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Leg 1: Alicante Live Start Replay | 2011-12

by Volvo Ocean Race • 262,509 views

The much anticipated start of the latest edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. Watch the FULL REPLAY of the start of Leg 1 from Alicante as the fleet sets sail for Cape Town. Expect more like this to be...

Ευχομαι το κυπελλο στον καλυτερο.
Beautiful racing. I wish the America's Cup had been anything like as interesting and fun.
Rbee1 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Winter has come I need sailing pictures.
sps4m, you said there is a speed thing on that site, but there is nothing
Nice Video.Keep on the good Media work
watchning it from france, it works, its not fair
not sure if I can order them at Walmart or by Tim Hortins ahha
the article is called Round the World Racers Unveil New Sailing Speed Tracker
Im not sure if there are any sharks in that sea
the best team with this strong wing !
Im to lazy for this kind of stuff haha
yeah good idea to by a remote cotrolled boat ahah
@volvooceanracevideos Are there going to be episodes from the boats like in the last race?
oh we dont have Tim Hortins here though lol
ive had a lot of problems with it
@TheRealAdamBrown Every day Adam, our heart goes out to the Abu Dhabi boys with the story we have just uploaded.
I bet that it is a very expensive hobby
The Puma boat is beautifull :D
@WorkLessSailMore This is the point at which we lost RF (microwave range) signal from the boats.
for France with groupama ! go go groupama !!!
no Im not in to sailing , I only like to watch them
well I have a boat that I made from paper if that counts ahah
i think the server has a problem
you can now run the game on iphone and android phone
camper really pulled out in front with that move going out on the downwind
Im from the Netherlands and here its 1.44pm
watching live in uk no issues! check you are on the live stream
donde me puedo descargar este cominezo
In 1:13:23 of the video stop and i can't see the rest. Anyone with this problem? I put more close to the end and still go back to 1:13:23 and stop again -.-
watching from the USA liking puma in second
that happens when too much people sign in in 1 time
really? you cant watch it in the uk ? that is rude!
you probably going to have a pretty bad headache from it
we have 1 starbuck here in our country lol only in Amsterdam
its nice isn't it those live shows on here
its a leeway tracker in real time check out sailing
Nicholas cooking is one of my hobbys as well:)
why cant we watch it live in the uk tv
@tequillaHR The TV broadcast show lasts 60 minutes for the Live Leg Starts and 90 minutes for the Live In Port Races. We have an extended online show until we lose the RF signal from the boats, the faster they're travelling the shorter the show!
the article is titled Round the World Racers Unveil New Sailing Speed Tracker
its still the begining of of those YouTube live broadcasts though
Marmite on toast with lots of butter
Elchiko did bet some money to one of them boats lol?
pumas making up ground, at tle last mark he was 220 behind camper now 130
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