money from motorists, while they drive like assholes! And all that shit on teh front seat to go flying in an accident, what jerkoffs
No need to resort to petty name calling in an attempt to get your point across. If you disagree with my interpretation of the video you can clearly state your ideas without insulting a complete stranger. Good luck.
hey stoviecakes I bet if ur kid was struck you would shut your pie hole
Yeah I admire the teamwork and the efforts to keep the children safe but this is insane. You know, when traffic lights goes yellow and you're too fast to stop, you can still legally pass on the yellow light. From this video, we can clearly see the cars are all stopping except the first ones because they simply could not react fast enough. The children cannot get out of the bus until the door opens and we all know it opens at the same time as the stop sign.
Technically, the bus will be, or should be, flashing the amber lights, just before they stop to let passengers off, giving other motorists a warning to prepare to stop (similar to a stop light turning orange before it turns red). Obviously, the driver shouldn't open the door to let passengers off until they can visibly see that traffic has come to a stop. The bus driver apparently needs a bit more training on this issue.
You're right! Back then my mom taught my brother and I that no matter what cops says, you ride your bike on the sidewalk and face the traffic so that you can see the driver swerve towards you, giving you time to dodge the car. She also taught us to never climb into a police vehicle or to trust blindly someone in uniform and to call her as soon as anything goes wrong, no matter what or why. Cops are great, individuals; not so much. So many true stories to tell, sad the comment sec. is too short.
I think it's pathetic that so many people here are seeming to not care if they might injure, or kill a child. They're so selfish and self-centered.
Clearly you haven't watched the video, and clearly you do not know what 20 feet is. You're obviously one of those people who get pulled over so many times for driving like a moron that you start blaming the police.
Lol wtf, at 1:58 the cop takes both hands off the steering wheel??? I dont mean to be a dick, i think they do an important job policing traffic, but wtf?
Shut the fuck up. If you had actually watched the video, you'd have seen how the bus driver was putting out the sign AS SOMEBODY WAS ALREADY PASSING the bus. Nobody in their right mind would ever stop in that circumstance. This was pure horseshit revenue generation, has NOTHING to do with the children.
lol she waited right as soon as the driver was about to pass then opens it blaming them when she was looking at them the whole time
1:00 you seriously expect someone to slam on their brakes that fast? That stop sign must have opened AFTER or right as he was passing the front of the bus. Is there anyone who expects that guy to be able to stop that fast?
Sure, it is not correct to pass a stopped school bus. The flip side is that they might not want to stop on busy through roads during rush hour all the time. How difficult can it be to have designated bus stops in side roads?
How are you supposed to stop that quick without causing the car behind you to rear end you? Busses here flash yellow lights first or they wait until the coast is clear before they open the door. This what you see is called Entrapment
I see alot of mad people. They probably must have been speeding.
What is the matter with them .... Why were they answering the stripsearch's questions.... If a stripsearch homo asks you anything always refuse to answer.
This is bs entrapment. They are actively seeking out cars to pull the sign out on them, waiting until they are withing 10 feet and then chasing them down and ticketing them?
The U.S. government doesn't give a shit about kids either. All this is is a money making program for them.
Such bull shit. they open the stop sign and arm when the car is moving directly next to the bus. its like being in the middle of the intersection when it turns red. if they conducted it better or something it wouldnt be a big deal
It's great how cops drive 100mph to give a person a ticket for doing 70! the system is so corrupt, stupid looking hats too!
The yellow lights on the buses are flashing well before the bus comes to a stop and the red lights start to flash. These drivers are given plenty of warning to start slowing and prepare for what's to come. This is not entrapment, it's driver's being stupid.
if they stopped it would cause an accident,bs cop trap
Yes some people think this is stupid but the laws the law you must stolp
You are obviously a driver who doesnt consider the rules of the road and doesnt deserve a drivers licesnse. If you can not obey the rulse of the road you dont deserve to be driving a multi ton vehicle on state and public roads . If you think you own the road you need a real reality check!
lol,2:45 mr piggy thinks it's funny a school bus driver broke the law while driving her regular car,it's the same fuckin thing he does everyday and gets away with it.oink fucker
Doesn't matter. You have to stop if the stop sign is deployed.
I drive a bus when you see the yellows are flashing slow down you know the bus is stopping.....they could be youre kids
You know how many kids have been struck by a vehicle while approaching or exiting a school bus? Kids are the number one priority when it comes to public safety. People who fail to come to a complete stop at a appropriate distance from school bus stop signs deserve to pay every penny they are fined.. Makes me sick.
so this is where your tax dollars are going.
That's just wrong. If you come up over a hill and the sign is not out and then suddenly it is, how are you supposed to stop safely? This kind of mickey mouse shit makes me sick.
All school buses flash yellow lights when coming to a stop indicating to the oncoming driver to slow down, then they flash red a good few seconds before they actually come to a stop again telling the driver to stop and giving them time to do so, then the sign goes out. You will learn this in drivers training when you are old enough.
THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!! How can they do this to people!
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