Mission Highlights: SpaceX's Dragon Makes History

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On May 25, 2012 SpaceX made history when the Dragon spacecraft became the first privately developed vehicle in history to successfully attach to the International Space Station. Previously only...

yahui chiu Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
having goosebumps all over my body!! Words escaped me!
Falcon 9 has the cleared the tower gets me every time.
Beautiful clip. Go SpaceX !! :D
The music to these video's is so much better than the weird midi-like tunes NASA uses. 
+Anthony Roberts Don't you get a notification when somebody replies?
The song is Gresby Nash - Try and Survive
SpaceX, good job. I used to like Boeing. You make Boeing look like the bit of liquid fuel that was left on the launchpad.
I like this video and.. I like Music!!
That thing looks like it needs a new paint job.
Kiwan Anderson Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Americans have made incredible strides in space exploration and aviation but while we honor the past we also have to look to the future. This is it right here! 
I love the idear, but is it just me or there is a giant crack in the cockpit??
+ThomE216 The diagonal one? That's where the parachutes deployed from.
i can't believe its been more than a year since dragon, tears on my eyes! i can't wait for Orion now
Julian Galarzo Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Jason O Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
Don't miss out on this morning's historic launch of the +SpaceX  Falcon 9/Dragon! It's set to launch at 10:10am from the Cape. #Dragon   #NASA   #SpaceX  Also, make sure to follow +Shaun McLane for his live +NASASocial LIVE experience! Below is a link to it's first historic launch, ISS docking, and return last year.
Alessandro Bottin Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
E' sempre un brivido riguardarlo. :)
Jing-Tian Sung Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
Google glass at 2:13 ?
I think it just headcam.
Beautiful accomplishment, not sure about privatizing space... but, like the new blood! (background music is a tad loud)
But why not use a parachute when landing? what if the small jet propulsion engines fail.. Or maby they already incorporated that :P
That is where the parachute bridles are stowed during the mission.
Nice spelling. You must be a very smart & reputable scholar.
Why does it look like the Dragon is cracked across the side at the end after re-entry?
Thanks to visionaries like Elon Musk, the human species may actually have a chance for long-term survival. I only wish that I will see space travel become as common place as airline travel is today during my lifetime.
To hell with our governments, our politicians and the big bankers...humanity needs to come together to throw them all in jail because they're the only thing standing between us and our future as a space-faring civilization!
Amazing work by SpaceX and the man that placed it all on the line Elon Musk. Proving that you need guts to achieve glory. On a side note anyone know what mix of the "Sunshine" theme they used for this?
I'm a huge critic of Obama cancelling the manned space program. But God damn, this is awesome.
Nope, sorry. War/combat is human nature. There will never be peace as long as we're human. The only thing to do is minimize it and have it work for you.
Whats the name of the song. Great video btw, I wish you all the luck. Science fiction coming true is amazing.
Thorium reactors and VASIMR rockets are on the horizon. How about a spa on Mars?
Floating particles that may have been knocked loose during the launch could injure an astronaut if breathed. After a while the station's ventilation system will clear the particles, but at first the masks are needed to be safe - especially considering that was the first Dragon.
so the capsule is not so reusable , they must do a paint job every time
cool video!! does anyone know what the music is called??? i would really like to know!!! thanks :)
Not really sure why may be because liquid oxygen need's to be really cold. It's normal to see ice falling like that on most rocket launches. Look at old videos of Saturn V launches and you'll see the same thing.
Отличная работа, молодцы!
Congratulations! It's nice to see a private company in space.
The next decade or two are going to be mind blowing,we'll have commercial companies space X with FALCON/DRAGON and others doing space cargo and taxi services to L.E.O . And NASA doing massive DEEP SPACE missions with the SLS/ORION. Hold on to yer hats people, it's gonna be a hell of a ride.!!!!! Space is BACK.!!! Well done space X what a great success.!!!!! 10 out of 10.
Damn that capsule got fucked up in re-entry. How much fuel will it take for the grasshopper to come back down unscathed and how long?
Grats Space-X! A little company from California just did what most countries in the world can't even do! Truly amazing and awe-inspiring!
Yup. But China has the capability of docking with the ISS, the US just won't let them do so. The US went in on the international space station because they were behind the russians when it came to station technology. But don't want to let the Chinese in because the chinese are behind them in station technology. Kind of sad that they missed the symbolism of INTERNATIONAL space station. Ah well, maybe when China passes the US, they'll be let in so the US can benefit from it.
SpaceX makes space travel sexy again.
The power generated by the Dragon panels is only a few kilowatts and would add little to the stations huge solar arrays. It simply isn't needed. There isn't much too it otherwise and it isn't designed to dock or mate with anything but the butt end of the Dragon. It has to remain with the Dragon until it is ready for re-entry to provide power in case the retros don't fire. There are probably some additional reasons I'm overlooking. In short, it's just not worth the trouble.
Skylon is far from proven and you still have the problem that the satellite market is too small to support the costs. It's a losing proposition. Remember US satellites cannot fly on Skylon due to ITAR regulations. Also the ISS will most likely be deorbited by the time Skylon is available.
Let's not bash the government so much...SpaceX and the likes r building on space technology research and developments the government(NASA) has achieved....let's not make one the enemy of another...
The Mir was more advanced in life support, which is important, but The US was ahead on guidance, thrusters, construction, and a few other things.The reason the ISS happened was because both countries were broke. The US in no way lacked the technical expertise to make Freedom happen. We wouldn't spend the money. China has a big evil government, and the absolute worst Tuskegee experiment, Trail of tears, Iraq invasion, Jim Crow horrors of the US are nothing compared to China daily. Read history.
what privat money? they get paid as much as lockheed, boeing and the others got paid to build all the other stuff that you call "NASA accomplishments". americans seem to think that this "privat" space travel is any different from from what happen the last 50 years. guess what. its not. just a little adjustment on the operatin level.
@plasmalux i think 2100 is more realistic.
thank you spacex for doing what you do. you are the poineers of the commercial space idustry, you are highly respected
My point really is that the US now has no manned space program. Paying someone else to do it is not the same thing. And as wonderful as SpaceX is, and how justifiably proud everyone involved is, I would feel a whole lot better if the commercial system was freeing up assets for other space exploration. It's not, It's being done at the expense of other work.
What is the background music..cant seem to find out what it is..
Which is the song being played in this video?
Whatt would the world be without engineers
Why is there any sponsors' logos on the rocket? I remember a rocket with a pizzahut logo on the fuselage, it was awesome!!
Fucking amazing... this is the pinnacle of humanity. Keep pushing!
Also, the only thing between us and nuclear war, death, famine, and a constant state of chaos. You'd never get to space with that. Tl;dr governments may seem bad, but in total, they're better than every man for himself.
"Obama didn't cancel anything" : "Obama killed the Constellation program". You're kidding? Right?
airplanes don't need maintenaance after every flight ,just fuel ,
We want to see the footage inside the spacecraft after it landed! just trying to make sure before i even dream about flying in that thing lol. Crispylicious! Lol
ice from liquid oxygen tanks, typical of space rocket launches.
Spacex kinda sounds like spacesex.
I fail to see how anybody could dislike this video and the magnitude of the historical event it carries.
China will never catch up with the US, and the Russians were no where near ahead of US on station tech. If that had been the case the Russians wouldn't have partnered with us. Both sides were going broke. That's why the ISS came about, and it certainly had nothing to do with letting in totalitarian nations neither the Russians or Americans liked. Kinda sad that you missed the purpose of the international space station.
Probably in case there had been outgassing from volatile plastics in the Dragon. There weren't, but the ISS crew was just trying to be on the safe side.
I want to fly in a HUMAN RATED DRAGON!!!!! Heck I will stow away in the cargo vessel if they would let me!
Damn...I'm in the wrong line of work.
0:42 Does anyone know where I can get the raw footage from the first stage showing the second stage engine ignition ?
It's a remix of Surface of the Sun from the movie Sunshine.
Went on nasa.gov and noticed that they recently put up another article concerning SLS: nasa.gov/exploration/systems/sls/12-256.html. It's moving on to Preliminary design. Hopefully a test flight will be on schedule. Also Curiosity has landed. Faith in NASA: restored for now.
Это частная компания, a не государственная. Она покупает технологию, не ворует
So the capsule is reusable. Reusable means that you don't need a new craft every time you launch, but can use the old one after some maintenance. By your logic, airplanes aren't reusable.
@swunt10 Dedicated private money should be directed towards creating commercial and more practical - fuel efficient spacecraft - not pointless launch vehicles which gain no one anything but bragging rights.
Sour Canadian, more advancements in medicine have come out of the United States than anywhere else and we give more to humanitarian efforts than any other Country.
This man should have a Nobel prize, NOT politicians!!
do not wish... learn... You might find yourself getting very lucky ;)
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