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Katy Perry - #VevoCertified, Pt. 11: E.T. (Katy Commentary)

by KatyPerryVEVO • 839,364 views

Music video by Katy Perry performing #VEVOCertified, Pt. 11: E.T. (Katy Commentary). © 2012 Capitol Records, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws....

"i had the biggest wedgie"…LMAO did not see that coming haha gotta love her :D
What did you say Kanye? How dare you! Rockets on a dick!
Katy, what your favorlite instant in musik video?
+tuyet Ngoc Contact lens
Btw how did she do the apocalypse?
Ok pequeña su herencia ok en mi vida dios meadado muchas hoportudes de gosas la vida pero es no es mi tipo de vida porque siento por los demas de me sirven los lujos bueno gracias a dios que siempre etenido unos estilos bueno no poreso Boy amirar mal a mi ermano porque son errores del del serebro porque sólo tu ropa canvia de alli somos los mismos gracias
I love the song, but even after explaining the video....its still a bit strange....
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Then how do you do the eyes?
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OMG! I also love The Fifth Element is my fav movie 2 xD LMFAO jst saying
I love all of her looks in this vid!!!!
Hi i saw your video.... IT'S SUPER NICE! You guys should be famous!!!!
she is a good role model for anyone! she's flawless and pretty
The music video makes much more sense now. ahaha
she has the best songs and videos ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
i got a video of katy perry with justin bieber
Lol, I can't believe how successful I was. You guys are easily trolled.
i love her and that's exactly what i want to express!!!! i don't get which is the ugly comment...if you're not a katy fan just leave!!!!!!
what her movie then see if you still think the same!!
kanye west ruins the song the best version is without him
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'and i had the biggest wedgie during the whole video' omg can she get any more perfect
My mother would still say nudity! Hee hee what did the fox say katy?
If you have an image for somebody it's not gonna change over a movie so i'll have the same oppinion!!!!
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the alien head and hair do sort of reminded me of the queen of the borg. them trekkies kknows what i mean...
haha 'my mother would still say its nudity' XD
ill kiss an alien and ill like it, taste of entergalactic
Ya can kindah tell she's not the only one putting these things together...
i will stay for the apocalypse if katy will be there....
she is not a whore. you should go see her new movie part of me. your perspective will change.
I liked the music video (I just love the WEIRDNESS of it) but the song is much better without Kanye in my opinion
Ok... this is weird. I have seen something like this talking about a software on every one of katy perry's VevoCertified videos.
Okay I was expecting her to explain this so much better. I could of said it so much better. urgh
she did such an amazing job with this video. omg her whole team knocked it out of the park. xD
i like more the remix (by skrillex)
i just realized that "vogue" in that sunglass
Dear Katy Perry, We did a cover of ET on our channel and we dedicate it to you! We hope you enjoy it!!!!
Maybe you're just another hater who comes and watches her videos because you have nothing else better to do, but you coming to this page is helping her career. You're just jealous because you're not as successful.
Please Katy! im @AngeloV_P RT me! pliss!!!
she very beautiful and very nice
when katy dies she will be buried with her songs and fav things and cats. LOL XD she won't be dead in a long time!
she is sooo beautiful but why she say penis in live show
Because that's a person who is spamming to promote there bussines. It is actually pretty much on every music video on youtube.
why doesnt rihanna have this vevo certified videos...??? I WANT THEM
i don't like it how it takes her forever to explain this music video.... its almost like she was reading big cards to tell her what to say....
I goto find the full video when shes not explaining it, good explanation but I've never seen the full E.T video, gonna search now, must be on here.
funny how it was certified on Independence Day
"I had the biggest wedgie in this whole video" hahahah omfg Katy I love you
Katy I love you, and the purple hair looks FABULOUS :) <3
somebody please create the app smell a vision...
I didnt like ET so much. so sad. every ANIMAL is dead :(( makes me cryy DDX
blah blah blah....... wheres da tits ??????
yeah coool reactment it reflects noah days straight genius !!! its all ahh
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