Plane hitting Pentagon... NOT!

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A plane hitting Pentagon is just a construct. And if this is a construct, planes hitting the Twin towers was a deliberate act... of the US government! Think people... think!

There is no video of WTC7 being hit by 1 and 2 isTARD. By that time all cameras were pointed directly at the point of impact. "Right into its own footprint" implies that the towers did no damage to any other building when they collapsed. Are you willing to say that there was no damage to any other building in the area isTARD? Bush regurgitation? LOL, Bush is an idiot! LOL JUST LOL.
@JJTheJunkMan1 OH PLEASE, you were going to explain your Physics, remember? LMAO, The impact of the WTC airliners, or the Pentagon B757 is pretty easy to calculate, We have the Mass, and the Velocity. F=MA, Mo=MxV Did you notice there was no term for MATERIALS? Shape? Structure? 120 TONS of Mass at 540 mph did the damage to the Pentagon, NOT an aluminum airplane. That used to be a third grade question. What's heavier, a TON of feathers, or a TON of bricks?
Of course, the government made fake phone calls to loved ones using voice altering software. Which of course was totally necessary 'cause when my loved ones die I don't believe it unless they call me first. You've gotten your information from the one source that's even less reliable than the government...conspiracy nutbags! I can prove that conspiracy theorists have on numerous occasions quoted people out of context in order to support their little fantasy, now why would they need to do that?
I'm done bantering with you over your opinion. Good luck pal.
watch?v=ln97NJV44xs&feature=related Mike Walters' interview: "And I looked over to the side and I saw this jet coming in and it was really low" What was that, Mike? A jet, you say? "It was an American Airlines jet, you could read the AA on the side" Ooh, an American Airlines jet? Not a missile as some liar is trying to make out? Well, well, well...
...and you are in no position to comment on the absurd just one sentence before suggesting they placed "fake phone calls" to loved ones! Just another one of the thousands of "impossible" things that the "conspirators" didn't realize were impossible until after they had needlessly incriminated themselves! You've got the silly meter maxing out at every scene & then have the audacity to speak of the absurd! All they had to do to "fake" this was crash four planes but I guess that was just too simple
Did you see this one? youtube.com/watch?v=1cT8WWt61eg youtube.com/watch?v=t1wQ2BJsgx0 Over 100 people saw it hit. Aside from the witnesses, there is over 100 other pieces of evidence which proves AA77 hit the Pentagon. To claim otherwise is ignoring everything from witnesses, DNA, FDR, ATC, debris, video and more.
@smurfboywv Of course you do, you're a lying, ignorant and idiot as well. Birds of a feather..
I like how the terrorist passports always survive but the whole plane vanishes. They were recovered at every single crash site on 9/11. It seems a thin paper document is far more indestructible than a massive titanium alloy engine weighing several tons. They could never be planted evidence of course.
It was all released back in 2006. therightbloggerbastard.blogspot.co.nz - look under the 85 Videos heading.
You're right, WTC 7 was not hit by a plane. But....... WTC 7 was hit BY A HUGE FUCKING COLLAPSING BUILDING
@JJTheJunkMan1 SURE I will call you an Anti-Semite, why NOT? Scratch a Truther, and you end up with another white trash Nazi wannabe hating jews because they are supposed to be in charge of international banking from their home above a New York Deli. Funny that the Jason Ingersoll photos Show Wing damage extending 60 feet of center line, and don't support anything in the conspiracy nutjob category, or YOU would have posted them, LOL. In fact, the photo I gave you has 757 Engine impact points.
Of course no plane hit the pentagon, even the 'official eyewitnesses' are hilarious. 'It banked left, no it was right, the plane stayed dead straight, the nose fell off, the delicate nose ploughed through all those walls, the engines entered, no the engines bounced off, impact was at 9.15, no it was 9.40, 'i saw the terrified faces on board', the wings sheared off, hit the ground, folded back, sliced through, the wheels werent down, but they still hit a trailer, ridiculous! 9/11= inside job
Pentagon eyewitness accounts are flawed due to national security anyone in the vicinity would have to say what ever the FBI tell them to say
Oh, my. You WERE serious about the "100 pieces". A huge airliner slams into a building that is immensely reinforced concrete-and leaves....a hundred -a HUNDRED pieces of evidence. Not 1000's of huge or tiny pieces to be cleaned up-no bodies, no luggage, no seats, fuselage, no wings, tail, & the engine shown was not from that jet-and leaves nothing but a 17 foot wide perfect {Missile sized} hole in the wall. And that's OK with you. Wow.
Of course no plane hit the pentagon, even the 'official eyewitnesses' are hilarious. 'It banked left, no it was right, the plane stayed dead straight, the nose fell off, the delicate nose ploughed through all those walls, the engines entered, no the engines bounced off, impact was at 9.15, no it was 9.40, 'i saw the terrified faces on board', the wings sheared off, hit the ground, folded back, sliced through, the wheels werent down, but they still hit a trailer, ridiculous! 9/11= inside job
..and ANOTHER lying, sheep-like kook arrives. Target rich environments, I love 'em.
Please show me the video of WTC7 being hit by wtc 1 and 2. Fema says fire cause the collapse of wtc7 u stupid fucking chimp. Not 1 ounce of original thought, just bush regurgitation. fucking chimp!
oh my so the wings and tail just disappeared at impact? hahahahahaha u should have just said al qaeda use the force and shot a laser into the building.
— All you have to do then is explain to those who were there and saw the plane, the cause of the smell of jet fuel in the air, for days after the event, Nowhere near to the event, somebody else's idea of the truth is of course superior to that of those who were there to clear up the mess and cart away the body parts.
I looked at your link. All they have to do is change, alter, or misrepresent a few statistics. I know there was a plane, eye witnesses have verified that. But no one actually saw the plane hit. I even saw the model on the website you linked. It doesn't match up with witness accounts. It's flying way too high before it "hits" the pentagon. It's such an obvious misrepresentation. No one saw it hit, people saw a plane flying low going towards the pentagon and an explosion.They have no reason to lie
exactly, we all know full well no airliner ever hit the pentagon, global hawk at best, no planes were highjacked on 9.11, 4 planes supposedly fly low over crowded cities at rush hour and all we get is a blur, a military drone, charred wall and a hole in a field!! you simply couldnt make it up!! 9.11 was an inside job, the world is waking up
2)..You're just one of the confused masses who can't tell the difference between a shameful cover-up of a government crime and a government conspiracy. The families got phone calls, so how do you explain that? Either they got phone calls or they're all lying conspirators. It is absolutely ludicrous to suggest they planted explosives in buildings they were going to hit with planes...it's pointless! As is everything that happened after 9:02 and there go 90% of your ridiculous theories!......
@JJTheJunkMan1 YOU can't hide the fact you are an uneducated moron, fella. You can't explain your Abbot and Costello Physics, or Newtonian laws any better than a beaver in a concrete classroom. This is just NOT your environment.
@JJTheJunkMan1 Membership=15 actual military members, and 11 are officers.
Imagine the surprise of the 9/11 truthers when they find themselves in hell with the 19 hijackers.
"Planes are NEVER shown in the only pentagon video, however there is a small tip of a missile" Nope, WAYYY too big to be a missile. And, of course, no eyewitness reports seeing a missile, while 130+ report seeing a plane. YOu need to start thinking for yourself instead of uncritically swallowing nonsense peddled by proven liars.
@MettiSNSD 9.11 has thousands of for and against ideas/videos/opinions/theories towards 9/11 being a conspiracy..with all the things ive watched ( both for/against)..and gathered to make opinions for myself..just like ur doing..the for ( that being an inside job ) overwhelmes the against. im not fueding with u..just a sharing opinions, peace.
What a fucking CHIMP... You can easily show me video of WTC7 getting hit by a building right? So your saying, hahahha, let me get this straight, that WTC7 was hit by a building from a certain direction which then caused it to SYMMETRICALLY COLLAPSE STRAIGHT DOWN at free fall speeds, leaving nothing left of the building???? HAHAHAHA, fucking sci-fi chimp! Oh and by the way Building7 according to FEMA collapse to fire which is the governments position. Get your GOV STORY STRAIGHT CHIMP!
LOL isTARD the first source you posted they even said "there is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9/11 attacks." LOL. Oh you post a link to a 30 second video where someone tells you what the person is saying? LOL what if the person is lying? Oh but I forgot you're a good widdle conspiracy sheeple and believe EVERYTHING your shepherds tell you to believe. Israeli company? It says INTERNATIONAL company. LOL do you not know what international means isTARD? Just LOL
@MettiSNSD no u didnt, but the video we are posting under does.i agree that the taxi driver thing is questionable. but that the us government is competent enough to pull off a deception on this scale? dosn't seem very likely does it? well not to me anyway. ive seen so many truthers claims refuted,fake planes,fake phone calls bombs in the buildings etc. it leaves them with next to no credibility. theres a bbc documentry called 9/11 conspiricy road trip. its worth watching. peace.
How do you know they're withholding footage? If you use common sense like you claim the answer would either be they don't have any or what they do have is evidence in an ongoing investigation.Those are the logical conclusions,but you & your "common sense" figure that there's a "conspiracy" involving planes crashing in which they used something other than a plane in front of 136 witnesses, scattered some fake debris & passenger bodies then spent the day running around confiscating video footage?
I'd rather not. What do YOU have huh? The physics thing is a fact but people like you see what you want to see. Why not time the collapse bldg 7?? Tell us what you come up with.Did you see the Silverstein interview? Probably not.Do you even know who he is? Fire rescue and police HEARD the explosions--you calling all of them liars?? If you look closely as the buildings come down you can see puffs of smoke eminating from the floors below--those are called SQUIBS by demolition experts.Explosives.
a plane didnt hit the pentagon because if it was a passenger plane hitting it. it would have done a lot more damage just look at the twin tower it took a lot more damage from a private jet.
NO you didn't answer. You merely asserted some bullshit without backing it up, as usual. Now then, sheepyboy - give me the name of an eyewitness to a missile, and evidence that they were paid off to be quiet. Come on, just one! Bet you can't - that's because you are brainwashed and unable to think for yourself, clearly.
— REALITY CHECK: A plane hitting Pentagon is just a construct, to a deluded idiot, nowhere near to the event, not so much of a construct to those whose job it was to clear up the mess, body parts and all, with a smell of jet fuel in the air for days after the event.
People that actually THINK & ASK questions about things they don't understand really upset folks like you, don't they? Must be SO sweet to skip through life believing fairy government tales. Makes life for governments with ugly, greedy agendas SO much easier to have people like you on their side. You must LOVE having your rights under the Constitution stripped. And TSA stripping us too. Those of us who DON'T like that, have YOU to thank. Proud of yourself, I'll bet.
If no airliner hit the Pentagon, how come 130+ eyewitnesses, radar traces, damage and wreckage show it does, whereas NO eyewitness claims seeing anything else and no evidence has been found for anything other than a 757?
Lack common sense... Followed by: Missiles Defies physics Silverstein admits You go ahead and keep that kind of common sense to yourself
@JJTheJunkMan1 Why would that be a glaringly obvious contradiction at all? The Shanksville site had 80 feet of spongy topsoil piled over a 1950s mine site. IF you could design a structure to absorb impact of a heavy object at airliner speeds, that would be a good example. HARD structures are compressed and destroyed on impacts, NOT spongy topsoil, and the hole DOES match the Pentagon building example in volume of displacement. You don't think that Hole is a mousehole in a flat wall, do you?
As stated by the Fire rescue commander " There were no firemen in building 7." What else?
Your willful ignorance is strong, your only argument. You sit here blind folded, I bet you never even visited my link. Scared to know the truth. Just falling in line like the rest of the sheep listening to Alex Jones rant on about insanity. Why don't you apply the same scrutiny towards him as you do the official story? Because you're scared to be wrong. No evidence of UA93? Absolute BS. A google search debunks that one. sites.google. com/site/wtc7lies/flight93page1 page 2 and 3. Sad.
so the person who saw the plane the smaller jet said it looked like it was coming in for a landing ?..don't planes slow down when there coming in for a landing??..would a slowed down plane make as much damage as a sped up plane ?
That is false. youtube.com/watch?v=FfQEwxxVyKY 103 people saw the plane hit, including some of the same witnesses from your 'documentary' (yes, I saw it years ago, its rubbish) therightbloggerbastard.blogspot.co.nz Pay attention to the Witnesses part, then look at the rest of the page. AA77 hit the Pentagon. That is fact.
The Shills/Trolls/Disinfo (S.T.Ds) and Peddlers Of Official Farce (P.O.O.Fs) on here? are under total control from their Handlers/Orderers/Masters/Owners (H.O.M.Os). Basically the HOMOs spread their STDs to try and infect free speech about 9/11 and stop people from spreading the truth, about 9/11 begging ppl to shut up, i wont do it, its so obvious and blatant, yet another false flag slaughtering 3000 innocent ppl, its disgusting, and the perps will burn in hell for it!
@valtonen77 that right because they sure got all that rubble out of there in a hurry
Fox news - Israelis arrested in connection with 911 vimeo. om/33840109 Arrested Israelis admitting on Israeli talk show they were in nyc to record the attacks. youtube watch?v=8OyUoGUV7b8 Here's the Israeli company that provides security for the airports involved in 911. icts-int com
There is plenty of video of WTC7 standing. There are plenty of videos of WTC 7 FALLING STRAIGHT DOWN. If a building hit another building would it cause the completely removal of resisitance FROM THE ENTIRE BUILDING? You are a FUCKING TRAITOR SCUMBAG!
That's because the Pentagon is steel reinforced concrete whereas the WTC had a thin aluminum facade. You can clearly see where the wings struck the wall of the Pentagon on either side of the hole
Maybe you should pay a bit more attention than a skim. RADAR, ATC, DNA, video, debris, witnesses, proves AA77 hit the Pentagon. The other link proves UA93 crashed in shanksville.
How do i know??? WHERE"S THE VIDEO's ??? The FBI confiscated numerous video's from various locations as you well know--gas station,hotel etc.etc. Ongoing investigation!? lmao Gee,I thought they already "investigated." lmao Please,no more bs answers--they're REALLY boring and absurd.Get real pal. By the way,in regards to the plane that went down in Pennsylvania--how was it possible for people on that flight to make cell phone calls to relatives?? Cell phones don't work on airplanes-try again
In case someone should be surprised by the capability of resistance of the P building... The side which was hit was already reinforced because they were implementing the lessons learned of the Oklahoma City incident of 1995. And how the durability of a reinforced building can be indicate the footage of the Kenyan embassy incidence in 1998 where the embassy building structure stayed nearly fully intact while some meters away a not specially reinforced building collapsed completely.
@JJTheJunkMan1 Be happy to show you many OTHER photos of Wing Damage at the Pentagon. Jason Ingersoll PICS have at least a dozen examples, or I can pull up some versions of the WILL Morris Pics if you wish, or the Burning Cars that were struck by the left wing, or the Generator Trailer with the 757 SPONSON scar. I mean fella, it's NOT hard to make a fool out of you, it's kinda easy.
rover breaks it down for truthers, no spam.
It's rubbish? Why? No reason? That's just your belief? That's really pathetic. Great, give me your opinions. Nobody actually saw it hit. Everyone only saw the plane heading towards the pentagon and they saw a big explosion. NOBODY saw it hit. And most people were running FROM the plane because they thought it was going to hit them. Why did they ALL show a different route than the official one? You can't explain it but to say they are wrong. Really? Or the Official report is wrong. You are blind!
There is a documentary where a few guys go and interview the actual witnesses who saw the airplane flying toward the Pentagon. He then has them draw the flight path they saw. But why do all of the witnesses(at least a dozen) say they saw the plane coming from a different direction than the official direction listed? Because if the plane had officially flown from that direction then it wouldn't line up with the physical evidence in the pentagon. Also no one saw the plane hit, just a big explosion
Really? You're claiming that there are eyewitnesses to something other than a 757-type aircraft at the Pentagon, but they are now missing and/or dead? Got any, you know, evidence for that?
"All security at airports involved in 911 attacks was managed by an Israeli Company." Really? Source? "Hundreds of Israelis arrested in connection with 911" Prove it. "5 arrested and deported israelis admitted on an Israeli talk show that there were in NYC on 911 to record the attacks." Source?
Just released NSA/Homeland Security openly paying trolls thousands of dollars to gum up the discourse on social media. Paying citizens to spread propaganda, sounds like the nazis to me
mike walters first statement, before he was paid/threatened, was 'a cruise missile with wings', the following statements were the ridiculous 'aa airliner, wings folded back, i saw the terrified faces on board, nose pressed against windows mouthing 'help meee'..etc etc zzzz....jeeez COINTELPRO only get what they pay for i guess....
LOL... Who has been threatened with deaf or life in jail, smurfyboy? Once again, where are the eyewitnesses claiming it WASN'T a 757-type aircraft? The lack of them doesn't set any alarm bells ringing for you, does it?
wouldn't you and the other CO-INTEL-PRO 9/11 shills be better off just basically begging people like me not to spread the truth about what really happened on 9/11, instead of abuse, flagging, f5, f5 vote up, vote down, switching YT names and repeating, changing the subject, twisting, abusing again, etc etc, you get my drift?? Wouldn't that be a better way to shut people up? We can't have the naive cattle that are the general public finding out what really happened on 9/11can we????
What makes you think the object has a long pointed nose? But at least you concede it is the same size as a 757, thus ruling out a missile. How come no eyewitness reports seeing something with a long, pointed nose?
Okay boss, you don't seem to understand that when your only "evidence" is witness statements & expert opinion then you must go with the majority or you're undermining your own reasoning.
Willful ignorance. I'm a lot LESS scared than before I started learning the OTHER truth. I know that Alex can be set up to look like he's insane VERY easily by the Feds. WHY would I believe whatever it is you say I'm scared to find out? I have seen the evidence in daily life of what the globalist agenda is. I've lived with the damage it's done & so has everyone else, but KNOWING why we live the way we do is what is important. Who says what about 911 isn't even important anymore. Awareness IS.
Pull it in reference to firemen. Context clues Kathy. And Silverstein was required to get the insurance policy due to earlier attack. Port Authority actually owns the trade center and they lease it to Silverstein. Silverstein was actually outbid and he only got the towers because the competing company wanted different terms on the lease. And if 7 was a CD, then how come there are no sounds consistent with a CD right before the collapse? You're right Kathy. You do need to wake up.
If I was starting to swing a baseball bat at someones head and you looked before turning back to see a man with a crushed skull and me holding a bloody bat it's pretty safe to assume that the baseball bat hit him in the head. The fact that nobody actually saw the plane hit the Pentagon would be completely irrelevant if it wasn't completely untrue
Your music sucks, like your pathetic argument.
The plane was destroyed of impact u dumb shit
I guess you have to be the idiot. Read about Operation Northwoods, or see the movie Fahrenheit 911, and you will understand WHY some people COULD want to do that. I'm not saying it as a fact; I will never say i know anything about 9/11. The most honest thing a man can do, is to say he doesn't know. But what i do know, is that the official story contains too much BS.
@JJTheJunkMan1 Let's use the Associative power of math to illustrate the Pentagon Impact. 120 TONS of 757 is comparable to 6, 20 TON 18 wheelers and trailers. (DOT) At 540 mph, so it's equal to 12 at 270 mph, 24 at 136 mph, and 48 at 68 mph. Do you think 48, 20 ton tractor trailer impacts would be an impressive event?
Voice altering software??? You LIARS are amazing!! You get YOUR "information from one source also--right? lol There's alot of bs floating around regarding theories--no planes hit Twin Towers--missiles did,blah,blah,blah. I don't buy into that one bit. Sure planes hit--but they didn't bring the towers down--controlled demolition did!! Not a "death ray" as some loons claim. See,some theorists are full of shit and I'll admit that. You on the other hand BELIEVE EVERYTHING the "official" Gov. said.
@smurfboywv You asked for a video of a plane, you got one. Just because it isn't the one you want don't coming whining your kook shit to me, bitch.
You are wrong on every point. therightbloggerbastard.blogspot.co.nz My link proves it. AA77 hit the Pentagon. Take your blinkers off.
"oh my so the wings and tail just disappeared at impact? hahahahahaha" You're the one saying it not me. There is damage from the wings, if you know where to look. Here's a hint, stay away from your conspiracy sheeple websites. Oh wait I forgot that you are a sheep and can't do that.
I like this. All of the evidence that Flight 77 hit the pentagon on 9/11 in one convenient location. Now all we gotta do is wake the conspiracy sheep up from their slumber.
1)..The US government not mine are a bunch of lying snakes who knew the attacks were coming & did nothing knowing if it happened they could use it to their advamtage & that's exactly what they did in the aftermath, so they're absolutely responsible & should have faced the consequences. This controlled demolition nonsense is part of the reason why they haven't! So is this "they couldn't make phone calls from the plane" bullshit, and this "they never crashed a plane at the Pentagon" hogwash!....
@smurfboywv Yet,. there's not ONE SINGLE PERSON who claims to have seen a missile that day. On the other hand, there's over 100 who say they saw a plane.
LMAO Shame on me?? Tell you what pal,when 9/11 happened just like the majority of people in the world I believed what the gov said. Within the past year or so researching this horrific event and seeing fire rescue,police,first reponders,etc. tell what they witnessed and then hearing more government disinformation dumped on the populace,I came to MY own conclusion and I stand by it 100 %. You come to your own.That's all I can tell you.
Engines - foound Wings and tail - destroyed in imapct and subsequent fire. HOw come no eyewitnesses claim to have seen anything other than a 757-type aircraft? Why did you lie about Mike Walters? Answer or I just keep asking..
But yet that hole is through several first floor sections. 80 tons of airplane parts----80 TONS. Where's the engines,landing gear,etc. By the way those engines weigh apprx 6000 pounds each. They don't just disappear. AND how come the feds don't release video actually showing a plane hit?? 82 or 84 video camera's altogether and the FBI confiscated them. If it was SO cut and dry why not show the plane hit?? We see them hit the TWIN Towers. Don't say for "security" reasons--what security? lol
@lewismclinton ur right about witnesses seeing the plane approach the pentagon..allbeit not 190 plus people..no need to exaggerate..and the witnesses stories all contradict the offical report of the pentagon ( albeit just the path of the flight..)..and you mention the cab driver..ive watched a documentry..where the man himself admits that pole hitting his cab was staged..in order to find the truth..you have to know where to look. peace
@DamoSuzuki100 There were no plane parts. Do you see any in the video? Forget what the witnesses say, the were at the pentagon, they could've been told to lie by thr government. How does airplane make that explosion when it's not there? We can see no plane at all.
@JJTheJunkMan1 You are NOT a gnostic priest, a warlock, a master magician, or have "Secret Knowledge". You are just another Wack Job on the Internet. Get used to this, it won't change. God does NOT leave clues to the mysteries of the Universe in Youtube videos.
— the FBI collected evidence, the same as they would with any other investigation. Big deal. The mystery is how you would know that a camera pointed to the Pentagon, why the security cameras at the service station and a nearby hotel would point away from the premises, Didn't bother to check the fact, did you?
It was clearly a missle. There are no wings. The FBI won't release any films documenting what hit the pentagon. A former head of U.S. military intelligence says it was a missle. And if we cross that rubicon. Welcome to the NWO.
It is one of the better Konspiracy Kook soundtracks, I'll grant you that. Not bad at all. Though somewhat derivative.
Ha!Ha!Ha!? If you're done embarrassing yourself pretending to know what fire commanders said then I'm interested to hear your response (since YouTube videos seem to be your only source of "evidence") to 'on 9/11 WTC7 collapse was firemen's concern' I don't expect you'll even have a response
engines found shill? please provide pics/vid of this, no not the global hawk pics, the pics of the 6 tonne 9 ft boeing engines....no??? didnt think so!! the wings/tail destroyed??? so they didnt fold back/shear off/vaporise/hit the ground etc etc!!! which is it shill??? which made up eyewitness do we believe??? stupid paid COINTELPRO shill
@JJTheJunkMan1 "familiarize yourself with the estimates of civilian deaths directly attributable to US led UN sanctions" That's the LANCER report, which estimated ONE million deaths by 2004. There have been no other estimates of civilian deaths, and in 2004, the estimate by both the US and the UN was under 100,000 (It was 74,900, actually) NICE OF YOU TO BACK PEDDLE so vigorously. Shows the mental acrobatics it takes to be a conspiracy NUTJOB.
@MettiSNSD do you really think all those people would have kept their mouths shut for the last 10 years? take a look at the passenger list, just ordinary people going about their daily lives. gone. no contact with their families/freinds etc. if it was a missile where are they? isnt it reasonable to assume that at least one of them would have broken cover?im no expert, just an ordinary person who is amazed at the lies that people can convince themselves of. peace.
YOU should not watch "official" government videos on this or any other subject or incident unless you are too frighted to learn the truth. Try watching the documentary Loose Change. Try listening to Alex Jones. Unless you LOVE living in the matrix of illusion, that is. Which-by the way-is EXACTLY how the government gets away with the BS. it doles out to the public & exactly what you have been programmed to do -BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT or you are un-American. An idiot does not THINK. Or ASK.
Okay Joe, that's the main difference between you & me I never believed a word they said from the get go and if everybody else had come to MY conclusion something would have been done years ago, but thanks to YOURS nothing ever will. Your distrust of your government has caused your misplaced trust in the wrong sources in this "investigation" of yours, conspiracy theorists are some of the most convincing liars because of their gift to use real lies to mask their own bullshit so I don't blame you
Some people will be paid to tell lies; some people when shocked by what they see, will provide the 'expected' answer. The main point is video that could reassure people that it was a plane - was rapidly confiscated and has never been released. If there was nothing to hide, all video could be released to the public. But...
You think a 757 accounts for the physical damage? A cruise missile is closer, but not quite right. I do not simply follow after opinions. I do my own research and follow the evidence. Why do the witnesses show a different path than the official path the airplane supposedly took? Significantly different. That would seem hard to confuse. And once again, where are the 757 parts? Also, how would a witness see a plane flying AWAY from the pentagon? Many testified what they thought happened only.
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