Ronda Rousey Impression for Sarah Kaufman's Ticket Contest

by ronda rousey • 215,363 views

Hey everybody, this is Randa Roozie - NOT Ronda Rousey!! I really hate that self centered cocky chick!!! Sarah Kaufman - AKA my most favorite fighter EVER - is having a ticket giveaway contest for...

How to do a Submisson on a Vacuum Cleaner 101 :D
+Nicholas O'Neal Yous a geek, son.  LOL!  A bunch of us are reading this now just to see you stand up for your boyfriend. 
She seems like a really great person. Someone that cares about her should suggest she hire someone to come in at least once a week and clean that pigsty. Just sayin'.
Oh Lordy the things I would do to Ronda Rousey, oh how could I count the ways....
Absolutely love Ronda.
I'm ready to pay for you doing that to me 1:21
U are amazing lol
I love ronda I swear if I could meet her bruhhh I would go to heaven and back so many nice things to say about her that it's a list that gos on and on and she also has a big butt comin from a girls prospective I wish like I could be with her all the time
When she armbars the Hoover 😂
Hahaha I love ronda rousey nice video hahaha 👍👍👍👍👍
.."regardless if they are a man or a woman or if they're pregnant or not." Too fucking funny
and I asked myself- why do I love Ronda so much? I haven't even met her in real life etc. Ronda is just perfect, he attracts people around her with her humor, intelligence and beauty. Haha and the way she makes fun of Kardashian lmao
I met ronda couple years back before she was really famous and she was the most down to earth person.
Crazy girl. She is a cutie and she is tough.
Ahhaha ur soo funny luv u <3 hope I meet you :D
My God.... you are the most annoying thing to ever grace the Earth. Have you considered not ever saying another word again?
go suck a dick jorgekluney i dont see you fighting her you bitch
+Nicholas O'Neal Nicholas, I know you like your women masculine.... but you know she's not going to sleep with you for you saying this, right?  "I don't see you fighting her you bitch"... LOL! Like I even have a chance to, you moron. 
I want to see Rhonda fight a guy and kick ass
Go shave your cunt bitch and shut the fuck up..
shove a dick down your throat Casey Smith
+Nicholas O'Neal LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicky, you white knight, you.  Dude, like I said, her masculine ass isn't sleeping with you for standing up for her online. 
Sad thing is the video isnt a spoof. 
Hahahahaaahaha " Im pretty, Im pretty, Im pretty!!!"
Kim, Lube NOT Shoesssss!!! Lmfao
I hope to God Tate knocks the fuck out of Ronda!! She needs to get humbled, BIG TIME! Maybe she isn't this way, but on this season of TUF, Ronda and her whole coaching staff seem like such arrogant assholes. No good for the sport.
Another stomping , given by none other than the arrogant bitch herself,  RONNNNNNNDA   ROUSEYYYYYY  !!!    I love her,  and yes, would absolutley make love to her for hours. 
She is a real spiteful cunt pure trash no class
Tsc.... cabelinho loirinho, Rosinha.
Man ronda is great. Her haters are just sad...
Ronda is amazing. And the reason people hate her is because she is just that good. That's why no one has beat her. People need to appreciate talent when they see it. I hope she keeps on breaking arms in round 1. Xx
She bigger then all the girls she fights
Ronda is the Best. Go Ronda..... Your fans Love You.
Honey Boo Boo has grown up
hahaha funny love your sence of humour
What a nasty bitch totally ugly doesn't deserve to be champion she will be washed up after loosing to meisha Tate and that's a fact
she beat Meisha like should would beat your pussy bitch ass JermeyS
+Nicholas O'Neal HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the biggest GEEK ever.  This is classic.  Yo, everyone, check out little Nicky O'Neal standing up for Rhonda in every post.   
What an ugly bitch
Katherine Smith Let's say for sake of argument you are right, Why would it be your or anyone else's headache? Live and let live. Otherwise you're a bitter jealous ho yourself.
LMAO! Ronda's hilarious!
Never met her and I already love her?
She looked good a dork... I guess
She mentioned Kim here because she voiced her opinion once and had people ask about it a lot. Not her fault. What does Kim have exactly? Besides herpes.
I really want to fuck the shit out of Rousey, she needs a really good fuck.
Something tells me she has no shortage of options, Dude.
+Edmond Dantez  nope! I just want her to pick ME! lol
She has a huge ego but she earned it.
new videos? new videos? 
Too busy filming movies and training.
your a great fighter but  i dont like your attitude one bit just like many, but fuck it, be you.
fucking retarded. Just like on TUF. Get TKO'd by Tate already
Ronda there are TVs call LCD-LED and PLSAMA available in store now lol, couldnt help to notice that old 1995 box tv lol, but i get it you guys dont watch that much tv do you?  Its all about facebook,youtube and twitter for you guys lol. But anyway i love you lol Girls and Judo are my week spot.
I love you ronda you are my hero
Hola!!! como estas? aquí en república dominicana tienes un fan que sigue tus peleas, eres una chica super preparada y profesional e vista casi todas tus peleas desde que luchabas en los juegos olímpicos eres increíble, Bendiciones!!
Hahaha this is awesome! 100% Ronda Fan! F.u haters
Hahaha. The moment I saw the mirror in the back I'm like... who's that ? LOL But why do you hate Brazilians? HAHHAHAA
It was totally accurate. Until someone can knock out Ronda on her feet she'll be unbeatable. her next fight (Feb 2014) is with a seasoned olympic judoka. Someone who could seriously match Ronda. If Ronda wins that there's no turning back for her. No questions, no faith.  she will be unquestioned henceforth.
Apart from the dude
I was howling hahahahahah love ronda x
I LOVE THIS RONDA. Fighter persona Ronda makes me sad.
Why are you always hatin' on Kim Kardashian?  This video is weird. The man should stay out of view.
Cause she's only famous for being a whore and nothing else?
+Katherine Smith Don't act like you wouldn't.... geek. 
And you people never fail to show exactly how a hater acts. Because you're acting like this right now.
I found this quite funny lol. No point hating on ronda
Two pieces of advise   Edit this thing so it's watchable, and don't quit ya day job.  So you are going to have to edit this turd at night. 
1:22 I wish my girlfriend would do that.
she armbarred the hell out of that vacuum cleaner lol even appliances are not safe for this woman XD
arm bar a hoover hahaha take that dyson lol
Pretty sure I want her dead.
This destroyed my mind...i watched it a coupla times... "me, me, me me me ".. !!! ha!!!
i think datsik would fall in love with her
thats a compliment
mrslugzworth is probably right i mean she is like Jake shields but jake have a little bit striking skills but she have non .. but at the end this is mma U SHOULD BE WELL ROUNDED if u know what i mean or she will get knocked out like jake vs juggernut or she will continue to run from cris cyborg all her life and about Why would you strike if u have an effect... " thats probably why dana doesnt want women fighting cz there isnt much good fighters in the women divisions.
After Sylvester Stalone saw this, he immediately called Ronda's agent about her availability for a role in Expendables 3. She got the part.
@frank Ronda's style of judo focuses on ne-waza which is severely restricted under Olympic judo rules. Under MMA rules Ronda can use a fuller range of her ground skills. She has great leg locks but those are banned in judo. Ronda's mom got a perfect score on her SAT & she teaches statistics at a university & she's a World Champion in judo who studied in japan. She's analyzed all the permutations of armbars statistically & taught Ronda the most efficient formulas for each scenario.
I meant real men which are rare in todays faggot society,just compare todays average men against average men before just a 50 years ago all the chemicals in the food are killing testosterone levels..Also in modern society you have a lot of so called men who never been in a fight how fucked up is that.
@frank Ronda's opponents have training & knowledge of JJ. Her 1st pro opponent was BJJ blackbelt Gomes who she defeated in 0:25. Ronda can do standing armbars like her 0:25 armbar of D'Alelio. Her striking has shown improvements since the beginning of her career. Cyborg vs Rousey should be a great fight that I'm looking forward too. I've been in street fights.
Ronda you seem to be a bit bi-polar & fake! Can't wait to see Meisha stomp your crazy ass! & u look like Julia styles with your flat faced ass
man this randa roozie chick is crazy, she says everything about ronda rousey that people really think about her but dont have the vagina to say it. shes so honest. thats one crazy bitch.i hope you win that contest,
Get the fuck over yourself. Rouseys just a dude without balls, actually she probably has some. TUF is showing her true colors and she's gonna lose soon. Ugly bitch
the onley reason ronda wins her fights is because womens mma hasn't evolved yet,its like gracie back in th day he was beating people that didnt know what bjj was.....womens mma isnt fully developed.wat if ronda cant take the fight to the ground wat then? once she fights a real complete mma fighter she will be like a fish out of water,she cant hang with cyborg. .im a real mma athlete antonio sanchez.ronda has done alot outside mma but! shes not the best w mma fighter,she is 1 dimensional.
stick to fighting and looking hot.
love your princess leya hair style
Her guest fucking thinks he is George Michael . And Ronda, next video show your ass and your legs more. In Brasil we like ass Ronda, ass!
1:18 had me dying laughing!!! She arm barred the vacuum cleaner!!! hahahahahaha!!! You are hilarious Ronda!!! ~Vince
I hate you mother fuckers that try to set your own retarded rules for how people should fight.
Too f'n funny! Thats great! She said 'But, you're a White Guy'!!!
Because she has low self esteem? I wouldn't think so...
hahahahahahahahahahahhhhaha yes she is high :"
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