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Bee Kidnaps Aphid in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 1,412,538 views

Follow Gav -!/GavinFree Follow Dan -!/danielgruchy Gav and Dan occasionally step back from injuring themselves on camera to show you some of natures...

  ▲  ▲ ▲ Newfags can't triforce
+Kali Hitchcock yeah your excused so leave bitch!
It's good video of the bee, but comments are very childish, is talented in the picture is good of the bee, but I encourage you to communicate something so good as the picture on .- not say what kind of bee is no action, no biological or scientific information, and  what kinds of flowers are who like that walking distance and data: the boys talk empty comments not important, boys are very ignorant.-  the only good thing is to capture the bee imagende slow movimineto
English is the language of Shakespeare (very beautiful language), but the pirates spotted and destroy. I speak Spanish, Italian .- Are European languages, also  English ovbio to.- On the Internet we are in contact with the world, many languages and cultures .- Youtube has no boundaries and if it hurts my  opinion, do not put nothing no videos  (closes your account).-  No game , No pain....!!! Good philosophy is overcome with self-criticism and criticism of others
It's not a nature program, I think you have confused Gav and Dan with David Attenborough.  It's easily done.
Alright what the fuck. I have addblock and I'm getting adds Oh god have they found a way around it?
Still a better love story than twilight
I'm scared the bee is going to fly through my screen and scare me
make a video of a wasp sting you
more like phid-naps:) teehee
That was a great video
I'm so stupid I thought it said bee kidnaps kid😂
It looks like the smoker from L4d1/2
Wow. My phobia of bugs improved ALOT AFTER THIS VIDEO. HAHAHAHAH, no.
+Jason Last marvin is dead hahaahahah this is funny
Barry is a female
Would be cool to see a slo mo sting. Wasp or Bee. 
That was a bumblebee, guys.
+Mnjooschji T. Of course they are. That's why he's called Barry Bee.
They both looked super cute in that video~
More nature videos! :-o :-)
They vibrate at about the same frequency as a C note. This does help loosen the pollen.
Very incorrect. Pollen is their protein, the nectar is their Carbohydrates. Pollen is crucial for raising new broad as well. Don't go ,ramble off bad info to people. I am a commercial beekeeper; what makes you the expert? 
Hummingbird would be cool.
I'll just point out that the main bee in Bee Movie is called Barry.... I'm such a child...
The hint of your profile pic gave off the reference
Mable and Marvin Aphid, love it!
wy was the bee humping the flower 
Lol the bee was getting jiggy with it
It wasn't humping the flower. It was giving it the flower-bee equivalent of cunnilingus 
That wasn't an aphid guys it was a mite!
The bee flying its self is kinda cool coz the wingspan
Its butt is white ①❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇
Hey...My name's Marvin...Ahhhh!!!
Barry and Marvin! I feel a sitcom!
?I didn't see the aphid
Wait. I just realised, your part of cvg. You guys did gta 5 o`clock
+GallerySpecter well yeah and have you heard of dan the man? same dan from this video 
That is not a bee!!! That is a bumblebee!!!
So it was a bee.
It's not a bee, it's a hummingbird moth
spider aphid,spider aphid, dose whatever a spider aphid dose
Caleb Morris Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Hence the saying "that's the bees knees" where the goodness is ;p
Loving the commantary on this vid, classic lean up gibberish. Good work.
So now the tongues gone all the way in. That's what she said!
Aphid, not a 'kid', it's close, I'll grant you that!
2 guys laying in bed together 0_0
No Marvin is the wasp that was in my 6th period social studies class room that we name and killed
An aphid is an annoying insect that lives inside corn stalks and eats them.
Marvin: 2012 - 2012 Never forget
Wait, that's Barry's brother. Barry isn't furry like a bumblebee.
Gavin worked on the second Sherlock holmes movie
I wonder what ever happened to the aphid. Funny to think both insects are dead now. Anyway, film Dan getting stung by a bee.
I thought they were buddies about to head off on an adventure...
They actually say that a bee breaks the laws of physics by being able to fly.
and thats how the bird flu virus was transfered half way around the world.
not an aphid, its a mite. aphids dont go into flowers and that thing is to flat to be an aphid.
It's a skull with four glowing red eyes, and I made it in Photoshop...
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