The Testimony Chairman Issa Doesn't Want You to Hear

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The video summarizes the testimony Chairman Issa rejected at today's hearing: Sandra Fluke, who would have been the Minority's witness and the only female voice on behalf of millions of women who...

Cummings is a commie bag of shit. The back of his neck looks like a pack of hotdogs. Sandra Fluke is a DNC political operative, and menopausal college student / parasite.
$3000 during law school? You can get 30 LifeStyles Pleasure Collection condoms for $10. She's a busy lady. It seems she's doing more fucking than studying. I can understand health issues that need to be taken care of on an individual basis but why should they cover EVERYONE because a few have ovarian cyst problems? That's like saying I get a dick infection if I don't wear a condom every day so they should pass a law that EVERYONE should be covered for condoms. Hey, if you like to shoot buy your own damn bullets!
Republicans focus on nothing only because they have nothing to offer yet people especially white males are still waiting for their share of trickle down economics. It really is sad to see 93% of all New Income going to the to top 1% as Republicans support them with fervor.   
Utterly amazing. Keep  your legs closed instead of crying your anti-responsibility medications aren't covered by the rest of the population through some sort of governmental insurance.
Wow... how tragic that Issa blocked this "heartbreaking" testimony... by far the best comment: fiveinslide6   "LEFTIST WOMEN THINK THEY'RE LIKE PUBLIC TOILETS IN THAT NOBODY SHOULD EVER HAVE TO PAY TO USE THEM. THEY SHOULD BE PUBLICLY MAINTAINED." And $3000 sure sounds like a lot of rubbers!  I guess those female law students are not much inclined to wait until after graduation to screw people. 
I'm starting to agree with Fluke
@hajkie - you are missing the point regarding how this all got started - the government mandating whatever insurance you have, which you have to pay premiums for, funds that which goes people's religious convictions and is unconstitutional. The constitution in no way gives the federal government the power to do this, and that is what is being missed here.
@hajkie B/c pils do not prevent disease, women should be well stocked up with condoms, they prevent pregnancy and disease.
@intrepidorator - I agree. what is being missed here is that this mandate is outside the boundaries accorded to the federal government, just like every other entitlement program that has come down the pike. No one is trying to make birth control unavailable. There are options available for getting it, such as Title X.
In response to the 4 comments you left me, I never said I was buying viagra and i dont think that should be covered either. Birth control isn't sex prevention... it's birth prevention...
@hajkie First of all "cheaper than" not "cheaper then," I don't want my taxes spent on anything like child support, this is why obamacare is a bad idea. The government will get to choose what's covered and what isn't, and I will have to PAY FOR OTHER PEOPLES SEX. This isn't even a women's right issue, it's a religious freedom issue.
The TAX payers pay for transportation-housing-education-cell phones-healthcare-foodstamps-..and now we have to pay for someones daughter to be a fucking whore? Fuck you. Go buy your own birth control you dumb bitch. All of this will start to be torn down in four months. I cant wait to see that coward OBAMA when he stands in fornt of Romney and gives up the White-House. I hope Romney bends Obama over and sticks his boot right in his ass.. NOBAMA 2012
@jgehb I have looked around at many youtube channels on this issue. I am happy to say that they all seem to get it. The main stream media is trying to fool th people into thinking that it is a womens health issue, but the people are smarter than they think.
@RadarGuidedVermin I'll try for as long as you want me. I still have tons of sources to back up my arguments, as opposed to you who doesnt seem to be able to back up anything you write, sadly. =/
If you want to have sex, buy your own fucking birth control, how is it our job to buy you protection? This woman is a flake.
@intrepidorator Don't, i rarely say i stand corrected. You're going to start dislike me soon enough again. ;)
@hajkie I dont believe you.. I think that you lie.. is that clear enough for you...
Yea, but see, you are paying for it anyway, since when she gets pregnant, you pay a whole lot more for child support. As opposed to paying through insurance for contraceptions. So you decide to pay more, instead of paying less. Which.. makes no sense to me when we're bringing up that we dont want to pay a lot for others. =P
@RadarGuidedVermin So car gas is your only argument now? Again, do you think some religious extremist people will help you fix that? They worry more about if women should have abortion or not to care about your gas. Have you not seen that they hardly talked about how they should fix the gas? They just say its high and thats it.
@RadarGuidedVermin If you're looking forward. Then that means you should also see that the republican presidental candidates are not going to fix any of your issues. And yes i do. Anyone who can read, will know that there is no WMD's. Which is why the support for iraq has dropped gradually over the years, now the majority opposing the war.
@RadarGuidedVermin Doesnt matter what claims Bush or Clinton write or claim. There was no WMD's. Bush own adminstration admitted this. On top of the only evidence Bush had to invade iraq was admitted in 2010 to be fabricated in a court. Which point at secretery of defense, who had used that evidence in a speech for the invasion, was furious. Bush said in a speech 2006, "I was wrong and there was no WMDS".
@jgehb Mitt romney promised that if he wins he will get rid of Planned Parenthood in the entire country.
@hajkie It has been the catholic churchs beliefs since the 1st century, you and I don't have to agree with it, it is their belief.
@intrepidorator - I agree. That is the point that is being missed here - the government forcing people of faith to violate their consciences.
this was such a joke...she sounds like a dope, and she looks like a fool...why would Issa not want anyone to see this? She was and is nothing more than a pawn in the Dems scheme to vilianize anyone who doesn't share their twisted views... I think this actually hurts the Dems more than helps...and FYI, birth control is not preventitive health care, a child IS NOT an illness!!!
its called ViAGRA, and its COVERED by insurance...of course...the double standard is ridiculous. If you pay for your health insurance you should get birth control. Not only that its practically free anyhow, since a woman on birth control costs the ins. co. less than one without. SO it comes down to the GOP just being DICKS.
Anita Dunn's PR Firm is representing Ms Fluke. Anita Dunn was Obama's White House Communications Director 4/09-11/09. Who then is Anita Dunn what did she say that got her fired and how in the world does she know Ms Fluke...There is a trail follow it and make up your own mind. For me Ms F. is just another useful idiot planted by team Obama. Fail.
@hajkie - I'm all for stopping the "choice" (abortion) that kills unborn children. I have no problem with being against that 'choice", except when the mother's physical life is in jeopardy (she could literally die). Tell you what, I'll even go along with the cases of rape. Beyond that, nope. If Planned Parenthood wants to exist, let it do so by staying out of my (taxpayer) pocketbook. Yet another example of the federal government going outside the boundaries accorded it by the constitution.
Rush's automatrons are still on re-play, repeating his lies!!!
And here you are, denying reality once more. If you had a universal health care you'd have the same level of healthcare to a lesser fraction and everyone could have it. You guys would save around 600 billions per years. So no, intelligence is really not your strong point.
@hajkie - If true, that is a red herring here. This whole thing started with the administration overstepping its constitutional boundaries and someone was clever enough to twist it into a "women's health" issue. Sad. There are means by which women can get birth control and it does not have to come through the debacle known as ObamaCare.
@jgehb Oh and why stop there? You might have heard off how komen said they wouldn't donate to planed parenthood even though the promised they first would so people sent them money for just that occasion? Turned out Catholic Bishops threatened them. =X
dude imagine if guys could get pregnant they'd want some BC
@hajkie holy shit this is the longest internet argument i have ever seen! just curious on what side you are on. Do you think contraceptives should be covered?
@HappyHawaiinSauce I dont know, whos the crazy one? The person who want to pay more for child support, but not pay less for contraceptions. Also, not all birth control is used for sex preventation. It's mostly used for medical issues. Also, another fun thing, you have been paying for viagra, something also used for sex, for i dont know how long. Something Rush Limbaugh supports people paying tax for.
What a piece of trash she is.....
This is what wikipedia says on the matter The Roman Catholic Church has disallowed artificial contraception for as far back as one can historically trace.
@RadarGuidedVermin Exactly what was wrong? Or is that just your standard answear to everything without pinpointing why? ^^ And who's the biggest loser, the so called loser, or the person who keeps responding back to him, always using insults, with nothing to back up whatever he says and seems to be completely raging? Ill let you think about that for a second. ;)
You presented nothing my dear reality denialist. Come back when you got actual arguments instead of wishing the poor and ill of your country to die without healthcare.
@intrepidorator No, wait, im looking it up. Ill find it for you.
seriously, fuck you Daryl Issa. You are a complete tool
@intrepidorator That makes no sense, why would they give it to their nurses if its against their position?
that's not even close to true. the condom doesn't break because a load is being shot into it. it breaks well before that...and trust me....i've had one break and i knew. have you ever had one break?
@RadarGuidedVermin So you can't move ahead? You're just saying others should move ahead, but you can't do it yourself. Aren't you a little hypocrite young fella? ;)
sorry for the late reply. i don't know your experience level with condoms, but when they break, you know it.
@RadarGuidedVermin As for how much he helped or not, can be argued. Since i personally beleive the people who lived in the country did the most job which im proud over. But Obama and other EU countries did cover air support. I would like to know how many civilian casualities and such they caused though since im very strict about such issues.
the official teaching of the Catholic Church does state that artificial (condoms, diaphragms, intrauterine devices) and chemical (the "pill", foams, gels) forms of birth control are always morally wrong.
Georgetown girls are certainly not whores according to Ms. Fluke's presentation. Whores are much more responsible than sluts. A lot of whores might have started out as sluts but then they got savvy. A whore at the very least holds out for men capable enough to cover the whore's running expenses for the sex involved. Politically speaking is Ms. Fluke a slut or a whore? I suspect she's a whore but if her reputation is too damaged, Obama might never be able to repay her, which will make her a slut.
@RadarGuidedVermin Iraq stopped producing and developing WMD's in the 90's. Both Bush adminstrations ISQ and 48000 documents found in march 2003 is evidence of this. The only materials that was found was yellowstone which needs to be refined, which iraq does not have the technology for and was given back to iraq. And old silos, which had a decayed substance not useable anymore. The evidence also mentioned that iraq stopped producing and developing WMD's in the 1990's.
@intrepidorator Irrelevant. What do you think the catholic church are based on? The bible has been updated for 1600 years by over 40 different artists.
If I'm paying for your birth control, I should get to fuck you.
@hajkie Im not a catholic, but I have no idea what you're talking about. It is the catholic church's official position on contraception. The govt is not allowed to force a person to do anything that they consider a sin.
@hajkie They get most money through the people who go to church, and that money is donated for some cause. Do you see any local pastor living in a mansion??? Nope. The only wealthy religious people are the ones who make their own religion.
Condoms isn't 100% safe and you know it. And she was talking about her friend, so apperently then you, have no more control over your reading skill with your blind eyes in that case. ;)
She should still buy her own birth control, its not my job to fund it for her, you know why, because I buy my own. So can she, there is no justification for this bullshit.
Pope Paul VI in his encyclical, Humanae Vitae, condemned all forms of artificial contraception . In the Church's view, sexual intercourse has written into its very nature a twofold meaning. One is the unitive aspect which uses sex to celebrate and deepen the love which a married couple has for each other. The second meaning is the procreative aspect through which a couple cooperates with God to create new life, thereby ensuring the continuation of the human race.
FUNNY..if men got a period then bc would be delivered to your door free of charge, no questions asked
What a wonderful, well spoken bright young woman, her parents are surely proud, she shines a bright light for all women. Kudos to you Ms. Fluke you are awesome.
@RadarGuidedVermin I'm going to be honest with you, but i dont think Obama will lose. The republican candidates lost a huge number of women supports since this whole rush limbaugh fiasco. He should have said sorry and not brought it up any more after that, yet he tried to play the victim and it has gone out over the candidates. Also the whole Republican candidates, together, has only 14 per-cent supporters from the latino americans. Also, thanks for your tips about the english, its noted!
Oh, and now it's "policing her body" to FAIL TO GIVE HER anything she wants! CHRIST who the hell RAISED this demanding BRAT? We're NOT TALKING about POS or other problems that require estrogen to treat them! We're talking about BIRTH CONTROL! You know, as in CONTROLLING BIRTHS, like the pill you take when you DON'T want to give it-- and which can be done even better by simply CROSSING YOUR LEGS, which COSTS NOTHING?
POEM BY SANDRA FLUKE Georgetown girls must be communally maintained cuz men they like won't pay to use them. Without help of fascists the girls trend toward ruin; like dirty neglected public urinals. Heil! Heil! Obama and Leader Pelosi, Voltswagen, Voltswagen ($) --Sandra Fluke
ok bud. when it breaks. grab another condom. or put it on properly the first time and it won't break. i answered the question already. let the guy buy the condom. what exactly is your experience level with condoms?
So getting pregnant is an illness now? Or how should we understand your statement that birth control should be treated as health issue (thus should be covered by health insurance)?
@hajkie I have no idea if they do or not, all we have is YOUR comment to prove that. But every one knows what the catholics beliefs on contraceptives are.
Well duh, Einstein. But you're not answering the question of what to do. And there are some cases where people don't notice the condom breaking or if there was a hole in it to begin with.
@HappyHawaiinSauce Contraceptives ARE covered. It's just in some states they aren't. Because the government dont think catholic hospitals should have to get it, obviously against some peoples belief here, which seems to be a huge issue among many republicans here, the government should step in and pay for it, when insurance does not cover it.
@hajkie LOL.. so you think that if the catholics don't provide it then they are trying to prevent it?.. they don't give out cars either, but they aren't trying to prevent driving... your logic is nonsense.
I personally support contaception as a person matter, and I support religious liberty, I can use contraceptives without expecting the catholic church to go against its beliefs. Is this not simple enough for the left to understand?
@hajkie Thats a nice try, but it will only work on liberals with an IQ under 80. Thats like saying that it's ok to force a muslim owned restaurant to serve pork products. NOONE is trying to ban or limit contraception, the issue is that the Obama administration wants to force the catholics to go against their religious beliefs. Its as simple as that, but I guess thats too complicated for the progressives to comprehend.
@hajkie ok nvm i dont want to hear it. You are a flaming liberal moron. I read a few comments for the 35 pages into comments. You are wrong about the tax rates, low income people pay almost no taxes, they actually steal tax money due to welfare programs. Also I'm not going to pay higher premiums so sandra fluke can be a slut and have more sex.
Just get a condom at the store they're only $0.25 its cheap and can get you laid. Hello?! :D
@HappyHawaiinSauce Changes nothing, since a majority of the churches actually take the budget offer according to statistics. Meaning a majority of the churches actually get most of their money through the government. It doesnt matter were the money goes too. What matters is that churches pay no tax, and can take up to a 60% budget from the government.
@VioletFlameMusic The republicans i seen, who has talked about why they vote for republican candidates, is taxes. Thats the 100% only and one thing they vote for them. They dont care about other things, even if the candidate is someone who will defintly ruin the country if he came into power. They stick with republican simply cause of taxes and nothing else. Which is ironic, since sometimes said candidate they votes for messes up so bad he raises taxes like crazy instead. Irony.
That is something most men do not that understand since they do not get monthly visits. So, if you believe that Sandra is a slut for talking about BC being free so it helps women that go to college and like you said it does cost alot of money, then you are practically calling most females on BC sluts since females now a days use BC often for personal reasons. I for one agree that BC is important since it helps take away pain from the cramps experienced from me getting a period monthly.
@jgehb Oh, and then there is arizona which now penalize women for using contraceptions for non-medical issues. Seriously, theres a crap ton of examples. You might think this is war on religion. But thats wrong, its the opposite. It's republican politician candidates caving into anti-choice, pro-life voteés.
@HappyHawaiinSauce You're incorrect. And you have fallen into that trap too. They do pay tax, they dont pay federal tax, but out of their income they do pay more tax then 1% do. This is not an assumption, this is not a guess, this is based on numbers. You think federal tax is the only kind of tax in the US? If so you're naive.
Denying the reality??? I presented you facts in my previous comment. Your socialist brain just can't comprehend capitalistic way of thinking. Don't bother overloading your brain, it's just not for you. Just stick your job.
@RadarGuidedVermin Oh i see, so it's just how YOU define moving ahead. Thinks that happened 1 year ago is to long ago. While things that, apperently, according to your claim which you have no evidence of backing up, happened 20 years ago, is NOT to long ago. Well, what else wise words do you, oh wise one? ;)
@zl1vette427 That's an awfully big lie. Why don't you go ask a Norwegian if they have personal property rights?
yes!!!!! i would much rather keep paying for children that people cant afford, or worse that they didnt want in the first place. GREAT ARGUMENT
She has a friend which has a medical condition, straw-men argument. Let's talk statistics, how many women would need contraceptive for medical reasons not for birth control? These are the information which are important, and if contraceptive is used for medical reasons, then it should be part of insurance plans. But please somebody should start to to talk about statistics.
I hate Rush, but I completely agree with him on this one. What is it about sexual intercourse that the option to not engage in it, is not an option? Why is this girl compelled to engage in sexual activity, and why must it be someone else's financial responsibility to keep her safe? Is she being raped? Would a one-time vasectomy, or condoms, not be less expensive? This poor girl has no more control over her sexual urges than a forest animal. Poor thing.
@intrepidorator I said that the CHURCH is making nurses take contraceptions. Do not read or are you messing with me on purpose?
@intrepidorator When there is no hospital within range, then yes, they are preventing her of getting contraceptions.
@zl1vette427 If size is such a problem, there's an easy solution: State sovereignty. The United States is the third largest oil exporter. Care to explain why that doesn't do us any good? I didn't think so. Fuck off.
@intrepidorator Noones forcing them against their beliefs, if they dont want to take contraceptions they wont be force. But now they are trying to force others not to take it. In arizona there is a law that allow a doctor to lie to a woman to prevent abortion, because of this. Take your drain on economy suggestion again. Contraception, is cheaper, then child support. Out of 6 million pregnancies yearly 3 million are unintended. Thats alot of child support. Drain my ass.
It's a Marxist term and strategy. If you are not well read, nothing will ever make sense.
wtf is wrong with these fuck heads commenting, WTF HOW CAN YOU BE SO FUCKING MORNIC??!?!?!?!?!
@jgehb I dont agree, see, there is incident's such as Rick Perry that for example discriminated against clinics which supported planned parenthood in Texas, were US had to cut support to texas because of medicare laws, Making 130000 women lose out on support. Thats why im standing by that the idea is were insurance doesnt cover it, the government will step in and pay it.
@intrepidorator Incorrect, 1.) The suggestion is for the government to step in and pay birth control (i say birth control since it covers medial issues too) were insurance does not cover it, since it differs depending on which state you are in. And 2.) Problems with that catholic hospitals that dont want to give out birth control to non-catholics either. Which is a contradiction from your claim, stating that "noone is trying to prevent people from taking contraceptions".
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