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Left 4 dead wtf moments

by xXBrandon117Xx • 50,598 views

i hope you like this funny montage of me doing stupid stuff. Please subscribe becausei will be making many video's this video was made by useing left 4 dead-on xbox 360 and pinnacle studio's...

what kind of song is that? LAME >:( lol jk cool song
one time in left 4 dead2 i was pwning i killed 3 people but right when i killed the last one someone shot me
lol its 3: 15 AM and i just got back together with my gf lolololololololololololol
Thanks :D but...none of my other vids are getting anything :(
Whoever blocked the elevator is fucking genius.
Lol nice vid was pretty good. Hey how do you record videos and stuff like that with the 360 i really want to know. My and my friends do really stupid stuff when we play lolz get back to me ASAP 5/5 ~Save the chick!!! Two sticks dont make fire!
great vid. Fav part was awesome ninja dodging at the beggining
thanks and also the second one sucks but i'm making a 3rd one no one knows lol :) thanks for the nice coment.
ha i once had a really good game until the other team wasted there tank on blocking that elavator. :( we still made it through and won :D
I wanted to buy it on pc for all the sxtuff like cheats but i learned that you can do that stuff on pc like a long time after bout it for the xbox 360
You sure showed that wall who was boss in that second scene.
This game is so damn fun xD What I like doing "and I know it's a douche move" but I like blocking the tunnel exit with the trash can and watching the enemy team try and find a way to get out xD It's priceless
Bungie? Microsoft? What about Valve? They made the damn game, for Christ's sake.
lolz....yeah I made a halo 3 video right before this and forgot to
I bet after the tank died in the first scene, everyone on his team votekicked him. cuz if the tank hadnt killed that smoker, u wouldve died :P
Lol, no biggie. XD I just saw that and was like: "WTF? Did Bungie help make L4D?!" I then went and checked my L4D case just to make sure. lol. Good video though, but it's not really fair to compare it to Criken's(aimed at people saying that this vid isn't as good as his)... I have yet to see any L4D video better than his... so there. 5/5 =)
NO PLEASE NO!!! kill them not me I lold right there!
tanks do not like anyone else getting kills do they
thanks :D but yeah i know crickens better....... that's why the series kind of ened at number two so yeah i'll let cricken do the left 4 dead stuff :D
lol the vent dat you need is next to the shattered ladder thingy from the intro
lol i play it since it released and that never happened to me.
yo i love this funny lets make a video together myy gamertag is ZaChDaMaN09 PLZadd me i love being in videos
@alykat1118 OMG! thank you! someone reads the annotations, finally! lol
lol at 2:57 i always do that to newbs
its because its not them vents you jump to and you cant do it on a versus falling damage is doubled in versus
i dont like bing the hunter , nice vid
lol @ credits Thanks to bungie and not valve
i have the pinnacle dazzle thingy it records from video cameras with small tapes and hook it up with computer and it burns the video camera contents to a disc damn i thought i could add it to my computer now i have to buy re writable discs to keep using the same one
lolz yeah i once spawned under there....but as a tank ;( it was horrible i was stuck and crammed :(
lolz that sucks me and my friend kind of did that except it was at the end and we were in the saferoom trying to close the door but it wouldn't and the tank got in. and the last thing my friend said was "HOLLY SHIT!!!" (Sounds of smashing gun fire and screming in backround)
@francis WHA THA HELL YOU DOING FRANCIS???????????
LOL! idc what ppl say your not copying cricken2 too me
...uh the endless stupidity... that was just so funny; nice music what is it?
The worst thing that is happen to me is: Wich at safedoor tank at saferoom :/
...Who knows I have no idea what he's talking about?...*walks out of room* (hear the sound of a gun shot) WTF!?
first scene,u r such a fucking ninja!!!!!
you got the ninja of the month award from me lol
ok, epic is so overused, used 2 b a nerd thing now its wana be nerds who use it eh?
@nihilus3 read the annotations >_> i said it was an accident in the annotation READ THEM!!! god
Find a dictionary and look up the real definition of "epic". You might learn something. ;)
I know. I didn't even know who the hell cricken was until people told me . but he's still awesome
lol the elevator part is funny
Epic was used too much... Funny ftw though!
lol nice vid the tank hit you lmao
@greenydude014 uh...those were the days, where the tanks were stupid and where we didnt have jockeys humping are face, i miss them :(
whats ur Gt mine is Pyro muffin1
...sorry i made this video before I knew who cricken was and also i'm not the only one and if cricken didn't want me amking videos like this he would say something so yeah. Even though he probly dosen't even know my channel exsits :(
I hate noobs who think there better than everone else so they hit hunters and things off people as tank to try to kill the people usualy saveing the survivors from loseing I always let teammates stay on people as tank
My friends and I only block the elevator if the team really sucks. They deserve it...
n00b tank (1st scene) + ninja dodges = awesomeness
hah its alright we all have our bad moments but im not sure bout the "stupidity" part lmao
hey xx whats your gamer tag mines my you tube username maybe we can play together?
in versus the level starts on easy then it get s harder each level
XD LOL wish i was there to see it that, sounds hillarious ^_^
This was a good video, but you insert the word "epic" into your sentences a bit too often.
dude , once time when i was a hunter i tried to bounce on louis and the nigga shot me on mid air(ps : i jumped from a huge building)
My most epic moment was when I killed all 4 survivors in 1 life as a hunter. Three of them had about 10 hp, so I slashed each one. The last guy ran off so I just pounced him.
On the tank vid in No Mercy, what difficulty was it?
haha i hate when i have to hop fifty times like a frog when im a hunter ha
@mudkip96 yes, omg will i ever life this down lol, everyone keeps telling me this. what should i do? remake the video and fix that single problem...i hope no one thumbs this comment up cause then i'll have to :(.
Funny video and all, but why did you thank Bungie and not Valve?
Lol thanks :D but yeah i record it with a capture card. some are 50 dollars and some are over 1,000 (overprised!) but yeah you can get them at best buy or somewhere like that :D
i actually could get out of the elevator once they block it :o because actually a hunter moved it a bit so i was free :P but then killed xD haha
@ryuunosuke712 bungie didnt even help makeing left 4 dead kid you failz
@superjake003 this is all original, i only record i dont steal from anyone, maybe its similar from that video but i didnt take that videos footage, all this that u see is all my :/
LMAO I loved this video. The music was ughh. But I diiiiiiiiiiied from laughter at the tank - "LOL he saved me!" part hahaha and nice epic fails :D Either way hilarious video :D
that wasnt bad though he had a poor choice of music no offence
im just amazed by ur tank kill that was freaking awesome
zombie backgrounds the witch=depressed cheerleader the tank=buff jock the smoker=drug dealer the hunter=perv in hoodie the boomer the fat guy in the background there now think about the jockey spitter and charger
she texted me so i asked her out again lol, im not sure why but it was random cause i was just talking tothis kid jared on stickam and he was telling a story about he and his ex broke up lol!!!
what your gametag online for left 4 dead
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