Auld Lang Syne - Bagpipes

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The new years favourite "Auld Lang Syne" (auld lang syne) performed excellently on traditional Scottish bagpipes. Accompanied by some nice shots of Scotland. Enjoy!

Matty James Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Goodbye to 2014. out with the old and in with the new  best wishes to everyone in 2015.... friend and foe ! #happynewyear2015 #happynewyear2015wishes #happynewyear  
Scotland must be independant from the english pigs and their clown queen
I hope you have a great 2015
This is so beautiful, makes me wish I was Scottish
Don't leave us Scotland... what happened to the UNITED Kingdom! Together as ONE  All For ONE and ONE FOR ALL
I don't think LEGO makes plastic Scots with much blue on them, unfortunately.
Scotland is in Europe
Dian Pink Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
'A Guid new year' Lovely rendition and great photos Auld Lang Syne - Bagpipes: http://youtu.be/STqDowSbSTQ
Come here! Yes..now kiss my hand...a party of 5...are you mad. ..we need one more...let me think whom...
I'm inviting +MIGUEL ECALLAW​ to the tea...tootle loo luv
Sarah cole Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Happy New Year to old and new acquaintances. #newyear2015   #auldlangsyne  
It must feel great to be allowed to be proud of the own land. Unfortunately its forbidden to the germans to be that way because the history.
Happy New Year all from Canadas lovely west coast
Emocionante!!! Uma só vez no ano e consegue ser tão famosa. Impressionante... Obrigada Escócia, obrigada Robert Burns, obrigada aos "bagpipers" e por último, obrigada You Tube. Não sei o que seria da minha vida sem você.
Good luck UK Wish from Hong Kong
Good Bye 2014, out with you and in with New Year!! Awesome Job and Happy New Year too you all too!! 
May the Scotts live on forever, all the best for 2015 and beyond to one and all 
Tomorrow is the day of reckoning, dear friends up there in Scotland!   In spite of what some of you, at least, think of England and the English people who live here, we really aren't anything like as bad as you make out and many of us love travelling up to Scotland to have a really good time in your spectacularly beautiful country.   We are your closest friends and neighbours so..PLEASE for the sake of ALL of us, North or South of the River Tweed...please don't vote to leave our UNITED KINGDOM family...for over 300 years we have all been through so much together as one single unit!  Love and best wishes from your Sassenach cousins next door...and from our cousins in Wales and Northern Ireland as well..we are all in the same boat!
We're still here; UK of GB and NI all united :')
I think Wales or Ireland are the closest neighbours.
BEKES BOLDOG   Szeretettel teljes     BOLDOG UJEVET   kivanok                 <3
I know its too late but... Happy New Year and good luck in 2015 God I love bagpipes :)
Happy New Year to all..
don't leave, scotland please.
Victor S E Moubarak Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Best wishes for a Blessed and Happy and Peaceful New Year to one and all.
Happy new  year to:  YOU  also.  Thank you  so very much.  God  bless you &  your loved  ones       :)
im from japan and neither for/against the independence. they have the reasons like the political unfairness, the oil distribution and the historical fact. my country is also island country and has the history which the feudal lords ruled their countries but the issue has not happened here. scotland and england shares the land border on one island. does the issue come from the oppressive rule by one side to another.
+Vinco Clavis Thanks for your information, as I am not familiar with British politics. As for a Hongkonger, some people in HK sees Scotland's independence as their opportunity to gain independence from the tyrannical Communist China after the 1997 handover from UK to China, which things had gone downhill from that point onward. We pretty much is a country by itself, except it's not. Also I kinda appreciate how the Brits won't rant on the internet to "send out the army to annex Edinburgh and show those Scottish pigs who we are!", as some Chinese 50-cent brigades will say something along the line of "send the PLA to 'liberate' (read: annexing) Hong Kong and show those Western dogs who we are!".
Hello from Davao City, Philippines. We have the same feeling with the Scots who favoured the independence of Scotland. I am a person who lives in Mindanao Island and most of our provinces and independent cities have unequal share with Manila. Since the Philippine political power rests in Manila, economic development is expected to take place at that place. It creates a center-periphery conflict, in which the central power and the local governments have their constraints in terms of wealth sharing and legal matters. Thus, many of those people living within Metro Manila will enjoy the fruits, while we only receive a mere piece of lion's share. It is the time somehow to revise our powers of taxation that only the center receives large share by forming a federal government.
sandynyc1 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
i love it !  yall didn't know this was Scottish.   
I wish I never left....
take off the advertisement for yourself and we may enjoy the bagpipes a whole lot more...grrr
Perhaps one day I will visit Scotland.   Until then...
beautiful brings tears to my eyes as I miss my loved ones. happy new year to all..
First New Year without a parent.
I love this song!!! ;')
Tim Sleppy Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
New Year Around the World We've been watching +Leo Laporte bringing in 2014 for every time zone since Sydney.  This song pops in my head every now and again. The lyrics, wow... I wish I had learned more than just the first verse and refrain!
Happy New Year +Alan McConnell. May you see home in 2014!
Takes me back to my roots...Dad this is for you!!
Bliadhna Mhath Ur. Alba Gu Brath. :D
Yané Marie Sleppy Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
New Year Around the World We've been watching +Leo Laporte bringing in 2014 for every time zone since Sydney.  This song pops in my head every now and again. The lyrics, wow... I wish I had learned more than just the first verse and refrain!
Well here's the Irish Version. c: Ó bhun go barr na tíre 's ar fud an domhain seo beidh Na Gaeil ag casadh lámh le lámh ar oíche Auld Lang Syne Curfá (Chorus) Ar oíche Auld Lang Syne seo muid, ar oíche Auld Lang Syne Ag casadh amach anocht le bród ar oíche Auld Lang Syne Ó Mhumha go Gaillimh 's ar aghaidh ó Thuaidh agus fud fad Chúige Laighean Beidh glór an Daingin buailte libh ar oíche Auld Lang Syne
+Mitchell Rice Thanks, I would need pronunciation instruction. :)
I love the pipes.  More tradition, less slick (imho).
Somebody should tell Dick Clarks Rockin Nes year, this is the real song to ring In the New Year!!!
I enjoyed your version of this tune, I would love the sheet music - I would play this version, often.
  The New Years Favourite "Auld Lang Syne" ~ Performed Excellently on  Traditional Scottish Bagpipes.. Accompanied by Some Fantastic Scenes of Scotland.. Too Pretty to Not Enjoy! HAPPIEST 2015 TO ALL!!
robert harrison Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
happy birthday Robert;;; may you forever stop and smell the roses'''' no surrender'''''
I love Scotland, the people, the whiskey and the golf. Our son is named after St. Andrew, my favorite place in the world! God Bless!
Shafik Ahamed Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
New Year Around the World We've been watching +Leo Laporte bringing in 2014 for every time zone since Sydney.  This song pops in my head every now and again. The lyrics, wow... I wish I had learned more than just the first verse and refrain!
Andrew Jackson Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Auld Lang Syne-Traditional Scottish folk song .
Happy New Year to everyone from Florida, USA.
i love it!!!! i really love scottish music now and it helps with my heritage. i'm half scottish and irish among many other things. people give bagpipes a bad rap... not me! i love them!
this is the song i want played with bagpipes at my funeral
I really love to hear bagpipes, thanks
this makes makes me proud to say Im Scottish
Imagine this sound at the end of the Scottish independency war, everyone would be crying, no doubt. This is a great song which is at its best when bagpipes are in it ;)
This is my SCOTLAND!!!!! Thank ye kindly
May my will make this world a better place, may my blood be the instrument.
I imagine someone playing this on a high mountain in Scotland and the beautiful sound echoing down into the valley below. Just the sight of that in my own mind brought a tear to my eye, and I'm only American.
I love the pictures!! And this song is absolutely unbelievable. Like if you agree
Robert Burns is my great-great-great grandfather. Give or take a few greats. My grandfather had a poetry book of unpublished Burns' poems that I will never, ever show the world. I love you, Scotland.
I support the 2014 referendum for Scottish Independence!
I love it, memories is what it means to me.
Happy new year from Germany ^^
Happy New Year from North Little Rock, Arkansas....enjoy the days
i absolutely love the bagpipes and drums..... this has to be my favorite version of auld lang syne..... and the pictures do nothing but add to the beauty of this song!
My Gode it shaerlie brings tears tae my een! Scotland Forever! If it's no Scottish - it's Crappppppppppppppppppppp
A few days late, but nonetheless, Happy New Year from good old Central NY!!!
@RussisTech God bless and keep you safe, Russ. Happy New Year 2013 - peace love prosperity and good health.
The song is about remembering childhood friends who have long since gone their separate way which have taken them far from us. For instance, the third verse states, "We two have run about the slopes, and picked the daisies fine; But we’ve wandered many a weary foot, since days gone by." And in the fourth verse, "But seas between us broad have roared since days gone by."
WHY would you put a Rebecca Black annotation here -_-
God save Scotland for ever I like this song
@glensburgh I couldn't agree more with what you have put
Bioshock Infinite if ya haven't noticed
4 peoples who didnt like r dumm and dont understand good music :) icould listen that all day :))
"(Many Primitives were incensed in 1952 by the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, which in Ephesians 1:5 replaced the King James Bible's 'predestinated' with 'destined.')" (Page 198) "Predestination" by Peter J. Thuesen. Copyright 2009 by Oxford University Press, Inc. ISBN 978-0-19-517427-4.
3 Hours to go!!!!..Then this will be playing all over Bonny Scotland!! Makes me proud :-))
Auld Lang Syne is about friendships/friends and remembering them
@algiasphere Haha geez you killed me... :D Congrats.
@FireburnInk: exactly what I was thinking...
wonderful happy new year to and all exiled scots, god bless and lang may yer lum reek
Happy New Year from British Belfast!
Auld Lang Syne is truly an scottish traditional folklore which many scottish people have listened to. I truly prefer when Auld Lang Syne is performed with scottish bagpipes.
@loki7389 Hajrá Loki! Csak a Debrecen! :)
does he take a breathe ever ?
@Arbeitsplatz Seriously? Someone flagged my comment as spam? That's actually saying a lot, thank you.
I play this on loop as me and my team go down in flames in Star craft II .
Happy, Healthy and Holy New Year 2012!
on the FD, worked last night and ran all night long. This is what we brought the new year in with... lol a little late
this is my favorite song every New Year and we sang this at my High School grad. 9 hours and 30 minutes to go! Happy New Year!
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