Garden Tips : How Do I Take Care of Snapdragon Flowers?

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Snapdragon flowers require you to keep a few specific things in mind with regards to how you care for them. Take care of snapdragon flowers with help from a certified horticulturist in this free...

Thank you so much, very helpful
Great info!  Donna has a wonderful and knowledgeable presence on video.
may i ask got a baby calea plant its not looking good ( wilting ) told they are very tough and can withstand all sorts of hazards so i dont know what the problem is thinking it could be that in our area the water is hard, i usually boil the water before feeding but that has not worked do you think i would be better just buying bottled spring water rather than my tap water? would collect rain water but has not rained for weeks
thank you for exactly answering my question. :)
Why so many dislikes? Informative video.
That is really informative! :D Thanks alot!
thank you for exactly answering my question. :)
i do this with my trusty samurai sword like a man
weird, my snapdragons look more line vines and grow every which way
thank you for that video for me at home
The process is the same with cannabis....
damn doesnt look like im getting any money for my .. habit now :'(
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