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Girl Jailed for Missing Class!?!

by SourceFed • 364,404 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: Description: A Student in Texas was recently put in jail for missing too many classes in high school, of course this was all due to...

Now she's going to miss more classes lol. That's ridiculous! The judge throws her in jail like a criminal when she's working hard towards her future and her brother/sister's future. So basically they want us as tax payers to pay for and cover her stay in jail or anyone else's who's not doing anything wrong?! NO! 
The freakin freak is wrong with the judge??????? Is he stupid!!!!!! That girl is talking care of her little brother or sister and that's what she gets????? Wow!!!!! And a 100$ fine just wow!!!!!!!!!
She couldn't have done too bad in school because SHE I S A FUCKING AP STUDENT
Hey judge,100 dolars for missing class? Suck a dick judge.
Missing class? People get away with much worse! She's an AP student who supports her family give her the fucking Medal of Honor! She has to go through hell and is still expected to be Ms.Perfect Grades!
Wrestling, school, homework and that is it( that is hard already ), but this judge is just a dick because he knows what this girl is going through and decides to put her in frustration and pain.
She has a big Plate? why cant she just eat it what is she a six year old who throws away her food Cmon!
stupid fuckwit judge. toss his stupid fat ass in jail for a day just for being a moron!
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detenchen if so yes but not jail that judge is a f**** p***  tha girl she needs help not punishment she only humen and if she misses learning on her edication its her own problem but its not like the crime of the centry there are people that are worse that do it on peopese and not being raceist but at least she gos to school and gets some education not like jipsys that dont bouther going at all. that judge dose not no what its like to stugele at a young age and hes a theif taking money off somone whos strugling to support their family. judge BURN IN HELL! ( the problem is because judges have power they pick on the inicent because they can get away with it). pick on the real crimnals and stop picking on the stuggling inicent!!!
She should sue!
sue the police officer he might have a couple of lawyers 
i better clean up my act 0o0
i was gonna do 22 days for missing school
What if the judge took the heat so the girl would get absurd amounts of money like we've seen happen before. Bat Judge.
Full time student and mother to a 5 month old son :)
Sleep school rugby source Fed repeat
That judge is a dick!!! Where else can you find a high school student supporting their struggling family. Most teenagers are selfish, entitled bitches. Is this why people keep saying 'Murica?? sigh....
To be honest I support the judge's ruling. I agree that the girl is amazing for being able to handle such a busy life, however high school is mandatory in the U.S and the judge acted accordingly. If she was having trouble with her busy work load then she should have backed down on some of her advanced classes; she's taking many AP classes. Now some might disagree with how the judge handled the situation (throwing her in jail) but what he did was legal. Being put in jail for a short amount of time is a common practice for handling students that purposely skip school. Aside from the primary argument, I believe that this video is extremely biased. ScourceFed should try to be more moderate. Philip Defranco is good at doing this which is one reason why I enjoy his videos more.
"however high school is mandatory in the U.S and the judge acted accordingly." The problem with your position is this, the world isn't black and white, there will always be gray areas that stand out as exceptional, or deserving of extra compassion or consideration. If the world was so simple, everyone would eventually wind up in the courts at some point....cops who speed when it's not warranted, or who let their friends get off tickets, or Fire Marshals who let their favorite bar slide by with a minor infraction...shades of gray. If this girl had been a slacker, out to play the system, I'd have no problem driving her into the ground, but she's one one of the exceptional ones who are trying to take the hard path, the honorable path. That Judge reminds me of a line in a movie  "I AM the law!" Wrong, he's a pompous overbearing butt-head with a full docket of douchebaggery...and absolutely NO compassion whatsoever.
It's one of those things where what you're doing is perfectly legal, but you're just an asshole.
The only reason in my opinion she was skipping classes in the first place was because OF her busy schedule. NO ONE IN HIGH SCHOOL OR YOUNGER SHOULD EVER HAVE SOME MUCH ON THEIR "PLATE". I do recognize that her now hectic life is not her fault but when you factor in EVERYTHING. Grades Friends, etc. SUPPORTING HER SIBLINGS 2 JOBS (both might have been full time) THE FACT THAT HER PARENTS HAD DIVORCED AND SHE HAD TO CARE FOR HER SIBLINGS This sounds like Lilo and Stitch. The older sister, Nani, has to care for her little sister, Lilo. Did Nani just decide one day "Hey I'm gonna skip class just for funzies." NO! THIS IN ALL ASPECTS IS A TERRIBLE DECISON NOT ONLY DOES SHE HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE STRESS THAT COMES ALONG WITH THE AFOREMENTIONED ITEMS BUT NOW SHE HAS THE ADDED STRESS OF A CRIMINAL RECORD! BRAVO, JUDGE NOW YOU GONE AND MADE SOMEONE'S LIFE MORE STRESSFUL THEN IT ALREADY IS. BRAVO!!!!!
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A white Texan make jails a competent female minority? Go figure.
some people are cocksuckers feel bad for her sound like this old prick needs to get a fucking life he just needs to gtfo out of texas
your right you know he should do what you just said PhatPhuckGaming
@Akrina Keofskry yeah good for you dumbass. Way to get yourself pregnant when your a student.
A white Texan make jails a competent female minority? Go figure.
The judge was a hard-assed idiot. Race and gender had nothing to do with it.
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Loll his is the judge💩this is me 👿😵
Although what the Judge did was wrong...the girl was doing everything she could to support her family, he did bring light to a situation that is unfortunate and maybe now the girl will get some much needed help
but it shouldn't be brought about by her going to jail, it should have been taken in a different way.
+thedragonking61 I agree, but like I said at least now maybe she will get some help
Ridiculous... :( So sad what our world has come to... 
fuckin ugly old pedo stache dickhole >:(
hey ! the joe guy did a video against trolling right? LOL hypocrite :) . Trolling a judge . but i guess they dont mean anything they say since there just trying to be funny and all and not trying to make a point.
lol. Moriarty, couldn't be better named.
hahaha the judge probs spends 24/7 slacking off. The fact that he didnt even think about the case shows how much of a retard he is. Im betting all my money hes not gonna be a judge for long
I agree with these people
Hey Judge, WHAT THE FUCK!!!???
The parents should be hunt down and be put in jail. What kind of parents leave their children behind unsupported! Also her other siblings should be helping her out. How come the one in college can't also get a part time job! 
i will continue to never go to texas - thanks for the reminder ;)
Lamar LeDoux Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Dude-the judge is inhumanly stupid. Nuff said
You people bow to the new world order.
Actually, your all about to not call him a dick, because I hope that any girl he knows knew or will know will bite his dick of giving him a blow job, yep and it will grow back until the very last person does it so he has to live through the pain every second of it :)
I beileve that the JUDGE should be arrested!
Source fed...Source fed takes up my day...
20 minutes or less fills up my day.
The purpose of this channel is to give you the daily news in a compressed form. Hence the title of the show "20 Minutes or Less". As Philip DeFranco says it, the show gives you enough information on the news for the day to sound intelligent in front of your peers. So before you criticize how they speak I would suggest you actually understand why they do it in this manner.
is there anyone out there the judge has to answer to? he should be reported .hope something really bad happens to him.
His name is Moriarty.....Why would you give any kind of power to someone named Moriarty?!
I got a truancy notice because apparently being very ill or having to go to the ER because of a school related issue with my asthma is an "unexcused" absence. I don't mean "oh I have a headache cough cough" sick I mean "omfg it hurts to move and I've puked twice today" sick. And I had notes for all the absences, and doctors notes whenever I had to go to the doctor(which was actually most of them.)
WTF i drew a drawing like the ghost buster pac-man shirt but I never seen this shirt.
Watching sourcefed fills up my day
Taking care of two siblings, doing homework, doing all chores at home, go to school, do extra-curriculum activities and get little sleep. And probably soon going to get a job. Do you think that's too much work while I have a dad that is getting me to work while he knows that I have a lot in my plate?
Sorry about the spelling, I was so angry I didn't realize that my spelling was incorrect.
Why is he being being called all the fun body parts? He's a proper piece of shit.
I see what ur sayin....what a dick
My day is school, curling, homework , and if I'm lucky 6 hours of sleep
Im also a conservative Republican, but that judge is wrong, first of all her schedule was full, she was probably working during the class, and second you cant trow someone in jail for missing class, even multiple times. The worse you can do is fail them
HE IS A BAG OF DICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apparently you didn't watch the whole video and if so then please just kill your self, for humanity. Please.
Sibling* College* Does* Supposed* Innocent* .....
That girl needs to make me a sandwich
uh.. America? Since when was it illegal to skip classes?
No offense nice people from Texas. I'm really sorry I promise
These guys could be jailed for insulting the judge....
Ahh texas why does it not surprise me that this happened in texas perhaps the most judicially backward state in the united states.
Uploaded on my bday. I just felt like putting that out there
My day is filled watching u people
You're also a moron therefore you're argument is invalid.
The same thing is happening with me, except its a lil different. Im 15, it all started when i was 12 and basically my parents got a divorce and my dad was very verbally abusive. He always threw stuff and cut us down and stuff like that. Then i got anxiety from it all because my dad wanted visitation, and that made me miss school. So then the judge threw me in juvy for 7 days for missing school, and its still not over cus my dad still wants visitation.
when u say our a conservative republican its like saying your a troll
Meh, political standing has nothing to do with it at this point bro. As you said.... Human... Decency... So hard to find these days.
With a name like "Moriarty", you didn't expect him to be a giant dick?
No. You're talking about rules and law, but you cannot have justice without considering circumstance. You can see this in the exceptions we have placed into law - for example, killing someone is illegal but punishment is not due if the killer only did so to defend their life.
Well that is retarded in the case were talking about here....
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