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J-Lo and Casper Smart Appear in 'Dance Again' Music Video: Jennifer Lopez Boyfriend's Starring Role

by ABC News • 879,320 views

The singer flaunts her much-younger boyfriend in new music video. For more on this story, click here:...

The talk show hosts are annoying; going on about Jen's break-ups.  Romantic relationships don't all last for ever.  So what? 
I got rid of my crutch 15 years ago and this is how I look today as a senior citizen. Sure I would love to have a love and be in love because I would look younger yet, but can it be trusted? Now? It seems every man that I have known, and not sexually, has had a secret. I dated one man that was 20 years younger than me and he was so juvenile that I could not handle it. So what to do? Man and woman were not made to be alone as the Bible says. But we are losing men as an endangered species.
Your boyfriend is so hot
She is a LEO,  enough said, she makes not bones about making bad choices, Leo hate being alone....And lets stop with the double standard, As a man, if I date a female much younger than me, nothing is said, so lets stop the BS.  Also, being Puerto Rican, and being from the Bronx, she respects her English fans, she does not alienate other be talking Spanish all the time, she does it tastefully and with respect.  Something, not done by other Spanish speaking people, so one that note alone, I respect her.  I was born and raised in Spanish Harlem, there is a big difference between Puerto Rican from NY and from Puerto Rico, BIG difference.  J Lo is from NYC....
I understand the relationship - psychologically, she doesn't NEED to compete with him, she doesn't have to TAKE DIRECTION from him -  she's in CONTROL.  He can't do anything for her..........and she doesn't NEED him to do much for her either. An EASY relationship for her.  Sure Marc Anthony had lots of OPINIONS.  MAN, THAT GROWS OLD.........2 EGOs/STARs IN ONE HOUSEHOLD........ YIKES!  YOU GO GIRL!  I'm older than my other half too!  ;)  
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Каспер ей больше подходит 
Marc anthony is the only real man she ever had... she will never do better than him, no matter how many white guys she dates. Her puerto rican ass need to stick to her race...
Sounds ignorant and racist to me. Stick to her race? what race is that genius. You of all people should know Puerto Rican is not a race, you idiot, go back to school and learn the basics you racist moron. Chica estupida e ignorante, regresa a la escuela en lugar de escribir cosas estupidas. Pendeja.
She also need to stick tp acting and dancing... her singing sucks, she so annoyin when she sings.
The couple that sweats together, sticks together.
babu hml Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
shecannot be alone for 5 minutes, gee! girl give yourself a chance to learn who you are alone, it’s good for us. She goes from one guys arms to the next, she seems so co dependent. Anyhow, I do like her, but wish she didnt seem so needy
I tell you who is getting to old for this shit, Madonna, now that really is a walking corpse dancing, JLO looks young for her age, I wish I looked halft that good at that age.
Y'all shd leave JLO alone. FYI Casper aint ugly, he is charming. plus u guys got serious double standard issues. Demi n Ashton were cool, Mariah n Nick were, even Clooney and his pack of gals are cool buh JLO cant be happy. y'ALL SHD GO DRINK SOME CAUSTIC SODA. Go Jenny
Ben Affleck is white too. Seriously it's none of your business. She can date whoever she wants.
gosto muito do casal jennifer lopez e casper smart.. sao muito foofos! amo eles!
Es que un jovencito como este es como una pipoca y lo q le gusta a JLO obviamente es eso no? pero siempre ella va a dominar la situacion, pobre muchachito..
I wish she can be my sugar mama:)
It's the Reality T.V. curse, almost everybody breaks up. I can't believe she has been married 4 times. J LO!
casper is just clearly with her to get all the fame
0:56 mmmmmmmhhhhhhmmmm i wish that was me lol
totally agree she is making sick !!! I'm tired of hearing of her
Wonder how come they didn't mention Chris Judd. Oh wait that would ruin their opening question.
J-Lo vc me decepciona com esses seus relacionamentos, só fica com cara feio!!!
JENNIFER LOPEZ ha 43 anni però sembra che ne ha 20 sei bellissima JENNIFER LOPEZ
i cant help but think that this guy is the same little frizzy haired kid who was break dancing in the movie "kick'n it old school" lol Bet JLO wasn't thinkin about doin the flippy flap with him back then!
if he were my dad i bet every boy in school would want to date me so they can meet JLO...
who the fuck r u 2 say its not going 2 last? u go jen he is hot.
shes getting way too old for this shit!!!!
If a woman is not happy in her marriage, do you expect her to stay unhappy all her life because she has kids with the person? ever heard of co-parenting?
I used to like her until this peice of trash white boy
u haters should get a life. isn't there someone else u can go and try to make feel miserable. casper is a hot dancer, and a really nice guy, i've met him, and is way better than Marc Anthony, who acted like he was king over Jlo. leave her alone and do something more constructive with ur time.
She hardly moves with that huge thing behind her...if you people on the States (as you love to call it) think THIS is good dancing, well come to Southamerica...JLo's another product of someone with no talent (as Madonna, e.g.) but with a great sense on MAKING MONEY...let's just count the minutes of that boy with ghost's name, he doesn't know she loves money and THEN, herself...people that didn't have ANYTHING in life need to call other's attention...
I love JLo, but she is definately more woman than mother Try putting your muffin on the back burner especially since your children are so young. This guy Casper is like a flavor of the month, she is dating a much younger man with considerably less wealth, actually no wealth because she can... Its all about control, sex, she will dump him soon and move on to the next. Its amazing that such a beautifull, sweet, talented person like her cannot find a more permanent companion? It's always something
Casper Smart is SO gay. I encourage him for taking J-Ho's money all the way to the bank though.
jlo she is un perra de perra.........
you are they to judge and tell her who she can and cannot date? let her be, she's happy with him and thats all that matters.
How much money did she LOSE THIS TIME.....LOL
he's freakin hot, so what's the matter ?
You are a bitter fool. She's not popular because people think she's the greatest dancer that ever lived.
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jlo your to old to be hitting on little boys!! wtf is wrong with you.
J-Lo he is cheating on you, I got a video of Casper dancing in my living room
Thumb sup if you think he's ugly and he looks just like STEVE-O from JACKASS!
He is really kind with her and it doesnt matter if he is all goes with the personality of the person
he is a boy toy at least at night time
Haha, what you taped yourself watching Casper on the television in your living room?
no one knows but the man himself, I am sure they are connected at the hip by now.
I used to like jlo until she started dating this white trash mother fucket casper jlo is so stupid that young white trash is using for publicity and money thats why i don't like jlo anymore since started dating fucking pussy ass ben affleck i hate to see a very successful gorgeous latin woman with a trash white boy is funny when white people from usa call themselves americans when they are from Europe
i hate when people don't mind their own fucking business, it's j.lo's life, she can choose whatever she wants and it is perfect that way, she got her way, if people are complainning about her choices, you got no life, if she is proud to show her boyfriend, then stop to complain and enjoy to see her that happy and bloom! that goes for paparazzis,interviewers as this one and fans who got nothing else to do
poor Jlo who can blame her. how could u dance w/ that dude and not let your gorgeous bodies run away w/ themselves. wow. Casper 's loving it, lucky dude.
She bought him a "play station" and it was instant love.
hes ugly but man he can dance
43 vs 25 ! sorry but i hate that !
J-Lo doesn't have very good taste in men does she? appart from Ben all her man have been ugly, she could have the most beautiful men and she is with this guy?
They are one HOT couple, You go girl... He is ONE HOT GUY...
How long is he gonna live off of her. Be a man and go hunt!
JHo, if you know what I mean. ;).
Jlo is an unhappy bitch....she should've stay with Marc since they have twins ...fuck she's 44 pretty and she can't live happily? Thats all her fault She can't live without fame..Bitch!!!
hes the best and s#@y man on earthhhhh oh my gosh i wish i was jennifer lopez :(
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