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Origami Dragon in Flight Instructions (Charles Esseltine)

by Tadashi Mori • 927,072 views

Tutorial teaching how to make the Dragon in Flight origami (Helping in the steps from the diagram) The diagram is on Created by: Charles Esseltine Para ver mais videos, visite o...

that is a ender dragon
+Mitchel1 Actually rather the same time.
whats the size paper u use? 50 cm x 50 cm?
Ma veramente, perchè non ci metti i SOTTOTITOLI in ITALIANO ?!?!?!
gracias. :D tu lo creaste? 
E_------------------E 3LO
what is the difference between hard origami and complex origami?
57 ppl r new to origami and thought they could jump right to something like this, so they took out their frustration on this video -.- not cool q site horrível meu deus. não recomendo irem visitar, negocio é lixo de com força
I swear that if you explain while you do, it would be really easer!
This was the easiest dragon that looks cool to make.
Hit enter too soon. Many thanks for the instructions, helped so much with steps 49 on the diagram. I mean, mines not the best fold ever (it's barely above mediocre) but I'm still proud of it, and I wouldn't have finished it without your instructions. A thousand thank you's to you!
its dificult, if i finish do it i will be very happy
I thought the dragon can flap around pss...!! whatever great dragon! :)))
I made one of these for art and i made it about 6 foot long, no shit. just stuck lots of big pieces of paper squares together with tape lol
guest what i'm 12 and i can fold it nicely loserers ha ha ha
I'm going to complete the rest of it when I'm done having my haircut :D
eu consegui fazer, bom, teve dificuldade em algumas dobras, não sairam do jeito que deviam, mas o resultado ficou bom, ja dobrei o modelo 2 vezes
Where do we find origami papers this big? The only ones we can find are the 5 inch squares.
@TheHenryppp Reverse fold the lower edges, just like what you did on the top edge. then you just follow the fold that he did.
What mine doesnt look like that! More like a rock lols. I attempted this lost it after 11mins
you should totally do a remake
75 no, there the bitches that complain about this being to hard
performance of 3 / 5 Dragon 1 / 5
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk coisa feia
@tadashimori Could you make another version in English any time soon?
cant see anything why did you use black paper
it fucking TOOK me 33 goddamn minutes to fold the effing corners!
quit complaining about how fast he goes. you know there is a pause button
epic fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
at 9:30 is that an advanced bird base?
Vc fala português????????????????? LOLOLOL
i remember his video, i tried to make the dragon when i was five years old ,but it was so difficult !so i left the proyect behind and now 5 years later here i am stearing at the video saying this is so easy!
@vanrremsom n sou o tadashimori (ahvah) sou meio japa tipow ele...intao pela cor da parte branca, tamanho i pela forma como ele estah dobrando, parece ser apenas um quadrado cortado de um papel espelho (baratinho, custa uns 25 centavos, vc acha em qualquer papelaria...)
@MsSkullkid09 I don't know where these "Americans are stupid" stereotypes come from.
mano q merda de video q é esse q n explica nada o cara vai faseno la e quem ta assistinu q se foda né ele nun explica nada111
oh god please make it slower i cannot stand it but great project despite the oh say 90% possibility that i will make a paper snowball and use it for paper toss in real life;)
asssa que lixo de negosio o pior origame que tem
@pafs Do you speak portuguese?
omg please make this vid in english
Use Google Tanslate. I said to FORGET the other question. I'm Brazilian too.
gracias vendo origamis y tengo un pedido muy dificil
i have 2 things to say. first: THAT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME! (although i'll never be able to do it) and secondly, Who the heck comes up with this stuff? seriously how does soomeone figure out that if they fold a piece of paper a million times in a certain way it comes out to be a dragon?
what is the area of ur paper and do you use kami paper
cara, to tendo problema em continuar a partir do 11:07 . não to sabendo dobrar correto
sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet
Why are you speaking another language when all of your other videos are English???
muy bonito, ya tengo ganas de hacerlo! gracias por compartir :))
Hi Tadashimori if you make a mistake in 19:19 and rip will the model get damaged
thumbs up if u new wat he said cuz u speak portuguese!:)
i made it well with lotrs of folds
where do you get those origami papers that are that big plz reply
@ttslipknotrulez132 its french man that is totally not Spanish.
wow... did this one on a 15x15... first time... good lord that was difficult:) result is not too bad, a couple of steps a bit rough, but it looks nice
is this one easier than the Fiery Dragon one?
@trielt1 The Tadashi Shimori he's Brazilian, so he speaks portuguese:) But there are some videos of him that he talks in English! I'm proud of it taught me a lot about reading CP (Crease Pattern)
you are a god saludos desde mexico
05:15 pllllllllllllaaaannnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee
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