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by UberHaxorNova • 2,557,281 views

Whoever actually believes that this is real. "Facepalm" just for you.
Dude, it was like that when the first 1.8 patch came out (the time minecraft became beta or something like that)
Dan is full of love :>
Whats wrong with the new versions ?
Omg it's fake for fucks sake
Who the fuck cares? Its funny.
Man you guys are fucking retards. Did you even listen to 4:17? He did a wblblblbllblblbllb which means it was fake and he said he was going to cry in the shower. And this is pointless so stop reading this.
+Solo SynQ I like to make my points ;).
This is real Dan made a video about it to Dumbass people
"I'm angry. You can tell that I'm angry because I'm yelling and hitting stuff." Meanwhile you don't actually sound angry. 
Sorry, but this is clearly fake, Nova's cries of pain was way off of when the sounds of Dan hitting him happened.
You're retarded dude
You serious? I remember this when it first happened
I miss these old rage videos.
5:13 the sympathetic spider
LMFAOOO this killed me.
What was dan actually punching or kicking?
+Tony Tony Chopper oh srry bout that i didnt know what you were saying, yeah idk prob a pillow or something
Poor kevin lol and he probably was XD
The sorrowful minecraft music playing after the 2 guys were fighting was so funny and fitting I suppose idk :)
Danz sound effects made me laugh so hard XD
Any one who thinks that was a real fight have never seen or heard a real fight lol.
If you watch the fucking video it's obvious he didn't beat him up.
its fake dude hear him blublublub 4:16
bro chill out, ah who the f''' am i kidding f''' slabs.
dang i know its fake bu jeez thats bad
It's real cuz they built a big ass house out of slabs but they had to cut it down and did not know about the pick
I LOVE THIS even if its fake i love it gust saying
Why are people still saying this is fake? Of course it is. People aren't saying it isn't.
OMG Dan shouldnt of done that cus he stupid!!111!!!! If you honestly think Im being serious look at my exclamation marks you see those 1s that means I am lying!
When Dan is punching him it sounds like he is taking a giant shit
did he really beat you up? iam worried about you
You call that ripping out a spine you wouldn't even know how to rip out a spine
Novas richard Nixon noises killed it xD
He doesn't do these anymore... :(
This is the best shit ever
I remember how frustrating this was
Dude. I remember when this came out. I'm 15, and I feel old.
Yep, Dan definitely beat up James. That's why James chose a funny thumbnail and chose to edit AND upload the video. It's been 2 years now, and they're still friends. Of course it's set up.
I may or may not have flaged this video a couple thousand times haha
I find out from swimmingbird
It sounds like n8va was being rape still funny if fake
What fucking idiots think dan actually beat nova up?it was a joke and it even sounded like a joke.
This comment section is hilarious. You all are a bunch of dumbasses.
+UberHaxorNova please have shazamblast animate dis. I'll give u a cookie.
After two and a half years, even I didn't know that! (Although there probably was an update that changed that
y would anyone think dans beating is real? people can be so dense sometimes
Rampage Jackson up in this bitch!!
I am just going to say this at the first few seconds when dan beats him up it sounds convincing until he starts going jdjdieiddioe
I swear at 3:50 Nova says "Wait Dan, come back here you- you were supposed to knock me up you piece of shit!" I think that Dan messed up the script and Nova didn't want to start over, lol.
+Red Ponies OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Yeah, that makes a lot more sense. 
When dan is supposovley (bad spelling sorry) bearing up james it sounds reall fake so it goes without question that it was scripted
All of these are scripted
I remember that glitch xD
Yeah I remember this stupid poop
It's fake noise at 4:16 shows it's fake did sound real at first though
+Tango Mango What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you think you're the pioneer of the phrase "Obvious stolen (whatever) is obvious"? Grow up.
I Fucking love to read the coments on people butthurt about Dan and James even tho this happened 2 years ago . Lol
wots da ending song!?!?
Probably too old, but I'm pretty sure it's Robots FTW from the Portal 2 soundtrack. 
This is clearly fake like why would he post a video when he is being choked and why would he bring his whole computer setup to the bathroom?and he clearly edited to add the like red,blue,and yellow screen so it's clearly fake geez human society is fucking dumb
+Jorden Anderson I know its fake, but Nova hit Dan first.
After 2 years, this is still funny as fuck
DAN SMASH! I can just imagine him stomping around to make those noises
Note to self:do not slap dan
Everyone knows its fake
Dude calm down it's just slabs no reason to go crazy
+Kentaro Yamamoto maybe your the crazy one who's judging people based on what they like.
He pretends to freak out really bad about things like this. For example my favorite by him: Blue Wool
how can anyone think this was real?
Dan was a bitch you know that. He didn't back him up. And he heated up James. Gonna beat Dan's ass for a while
Its a fake you idiot... Dan even made a video about if he REALLY beaten up James...
You're such a dickhead for believing it
Dan is such a dickhead for beating up Nova.
jesus christ he got his ass kicked
Did he say dad or dan
+gerardo guillen he asked ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED ? and i said Are you ? it actually makes sense....
he changed textures lol
checks date (2012) nope its just the old alpha textures
Ha ha that's funny I think they should get the slabs fixed
this happened so long ago and dan even posted a video titled i didnt beat up nova. the whole video is him facealming
lol either you retextured the slab or you re-textured the tools XD
Oh, for fuck's sake... It was an actual glitch from an earlier version of Minecraft. They patched it later.
oh well guess you learn something new every day
Ya ik is fake I stell laugh and have popcorn buy watching it
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