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The Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye

by sparkconpro • 770,159 views

Album: RED, 1987.

Mic a eL Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago (edited)
Gute Laune zum MITTWOCH gefällig? Biddeee schööön. ☺☺☺ (ich denke, und glaube an euch) danke. Thanx my friends. 👍✌ The Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye:
Bon lundi pour de vrai +Ingrida De la Véga​ ! The Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye :
To bad it doesn't show the drummer's face more. She has a face of a super model.
that's June Miles Kingston at her beginning she was a Punk Rock Drummer and the girlfriend of Joe Strummer (The Clash) in the 70' the 80's she played with (the communards) ,( Everything but the Girl) and (Mo-Dettes)... you can see her in duet with Jimmy Somerville in the video of "Comment te Dire Adieu ?"
+mark gallagher  cool, thanks. Actually I saw the video for that song and thought it may have the same woman. Lovely woman.
Ways to say goodbye I have learned...A bientot...ah Bee En Tow....see you later in French....Au Revoir Owe Reve Voir.......oh...rev vwar.....Till We Meet Again....
Can someone fix the quality of this vid?
I never can say goodbye ! Good night!
Desiree Scal Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
The Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye:
Desiree Scal Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
The Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye:
乃木坂まゆ Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
この曲好きだわ つか、コメント自動的にYoutubeに載っちゃうのか^^;
carole allais Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
hans pascal Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Carmen Muniz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
ESta cancion siempre me pone de buenas es como la mejor medicina contra la depresion ...!!!
have you heard him speak? this can only be falsetto or head voice
I remember in the 80's looking in the window of Curley music in Liverpool and they had an 808 and 909 drum machine in the window for dirt cheap.Standing next to me was a guy wearing glasses looking in the window with me.I thought at the time I know his face from somewhere.I then walked past the Royal court or it may have bene the Empire and seen a poster saying Communards playing tonight.It all then clicked into place it was the keyboard player out of the communards looking in the window.
best time ever, weren't we all so lucky...:) loved this
Now this was the floor filler of the time.
I had this on an old tape compilation called now 7.Brilliant tune.
jimmy quand un retour sur scene ,tu manque ,super top disco jimmy 80 , on t'aimes !!
tijdloze muziek, waar ik telkens weer vrolijk van word
what a crap version of an awesome song :o(
Although I largely agree with you, you appear terribly judgemental, arrogant and certainly not qualified to say who is and is not "relevant". I'd practise less offensive self-expression; it'll benefit the cause you appear to endorse far more effectively. XO
encore un de mes chouchous j en ai beaucoup dan les annees 80 danke shon monsieur sommerville
I agree completely. So many different styles and so many great songs. Well done on your coming out, in 1987 no less!
Regardless of who covers this, all the versions are great.
@diosfrei oops downed the wrong comment!!!!! soz
Captures the time I first came out in '87. The liberation and the exceleration I felt when I first heard that music and went into the clubs. Unfortunately I feel almost the opposite today. Maybe it's a normal part of getting older. Thank you for the post.
probably the best song ever... well done, michael & co. and this is the best version imo.
@Iszkur Perhaps the only countertenor in pop music?
Yeah, because there weren't homophobes back in the 80s.
*had* a great voice, one can't sing falsetto for years without consequences
excellent!!!! this song make me very happy
flasch mop? hatten wir schon lange...:-))
This was the best time .... everything was so open , does it feel like we are going backwards... things are not this cool anymore, not to mention that themusic sucks now , but then im 45 what do I know. I love the Communards
when I hear this I do miss the 80's
Oh, my God! Who are YOU? No offense and nothing personal, but I think I might be infatuated with you just from one comment.'re "spot on" and I couldn't agree more.
@1966ahotstinker4u Ironic that you would rant about "communists" on a Communards video comment section.
Yo Amo los 80`s ♥♥♥♥♪♪♪♪♪...........
Agree totally buttonboy - Jimmy Somerville totally underrated. Love him so much xxxxxx
I came out in 1987 also, I was living in Tampa. After coming from small town SC there were more gay guys in Tampa than I dreamed existed in the whole world! What a great decade for music!
this band/video needs a web redemption
Ah! memories of an earlier time. It was pretty great really.
прекрасна песен
Jimmy sommerville, quite possibly the most unique singer in years with his high pitched soprano voice. Remarkably, his hit single 'Why' was the most played in the clubs rather than this song which did not get a whole lot of responses. But, during his career, he did change his itinerary to match the times which always changes with every second. He still goes on tours to this day and gives great performances to his audiences. A wonderful singer who has stood the test of time.
Gaspare Gomez turned gay after listening to this funky song.
not mad about jimmy but his voice has 9 octaives
When I was a kid I thought it's a woman singing...but anyway good song. Jackson 5 version is cool, too.
Every time i hear this song it takes me back to some of the happiest timesin my life. I just love it! Go jimmy!
Grands souvenirs pour moi comme pour beaucoup de monde. Bref ! nostalgie quand tu nous tiens... bin, ça fait du bien ;)
80`s ♥♥♥♥♪♪♪♪♪ it :)))
I love the way you undermined your statement by emphasizing you are straight....that should not matter according to you.
@dfsixsixsix so do i forr loads we had no stupid health and safety back then they might ban him for being to gay
It may be hard to believe but I think back then even Communards were assumed to be straight.
@simplementenazir te equivocas, creo q depende del circulo social en que estarias en los 80 amigo, en los tonos waves 80teros sonó... Saludos paganos.
Why are they called "Communards" ? The "Communard" are french revolutionaries of 1871. Are they anarchists ?
Was this Stock Aikman Waterman by any chance on the production? It has that super slick produced sound that they were famous for. Unique voice by Jimmy. A courageous man for his time, I have a lot of respect for him.
Thanks for trying to belittle the sentiment. Again, you've missed the point. It's about people being who they are - I'm straight (sorry, it's true), but love Jimmy and co for being proud of who they are - and producing great pop music. I was showing solidarity, not trying to distance myself from being gay. Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned my sexuality, but I still hate homophobes - wouldn't you agree?
A great cover, originally by The Jackson 5 and covered by Gloria Gaynor
Me too!! I was living in Washington, D.C. and I called this my coming out song and I'll bet if you listen to it again and start remembering those great times, you'll feel just like you did then, I know I do!! :-)
I have got the album. Great memories - but the audio quality is bad here, regrettably.. Thanks anyway.
Hey homophobes, you belong to a bygone time. You are irrelevant. Enjoy the music, fools. Sincerely, a hetero who likes people to be who they are.
He sings with much effort like a woman. Therefore I listen to women singing without effort being a woman.
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