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Telescopic Lens for iPhone 4

by KingAtlas89 • 193,483 views Get yours here: Second Channel: Follow me on Twitter:

I can't find the lens on the website
I got a kit from AGPtek that had the 8x telephoto, macro/wide angle combo and a fisheye lens. The kit I got had the same tripod mount attachment but it has an additional price that the tele can screw into. This lets you mount it on almost any phone. Amazon has the kit for $18 and some change. Pretty sweet deal and takes really good pictures.
It's not on the website how much is it
Thank you for posting this, it helped answer some questions I had.
Is it working on Lenovo s920
It would be better with electronic control auto focus synchronizede with i phone software
Is there a lens similar to this but with adjustable zoom (not fixed - zoomed in or zoomed out) ?
just buy a regular camera for taking pictures
Hey, do you know "Photo SFXart Tricks" (google it)? On their website you can watch a smart free video showing the way to create impressive photographs. It made it easier for Joe to make photographs that have a jaw-dropping-effect whenever you take a look at them. I hope it works for you too.
doesn't seem very useful lol... probably better quality with just going into a photo editing software and just manually zooming to the point of what this attachment would bring to...
Sorry if I sound ignorant, but how does "manual focus ring" tell me if the unit features variable zoom (ie, screw zoom or sliding zoom)? Isn't "manual focus ring" referring to the focus rather than zoom feature? I used to have a PZ-1p with lenses that featured both push/pull zoom as well lenses that featured screw zoom. Does this lens provide that, or is it just fixed at a certain zoom?
Only thing I didn't like was when you said it was difficult with autofocus. If you touch the screen where you want to focus and hold it, it will lock the focus setting and I would like to know if that helps with the problem at all, or if you had thought of that, thanks.
shitty quality is still shitty
Beard is still there just freshly shaven! Lol... I LOVE this video!!!!! :) you're awesome!
wow he got his girl his car 2:18 - 2:30
Can you zoom in and out with the lens or is it stuck on 8x zoom?
Lol it looks better without the lens
wdf is with this shit? go buy a dslr camera... just damn weird.
@supertoaster94 LoL.... 1st off i DO NOT OWN point n shoot cameras, I have a good ol D200 with a tokina 12-24mm a nikon 35mm a nikon 18-70mm and a nikon 70-210mm D... That is exactly why I think this thing is pointless. what kind of quality pic am I going to get with a SUPER MINI sensor?!? a P&S camera has a better sensor! 2nd of all I messed up, I ment to say focus... u know people can make mistakes
@luismacintosh yea a bit its a little hard getting it into focus.
Pretty cool add on for the iPhone. Thanks for the review!
heyy! thanks dude! i didnt know abaut the calendar! it´s awesome i love it thanks!
you o through all this effort and only ake a few pics in front of your house? seriously?
wow this thing sucks, bad chrono distortion
i think this is the only iphone lens video on youtube that isn't all dislikes. p.s. epic color fringing.
You call it a telescopic lens, which suggests that you can zoom in and out a variable settings. Is this a telescopic lens or a set zoom?
You're audio sounds awesome! What microphone do you use for your videos?
@revinriley Not off the top of my head but ill look into it for ya.
Это гавено!!!! Ты видишь какая там большая distorsio???? ты видишь какие там Chromatic aberrations идиоты блять!!!! complete dung!!! complete dung!!!complete dung!!!complete dung!!!complete dung!!!complete dung!!!complete dung!!!complete dung!!!
What I neglected to write was that it did not have a zoom, I thought it was understood :) It was fix to 8x zoom. But you could focus it on a object turning the ring left and right. There are camera lenses that does what you are describing for an iPhone, but I would honestly buy an actual camera instead. Hope this cleared up a few things.
@armandornd Thanks, but I write with translation :(
Pull the bottom parts on the legs of the tri pod they extend when I figured this out I crapped my self
i'd rather buy the film slr than accessorizing my iphone with dslr lenses
@HMarije Since the iphone 4 and iphone 4s can both be used in identical cases, this should work fine with the 4s. After all, this is only a physical addition to the phone and does not include any software that might conflict with the new iPhone update.
this stuff is a dslr instead or a bridge or anything but this toy
WOW!!! 30 seconds isnt that long :P
Hey bro, im not pro in photography, but still you are contradicting to yourself, by saying that 18mm is Telescopic. I think you wanted to say telephoto lens...
Good review! Will it work on the iPhone 4s? ;) And you're pretty hot! :)
@luismacintosh If you zoom in with any telephoto lens, the focal width gets narrower. This lens here is no exception.
@smokinblu1 Appalling, sorry. My iPod has a mind of its own.
@smokinblu1 Your grammar is appsling
hey prapee, why i have to buy that shit if i can download from cydia the zoom application for free. and its work the same with that shit.
I took a shot of various liquors every time you said "very". I ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Good news is they will probably let me out by Tuesday.
Dude. Here's a tip for easier focussing. When in camera app - press and hold. That will lock exposure and focus. That will make it easier to take pictures, because auto-focus won't be messing up your manual focus.
Deep Depth? On a telephoto? What is he talkin about -_- Need a new review on this, and a video review
Who has experience with this gadget ( the telescopic lens ). Please PM / DM me to tell if you like the product. quality etcetera . Thanks.
@smokinblu1 A photographer of your stature who has any hint of a brain shouldn't get zoom and focus mixed up.
The only reason you should buy this lens is if you have $35 that is just taking up room in your wallet >.>
I would just walk a few metres closer and take a picture.
This is a cool product for the iPhone. Do you know if there is anything like this for the iPod Touch 4G?
it is kinda shakey with those lens but if you get an iPhone Stabilizer Rig to join the tripod it won't be so bad...
looks pretty good but seems like it blurs the image a bit
@smokinblu1 That mistake was blatant ignorance. At least I thoroughly read and research what I argue about.
great more tools for pedophiles -.-
Cromatic aberration at its worst! I almost felt I needed 3D glasses.
Can you use the flash with the zoom lens? or is it only for outdoor/daylight use?
ha lol you can get that tri-pod from poundland!
is this the same as photojojo's?
3:00 a Very VERY good job? Are you blind or just stupid? It's not very very good, nor very good, or even good. CRAP is what I would say. I bet Steve Jobs it turning in his grave. All the hundreds of hours the R&D dept must have spent getting the camera right then someone sticks this piece of crap on it and says it's very very good. What is the point anyway. Your girl friend wasn't that bad, why not just walk closer to her? You'd get sharper results looking through a used condom.
Abit soft around the edges, and its not an 18mm (which is wide angle) its like a medium telephoto lens!
One issue I found with this lens, is that the flash on my iPhone 4 is completely covered by this telescopic lens. If a picture is taken with the flash in any other position than "Off", you run the risk of the flash ruining your picture by reflecting inside the lens. However, since a flash is not used with telescopic images, this does not take away from the actual functionality of the lens. Personally, I like the telescopic images, the slight blur adds an analogue feel to your photos.
can i adjust the distanse with tis lens?
Please do not do any reviews of lenses if you don't know what you're talking about..
What you thing about owel Bo Bo item
@A252 lol exactly what I was thinking, you might as well be taking pictures through a beer bottle.
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