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Oliver & Company - Why Should We Worry?

by FFF06 • 846,663 views

The ending to an old, and one of my favorite, Disney movies of all time. Belongs to Disney, of course.

At 0:46 it makes me sad because of the empty spot, like their missing Oliver, otherwise I love the song!
I know a month old comment but, it's sad but it's kinda showing that Oliver will never be replaced, that he always has them to call a home and family <3
If I go to NYC and I don't see this irk I will be very disappointed
There goes $1,000+!
You know what, I like the product placement they put in like Coke, Kodak, and USA Today.  It gave their take on New York City a more realistic feel. 
The only place where product placement actually fits. Makes you wonder why more movies don't take place in NYC.
+SirSarcastic Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, You've got mail.... etc.
Блин, это лучший мульт Диснея! По всем параметрам!
Gunna totally sing this at the top of my voice when I leave to go home in a week or so!! ^_^ one of the best disney songs ever :P
I don't know why but i love the little mexican Chihuahua.
Never seen the movie...well not yet..but i love this song.
oh  I  love  oliver! and company  I like dodger and oliver too  and  all  of the  dogs  too I have  that movie
I feel like too many people forget about this movie because it was too dark and it wasn't a love story like most Disney movies. But that's unfortunate since it was always one of my favorites. The songs never get old and the characters are epic and the animation is freakin' amazing!
I loved this movie! I would not have heard of Billy Joel or Cheech Marin if it wasnt for Dodger and Tito!♡♥☆★
+Lindsey Theresa Music One of the few things that I'll very nostalgic over. :)
Every Disney movie that I've seen growing up I still have on VHS and I still watch them. This was one of my favorites
this scene makes me so happy
Tito = amazingness
All that traffic..
Great movie saw it yesterday
What kind of breed is Rita?
i think she's an afghanne.
She could possibly be a mutt from both breeds? But come on guys, it's a cartoon.
OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE Its so sad at first then very funny I love cheeto I think that's how we spell it
I learned the person who does Tito's voice is the same one who did Banzai in The Lion King.
When I was younger I tolerated this movie. The villan was too much for me and I often got scared during it. But I adored the kitten aspect. Now I like shit, this movie is great! And to tackle how people miss this type of animation, I too wish Disney would keep their promise after the sucsess of princess and the frog to make animated movies like this one every other year. But these movies are ridiculously expensive, and though Disney owns everything and could obviously pay for it in the nineties and early 2000s, inflation and the recession haven't missed huge corporations like Disney. Also, computer animated movies are "in" and cheaper to make. They also require an enormous ammount of manpower and time, both things that are good for making a stupendous movie, but are far harder to do than a computer animated film.
Inflation has decreased now though, and lets be honest Disney does have a hell of a lot of money.
O:38 Rita was like oh no you dont! 
whoever made read rocks
Haha! Rita grabbed dodger because she was jealous!😍Love Tito is so cute and voiced by Cheech Marin!💗💘💖💕
Anyone notice that the Twins Towers are there? At 1:05.
Yeah.... It's so eerie you know?
This is more like it... 
It's amazing where films inspiration comes from. Like Hayao Miyazaki's inspiration for Ponyo came from Disney's The Little Mermaid. And Charles Dickens's tale Oliver inspired this classic :D
Don't you mean, Oliver Twist? A very large number (if not most) of Disney films were based off of fairytales, and classic stories. Wether it's Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty, and The Frog Prince, or The Emperors New Clothes, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, and Robin Hood.
My favourite song of all along streets of gold
Good god, after the downer beginning, they damn well should've rolled out one of the best endings in a Disney movie.
What kind of dog is dodger?
I think he's designed to be a Jack Russell Terrier
best disney movie :D
This was my favorite Disney movie :) Love the animation
2009 DVD Of Space Buddies And Pinocchio Platinum Edition
Wait no, the whole movie is awesome
2002 VHS And DVD Of Snow Dogs
God this song is awesome
1996 VHS Of Alice In Wonderland Robin Hood Dumbo The Sword In The Stone Pete's Dragon Bedknobs And Broomsticks So Dear To My Heart The Three Caballeros Tom And Huck Homeward Bound 2 Lost In San Francisco Aladdin And The King Of Thieves Muppet Treasure Island And James And The Giant Peach
makes me cry in a good way ah memories... sweet memories
well LM has been stereotyped as that you know and it's definitely for both girls and boys.
Haha I love how the bulldog sings it.
my favorite part of my favorite movie! <3
Why label movies as boy or girl movies? They may be geared more towards either, but they're for both audiences.
Jeez, I love this movie SO much. I don't know what to do with all this nostalgia
I agree both movies are underrated and fantastic. I actually saw both GMD and O&C in theaters when i was 5 and 7 about 4 times each and i had merchandise to both movies including O&C CD soundtrack which i still own and i love LM too as i saw that in theaters when it first came out when i was 8 and had a crush on Ariel, still do, lol. I was pissed both this movie and GMD never came to video but glad they did after waiting.
Question: What is your favorite movie? My answer: Disney movies
@Clowning8 it's not an adaption of Oliver Twist.. Oliver and Company is its own thing.
*dramatic voice like Francis* Why, why, whyyyy didn't they put the reprise on the soundtrack? This is my favorite song in the movie - among my favorite Disney songs overall - and although I like the Billy Joel version, hearing everyone sing together gives it more volume and just makes it feel more... powerful and optimistic, like there really is a brighter future for their street-gang-family, which is why they ask 'why should we worry?'
My favorite part of that movie was when cat woman literally turned into a cat/that little orange kitten you see at the beginning of this clip
Technically it is a disney movie because disney is the owner of Studio Ghibli
i remember watching this i fell in love with the main character Man he was so cool and bagged all the *bitches* HAHAH dat pun :P
Not True, Its a Partnership, Disney doesn't actually own any of Ghibli. Disney Re-Released 6 of their films: Totoro, Kiki's delivery service, Laputa, Howl's moving Castle, Ponyo & Arrietty
The one with red collar is Roscoe, the one with blue collar is DeSoto ^^
I only first saw this movie in 2011 and my god was it a great movie. So epic, even as a teenager.
My favorite movie no matter how old I am
Spirited was Ghibli made but distributed by Disney and those movies you mentioned are great too
Dodger, Tito, Rita, Francis, and... Einstien, right? Those are Feagan's dogs. And then Georgette. But I can't remember the name of Sike's dogs. The evil jerks that Dodger fought when they tried to eat Oliver.
Im mexican and i found it really funny that that mexican on the ploice car, never really noticed that when I was a kid though ;P
And not just that, but whenever the people at disney would loose inspiration or would have an art block, they would turn to the Ghibli movies for help
The way Dodger got on that car XD
Hey, my grandfather died. These kinds of comments are pointless.
Dude...this movie was made by AMERICANS. Disney is an American studio and so is Pixar! I certainly understand you. I don't like that many animes either. If I do, I stick to the English version because they usually take out all of the perverted and violent stuff. If I'm in the mood I might watch it but if I'm not...I might go and watch something made by another country or my own (America). BUT I will consider your words and check out some more animes.
I agree with you but i can't help but notice that the movie name is in the title.
Okay now I have to go watch this movie again, bbl.
It says it right in the title of this video. "Oliver & Company"
Actually Studio Ghibli works with Disney to make their English dubs and to get people to watch em because who's gonna turn down a Disney film?
Omg i havent seen this movie in forever, this brings back some good memories :)
But Disney buy the right of distribution of the Studio Ghibli in america.
Lion king 2 was awesome >:o oh well, no need for me to try to change your opinion. We are all intitled to it
Man Dodger and Rita's singing voices sure go well together.
I love the ending I can't stop watching this video, Lol :)
Lion King 1 should never be below Lion King 2 on a list, the plot and music is much stronger in the original. But hey, I guess I'm old so my opinion is naturally going to be different.
awesome do you know where to get the full movie but from youtube wut the name plz or can u make one?
OMG THAT DOG JUST JUMPED ON TO THAT CAR! what a delightful scoundrel... really? Only in cartoons...
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