Noah's first Root Beer!

by jamest77vb • 954,282 views

This is the reaction my son Noah had when taking his first drink of Root Beer! 1) Root Beer does not have alcohol. 2) This is the first time he has had any sugary soda, and we are not planning to...

Ita funny the way in your place kids that age must not drink stuff like sugary thing drinks in our place kids that age drink cola and sugary stuff very often
Root Beer World Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Hahahaha even though he shouldnt be drinking at that age it was soo cute :)
Ingrid V. Parrilla Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Noah's 1st rootbeer how funny BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!
Yes, it is great parenting. 1. Both parents are there. 2. Both parents are sharing experiences with their son. 3. The parents clearly love this little guy. 4. Rootbeer doesn't hurt a thing. 5. Note the laughter of everyone. As a retired nurse, I have to say this is a great example of family bonding.
Dude, what in the world are you talking about? Tell that to the zillions of video game critics, reviewers, let's players, etc. They are "making money on other people's hard work." That doesn't make an once of sense. We are doing our own hard work, based on other people's hard work. Why is that so hard for you to understand?
Im envious, I wish root beer was all I needed for a thrill that big......
Get a life loser. just because you have a pathetic life doesn't mean you need to try and force your opinion on these people.
Yeah, like IGN, video game, movie critics, famous mashup videos, etc. It's still your own work and a lot of work gets put into it. I put in 10 hours for just one mash up video.
Actually, dolphins relate to humans nicely and make good friends. So thanks. But for me talking to you, it's like talking to an ant.
Please don't reproduce, you will do the world a favor. Thanks
LOVE IT!! He is just so happy and ready to have fun...the bubbles are great fun. And to anyone who is against this needs to raise their own child and not tell anyone how to raise their child...Soda is NOT a gateway drug!!
yeah, like a girl would build an ark for all them poor animals during the big flood lol jk, cute vid. tho
Мали глупи католик...
pretty damn cute kid, no this isn't how obesity starts, people just need exercise diets garbage yeah theres a limit but ppl get way to butthurt
God forbid anybody has any sugar in their diet, people need to SHUT UP AND MIND YOUR OWN DAMN, MOTHAFUDEGING BUSINESS!!!
so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDD
My son just loves watching this, and he even grab the mouse from me just to click on the Repeat icon !! Thanks for sharing and your son is just too cute :)
Besides the fact you normally drink pop with a straw in a restaurant?
TOO cute! This totally made me smile!
ADORABLE! This was similar to my first reaction to root beer, I love it! nostalgia!
thats adorable i heared it on the raido i got to my cumputer fast to look at it noah is so cute u guys
Omg he is soooo adorable n really looks happy....
This uploader spent 5 minutes making something new, that had never existed before. You took other people's hard work, slapped it together, and are complaining that you can't monetize it. HERP. DERP. That's why you don't get to make money off of it - IT'S NOT YOURS. And as mentioned earlier, Flipper, when a news program show a clip from a movie they have a whole department in-house whose job it is to get legal clearance to do so. I know it's YouTube, but try not to dumb it down further...
Why are you comparing amount of time spent on a project? This uploader spent max 5 mins shooting and uploading this clip and he's making thousands. Dreamworks doesn't care? Yes, Dreamworks doesn't care, and they can't care according to the law. IT'S THE LAW. So what are you actually arguing for? The news should go out of business because it's always other people's work they report on. Nora Efron died and they used snippets of her movie on the news. According to you they shouldn't be allowed to.
*Ahem* No. I actually worked at a news network (I am not obliged to say where exactly), so you picked the wrong person to tell your guile disinformation to. While of course they have a legal team (Seriously? That is painfully obvious?), they don't clear every clip we broadcast. We put the credits most of the time, but that is all we needed to do to save our asses legally. Like I said, inform yourself on Fair Use before making yourself look retarded. Now...who is bringing Youtube's dumbness down?
lol at the people who think rootbeer has actual alcohol in it.
I can't stop watching this. Cutest video out there
It's not the greatest thing in the world. Get a hobby.
LOL! You obviously DO NOT know how © and fair use works AT ALL. You are only making yourself look moronic. Go ask a © lawyer if you need to ask permission if your work constitutes as fair use. The fair use provision was enacted so that you DONT HAVE TO ask for permission. Not every small review critic on YT can ask for permission for every work they review. It's nuts and it shows just how much you know about ©. Go on, I dare you to ask on a © forum and see what they say if you are so confident.
不味すぎて、嬉しそう~。 この子は、一生幸せに過ごせると思う。 良い人生を。
ha ha! this is so cute! you know i think he likes it ha ha! great video :)
Superman shirt for the win! :D
Lol! This is so cute he is adorable!
He tried root beer at like 2 and im real older and still havent tried it yet!
Such a sweet little boy! Just ignore all the 'fun childhood' haters.
Every sip is like riding a roller coaster towards a pit of death and then just making it to the other side where a unicorn catches you on its back and takes you to an unknown planet where he throws you off his back and you go flying through the laser beams of the alien ray guns and fall into the control room where you press a button that destroys the planet and you fly away in a ufo... sorry lol.
STFU and let the kid have fun. you have no right in trying to tell these people what they are doing is wrong. You are probably the one that tried to sue McDonalds over the happy meal toy. Get a life loser.
Yep, cause one sip of soda makes you into a future obese person.
Love his shout out "happy" at :41 !!
i am turkish and a lot of muslims here. they thought that drinking alcohol Haram. :)
自分はルートビアを外人の友達に飲まされ不味くて飲めないョ・・・ 味覚が違いスギル!!そういえばA&Wのバーガをうまそうに食べてるのも 外人だけだな!!
Give the kid all the God damn sugar he wants! Next time try an ice cream float. By the time he hits his teens he can burn all those calories having sex.
Too bad Surge isn't still around...he'd love that
Look, this is easy. If you didn't write and perform the music, if you didn't render the images, you cannot make money on it. If the software flags the music or images, someone looks at it, which means you cannot monetize. You are more than welcome to fill whatever void you like - you just can't make money on other people's hard work.
Way to make baseless accusations about someone you don't know, dude.
It was featured on The Daily What a while ago, so that probably spread it quite a bit. They have a fairly large viewership, and it is adorable.
adorable. my daughter loves this video! although she has only had sprite and had the exact opposite reaction!
What a cutie! Love his reaction! Sorry you are getting so many negative comments.
Holy cow, people are IDIOTS! His face is hysterical and precious. What a fun moment! <3
Kudos, mom and dad. Great moment in Noah's life! Too bad people are making a negative example of such a wonderful moment in Noah's life. It would be sad if a child grew up having never tasted the delight of a root beer! Lighten up, people!
have you had soda before? it's hard to explain root beer has a very distinct taste
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