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by HouseattheEnd • 1,737,605 views

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ahh...its scary but i will watch the movie because of jennifer.....i love him so much that i cant even tell
Looks like the house in the Victor's Village isn't working out for Katniss....
what if the guy is his sister and does like a norman bates thing only its his sister
dammit that sounds accurate ! :( kinda ruined it
Thats the chick from The hunger Games. You Derp. but shes in bothh
Another stupid horror movie.. Yayy....
Combines my two favourite things: Horror movies and Jennifer Lawrence. It looks really good, but if it sucks at least it still has Jennifer SuperHotReallyAwesome Lawrence.
I miqht have to see that. ***P.B.M***
i heard from someone in duluth minnesota that a girl murdered her parents with a hammer there is this movie based on that?
Soooo it's basically "Amityville Horror" meets "Psycho"? And I'm pretty sure half the people who will go see this movie is ONLY because of Jennifer Lawrence. Oh well, that's star power for you.
Back to back excitment! ooo la la!
Jennifer Lawrence is gonna be type cast as katniss for a very long time hope she doesn't get rejected for roles because of that she's an amazing actress!
I can't wait to see this film....WOW...looks good....and scary...:)
In real life, Jen would kick anybody's ass with all that training she did for the HG! :3
stop trying to assume that it was the brother. :)
All right, so this movie is pg-13 and so is hunger games right? Well wtf how come there is a full out make out session in this movie but just like a 2 sec. kiss in Hunger Games! Catching Fire make Momma proud!
@robtykm yeah i agree def a top 10 ALSO! ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight >>
It comes out on my birthday! Awsome! I'm so going and bringing all my friends!
I really hope that sweet sad guy turns out to be dressing up as his sister and killing people. I'm fucking tired of sweet sad guys in movies.
"Your parents got killed" What a great way to start a conversation, NOT!
Movies are just such shit now-a-days, and remakes are not going to save our generations films. Seriously, make a creative name? Not some stupid name anyone could think of.
katniss! you survived the hunger games and you can survive this!
I've read the script it's not very horror, IMO, and its not like The last house on the left, the univited, the ring, or the woman in black. it seems like more of a thriller than anything else. The scrpit wasnt that amazing but i know the acting will but GREAT! I can't wait to see it!
girl died in well basment with death tools and very death weapon very dark...... THE RING revenge
ok... uhm this is my opinion so i don't care what you say and uhmm I don't really want to waste my time on this convo... so bye :)
came here frm 12aw22 snapshot minecraft
me too... although I'm not allowed to watch scary movies I'VE GOT TO SEE IT!!
HELL YAH! I'm so seeing this in the Movie Theature!
the movie was filmed in my house...
she got famous making that hunger games movie...she deserves it;)
This looks really good! (mostly because Jennifer lawrence is in it.)
dont get in the car katniss...noooo
Why is this related to rooster teeth lets play minecraft?
psychotic girl who murders her parents? sounds like fun.
Hey this airs a day b4 my 15th birthday :D
Seems to me that the girl killed her family and is now trying to kill her brother
ummmmmm....i think ill go see it but wait til it comes out on dvd so i can watch it in my own home and if i want to stop it i can! and leave it alone for another time....
What kind of dumbass covers her eyes in a trailer? That would be me.
Gonna c this on Saturday wth my BFF. So pumped!!!!!!
Aww yea Jennifer Lawrence is in the movie!!!!!!!!!!! :D
a little girl with family issues killing everybody? how original...
JUST TO ADD IN.... I honestly don't believe anyone is a "noob" on YouTube. So obviously someone has more information than you do :) .
Have you been hired as a professional movie critic yet? Because some major media organization is definitely missing out. I mean, the ability to pronounce whether a film is good or bad without even seeing it is a rare gift indeed. It seems that a lot of nameless internet critics have acquired this ability, which they charitably share with the world at the drop of a hat. I feel sadly lacking in the face of such genius. How did I miss out? I still have to see a film before I judge it. So passe.
1:48 Spy: Right behind you. . .
Her boyfriend is the real killer and his sister's ghost is trying to help her get out of there.
Cool title. They'll call the sequel Last House at the End of the Street You Can't Miss It It's Right There The Big Blue One To The Left.
That moment when I'm watched the trailer and screamed 'Damn Katniss pull out your bow' and everyone in the room stared at me like its not something that normal people do.
If they don't have the beach scene in Catching Fire or any of those nights when peeta and Katniss are in bed together .. I don't know what I'll do llol :P tots fan girl-ing
maybe ill watch this...maybe...
I mistook her for bridgit mendler
I love me some Jennifer Lawrence, but I'm just sitting here like oh sexy Max Thieriot! :D
i love it when the trailers tell the whole movie!
Love both Jennifer and Max and Im a pretty big horror/suspense movie watcher so this is perfect for me :D
Jennifer is such an amazing actor! Thumbs up if you agree!
sooooooooooooooooi think the girl he was talking to was his just fits to me o.o
I'm dying to see this just to see the plot twist that everyone's going on about! And for Jennifer obviously ^^
ill watch this because oh jennifer lawrences hotness
Check out my Call Me Maybe/HATES mashup. Sounds crazy, because it is!
I bet they will try to sell me a smartphone this September.....-_-
Buck sent me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im only seeing this for jennifer ^-^
Peeta will have a loaf to pick with that man.
Im not really a horror guy, but this movie actually looks good.
it seems good to me.both actresses are great and the plot maybe it's not originall and that stuff but the effects looks amazing.don't judge a movie before you have already watched it.
UHM... I didn't ask for your opinion, but I still want Catching Fire to have more than one kiss scene. Even in like Disney Channel ( demographic for children) has kisses so I think more than 1 kiss is no biggie
JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when you turn 15, you'll know how to use proper language right?
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