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Kissing Strangers

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i just love everyone Recorded by

It's funny how this is considered sexual assault in America ("a cheek kiss") and it's simply a greeting in a lot of European countries.
LOL you don't kiss random strangers as a greeting in Europe .__. (spoiler I'm Italian)
I am the only thinks , he look like paul walker :/
Is he? Dun dunn dunnnn
@RossCreations next time someone asks you "Do i know you?" tell them "I'm the new Paul Walker" 
Are u in jail ? Cause u haven't posted any pranks lately :(
You have no right to post anything on Youtube, with a Justin Bieber profile picture... 
i cant stop laughing at the guy who just leaves his hand extended
1:50 dude just discovered he's gay
surprised he didn't get punched a lot more.....
those parts where he got punches must of been taken out LOL
haha so many internet warriors in this comment section
This guy should be arrested. If fun is invading someone's intimate space, then you have problems. Come to Brooklyn with those kisses. Fist will be on those lips.  
ughh yeah its not even funny  i would have dropped the cunt especially if he kissed my girl wtf
in Melbourne you get shived for even looking at the wrong person.  you are just asking for death!
holy fuck this guy is a retard.
for all they know he is spreading his fucking herpes  SO FUCKING STUPID WOULD BREAK TEETH 10/10
Why do people say this takes balls, when it actually takes a lack of brains? Does he know how lucky he is? If a strange person did this to me, on a bad day I'd open his face with an elbow, and if he were to touch my GF, I wouldn't stop at just a few shots. For the record, this is sexual assault...and even if found not guilty, it would still leave him with a permanent sex crime record. (Great for the resume!) Hahaha
+Foxar Yeah, we get what you're trying to say. We're just saying that your argument is stupid. 
+Dimitrios Denton No you don't. I don't mean it literally. Im overexaggerating for comedical purposes.
this guys got the balls of a bull
+ThoughtWave64 I see this one likes to patrol the comment section...
+ThoughtWave64 why are you so butthurt thoughtwave? you can't just say he hasn't any brains...he simply doesn't make societally sound decision-making skills. You see, he sacrifices his dignity for millions and millions of people's entertainment. YES, this video is probably his "wrongest," if you will, but getting all worked up and commenting everywhere about how stupid you think this guy is doesn't help anyone. I bet you're the type of guy that ONLY watches MSNBC and got bullied as a kid and sued the school. Learn to enjoy the finer things like stupid videos like this, instead of sitting on your high-horse.
This is not funny.  Your videos are shit and anyone who thumbs up'd this one should sterilize themselves. 
This is clearly assaulting people. This kind of prank is just stupid and rude. Don't force people to kiss you like that this is harassment dude...
This is evidence of sexual assault, kid should be locked up.
+Bruce Smith married women have sometimes filed for rape on their husbands, so no, this is not necessarily true.
Warning!! : DOSNT WORK IF YOUR BLACK!!!!! Btw you fags can stfu you keyboard warriors
That's what you think. LMAO
People are so uptight holly shit.
so you're ok with strangers coming up to you kissing you?  
So much bitching in this comment section. God. Humans are no fun.
so...that girls with her boyfriend that he kissed. She enjoyed that right. The multiple dudes thought it was a compliment right? Okay, so because a minority enjoyed it there is a green light its all good. If you want to be a prankster and prank people cool, but any reasonable person knows physical contact crosses the line.  Your honestly justifying someone going around and kissing strangers...and that isn't harassment right? The only reason anyone's defending him here is that he has a fucking camera and it's a "joke". 
"hey bro. are you really that happy to see me?" smooch smooch "thenks broh"
What happened to this guy
HAHAHA 1:46 that guy's like ''What the fuck just happened ?????'' XDD
Loads of guys bitched out and didn't protect their girls.
Guys on 1:08 and 1:28 rule! Perfect reactions men!
This was pretty funny, but I had to give thumbs down. Sexual assault is not a joke.
+Arley Brooks well then, you're not very knowledgeable about the law. If you knew anything about the law, sexual assault does not apply only to rape. Read a book, it won't hurt you. I promise. 
His looks like paul walker
oh shit you're right..I was wondering who he reminded me of! Thanks :)
What a Fucking Legend!!
He's not the only one who has done it.
Unwanted touch without permission = assault.
Who Kisses STRAGERS? its just weird -.-
this guy could go to jail for very very long time
I love this guy (no homo)
i love this! But i have a really good sense of humor and we need more laughter in our lives so i dont think theres anything wrong with what he does. 
Do that in the hood!!
i got arrested for doing this
Ask strangers will you marry me
This is so horrible.
This guy is a fucking loser.
his life is probably better than yours just stfu
do that in india and u are smashed!!
Most of this guys pranks are funny but this is literal sexual assault regardless if there were some people who were okay with it it's still sexual assault so f u
omg this guy should be murdered
This is why I hate people because Sam peppers video isn't even half as bad as this and the comments on this video are a lot nicer than on his video, fucked up
1:54 xD plus whys the beach white sand?
Хаха вот придурк,,,Маладес тенч
1:50 He was forever alone
He did had the balls to go up to people and kissed them. I am surprise the males did not show much reaction in response to being kissed by a male person. The females were like, okay, you kissed me without my consent, so you better be off now!
lol wooow he got so much game 
That is fucking gate as hell why are you kissing fucking guy and woman 😡😰you don't touch either 😡😡😡😡
shoulder kiss…HAHAHA
1:47 he´s just like: "Wat just happened?"
I laughed at him, not with him. How can someone be so dumb?
quit the bullshit mayn LMFAO
why so many dislikes, this was awesome! yeah rape!
He kisses a girl..."Do I know you??" ....."could I have your number?"
Black girls wasn't having that
Some of the other people (not just black people) weren't having that either. Everyone is Homo sapiens. Just accept it.
Lol at Scf Bradenton campus really??... I went there while you did this prob
You were so lucky. I would punch you in the face for doing that to me...
this guy was dazed and confused  1:48
People are laughing but imagine a stranger would do this to your girlfriend, sister or mom. I am sure some people would even kill him.
the cops were jack ass bcs he didn't do anything but jump over them
dude u acting like a rapist to the girls man!?...that aint cool bro, that shit really happens
I feel like he did this in the least rapey  way possible. If the people REALLy didn't like that, they would have just called the cops.
It WORKS ! I tried it and then i woke up in hospital.
1:48 that guys like "but wait I want more"
Paul Walker? Is that you?
i like how of all the guys he kissed, only two tried to stop him, the guys had a better reaction than the girls
wow!!!!!! amazing))))))))) you great!!!
you kinda look like paul walker sometimes
2:04, that's the face of a guy who just realized he's gay.
Yeaaaaa. I dont think thats the way to do it...
Where is he now? :( I miss him so much even I am asian!
This one wasn't even funny he should be locked up/
That is a man with some balls....
0:31 I wish she was my friend.
Dude Your An Asshole Seriously WTF
Muito daora. Funny broo. :D
entertaining but too far...
+ThoughtWave64 u cant do that cus u r so ugly they would freaking stab u in the ass and u dont have a girlfriend do u if u do its probaably a fat bitch
You know, I would have said thank you (even more if he called me pretty), I don't think it's that bad, most of those people he kissed on the cheeks, so it wasn't that bad. 
wow this guy got balls of a sharkhorse
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