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Aurgelmir, The Solemn Giant - Minecraft Custom Map [Trailer]

by Mexxy • 125,582 views

Download the map: The map is no longer...

Simplemente alucinante! Enhorabuena de verdad, el trabajo de construcción como el del uso de programas externos es inmejorable! Likaaaaaah!
Sculpted by HAND? OH MY GOD!
download link does not work :(
How do I download it? The download link does not work. 
how do i download this?! :0 please tell me, because the link doesn't send me to a download .-.
I must say, that is an amazing map! Also, great trailer!
Can i use your awesome map in my storyline?
I'm makin a tree just like this for a part of my adventure map. :D
i know i plan on building this on xbox so this will be hard
thanks,imma do a survival map on dis
ik why this has only 50,000 views. it is a adv map, if it would be a creation map, it would have lot more views! the tree of life on my channel is on of the probes.
i instantly thought of avatar when i saw the tree
I just want to see somebody cut that down with the treecapitator mod... Imagine all the wood!
i don't find the song can you give me the link of te song on youtube
Ghost's Rustic Texture pack on Planet Minecraft goes with this map beautifully :D
i watch this and i think, why my pc is so slow D:
How do you get the leaves on the really big tree to not decay?
...i see that you guys have worked more than me on the map i posted on my channel but i have lot more views that you... I'm sorry cuz i can see it was hard to make. :/ you should share this on forums... ;)
Did you use WorldEdit for the landscape?
well i dug a three block hole down and closed it up!
seamus ans nova did this map
how do the residents get into those homes hanging from the tree?
very good map think for i can download
Thats nothing today i cutted down a tree with my hand!
You sick basterd. I want to live there right now.
gonna do a vid on this right away
That cow looks like a hard fight.
nice map, but was the green band really necessary?
now question is... how do you get into those pods hanging from the tree??? and.... download? i wish there was a mod that lets us generate maps like these
Well, you just got a new subscriber. :D This is amazing, keep it up for everyone to see!
if it was by habd why can i just fly throught the spider webs? they dont make me stuck!
Hey, I'm a new animator to Youtube, and have a small fanbase, but I would love the opportunity to grow as a channel, I am very active with my subscribers as I believe every Youtuber should, and every comment motivates me to work more and try my very best to entertain you guys as much as possible, so I would love to chance for you to check me out, I have a new minecraft based video rendering right now, and I hope you guys enjoy, thankyou very much :')
@mller2192 That awkward moment when You see a dumbass comment like this and laugh then Thumbs Down.. c:
so much like hometree in james cameron's avatar O_O
Niceee Sehr sher Niceee WOW WTF NICE ! N1 !
subscribe and like I LOVE IT.
months have past now and im still working on my nice litte dirt house... :(
Just when I was thinking of playing on that as a server it's no longer available. It's such an amazing map as well in fact it is a masterpiece of creativity. going to put villagers in it :3or clayman soldiers
holy crap you did a good job on this map
wow if i start the map i die 0.o
i tried to build a dorthouse today... i failed.
Song is second flight by Approaching Nirvana, Lapse In Time
Chuck Norris has minecraft? Who knew?
this is similar to that bit in zelda wind waker....
Plz listen to this im one of your subz and i have mc (MINECRAFT) and i like to build and stuff i was wondering if i could help in any big builds all you have to do is send me a steam friend request by the way my steam name is Livingstone2000 send me a chat room message saying ip and what you want me to do on that map and i will help. I hope you will listen. Ian
i'm currently planning to build a city in a jungel :3 any tips ?
i liked the cobweb tree it had a really mysticle look to it great job guys!
Was looking forward to that cow for the entire video after reading that :D
So don't get me wrong, I still love the way it feels... But sticking hamsters up my ass doesn't feel as good as it used to... Does any one know how to make them squirm more or something?
Some members of the Voxelbox have featured in Yogscasts videos, Most commonly Ridgedog , Mexxy has also done a 'walls' game with them too. So all in all this video has almost nothing to do with Yogscast :p
You really know how to make trailer....
sculpted by hand...and voxelsniper but still its amazing
where have I heard this song before?
how cool would that be to set fire to
@The US's BEST SNIPER ok! I could go for a good fuck..where u wanna meet up?
not bad *insert obama-face here*
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