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EPISODE ONE (Snowjacked #1)

by Shut Up! Cartoons • 545,408 views

Subscribe to Shut Up! Cartoons: Layta and Derf discover creatures who can help Layta find her family. Join Layta's quest to find her SNOWJACKED family every Tuesday, right...

awwww the little furry guys r so cute                                o3o
+overrealm300 if you are going to hate on gays then you are just as bad as JB
Why did people dislike this video? I actually wanted the series to come back
There walking animation is just so weird XD
only you guys could come up with something this random and weird....this is why youre my favorite people XXD
I could ask plenty of questions for this scene. How did they find food? How come their clothes look so clean? How come their teeth still look fine? And, mostly, how come Derf didn't know about the trees? After all, he knows the mountain like the back of his hand...
i love how at the begining he say they live in a 3d world but when he raises his arms it clearly shows hes a 2d being
There is only 10 episodes for everything, if u watched the first ever vid of shut up cartoons or the smosh vid advertising it, cant remember which one said it they say there is only 10 eps each series
OMG. I've just found out there will only be 10 episodes. Man, I thought it would be continuous. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!
choo choo any1 wanna carry on the comment train
What is up with the word "Snowjacked"? Is it cursed?
i looked up the word snowjacked in google and somebody said it means " Getting ****** and kidnapped in the snow by pedophiles " 0___0
Derf=Fred bet you didn notice that
Wow. This was actually a lot funnier than I thought it would be.
you're jealous because Ian and Anthony are good and 100% male while you are bad and 100% gay.
your going to hell you fucking faggot ass bitch JB is devil in a faggots body
yeah i don't like this the characters are so ugly
me:... phone:*ring*ring* me: hello, history channel, we got another one over here. history channel: perfect, MUAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!
Did Smosh get the sound effect of the wind from MAtmos?
Thumbs up if you can hear Ian's voice in the intro:)
this is another version of south park but weirder
he burned down a society for bieng disgusting and silly?...... OH GOD WERE NEXT!
does anyone know what animation program they used to make this
derf look of over there! whats your greatest fear a window smashing in my face BREAK! OH-NO
i don even know whats snowjacked!!!!
Maybe he was just a little bit skinny...? Anyone? Just me?
Do you guys want more than 10 episodes of Snowjacked? We have started a petition just like Oishi High School Battle to get more than 10 episodes. To help us go to
Wow why do people even watch this when they think it sucks? I like this one but I'm sick of seeing people comment saying how they hate it! If you don't like it you dont have to comment saying it sucks just don't watch it anymore!
You know that it's on a schedule, right? Nature Break episodes are on Monday..
This is your 2ND worst series, 1st goes to pubertina.
And I'll bet you were too lazy to use any original insults, proper grammar or your brain, which I'm not completely sure you have. Also, even though I dislike Justin Beiber, I don't know him and I don't ruin every video with weak insults towards him. Get a life.
not as good as weasel town....smosh im dissapointed
zombies vs ninjas has two episodes with throwing up
is derf the guy from Epic meal time?
i think this is one of my favorites on this channel
Dont worry they are making a season 2 of each cartoon but not pubertina!!!! yay!
Why did the strange looking aliens vomit when someone said snowjacked??
i love how when they chant snowjacked it sounds a bit like no chance
I just read the definition of snow jacked wow
seems like it.....he posted on a toby video "he sucks" or something.....
dude, first of all its just supposed to be stupid, second its an internet video. you really shouldn't expect great animation
@Bob Bro @yusif saleh Yes, yes we all want more cartoons, just STFU they're making enough of them
I wonder what episode number this could be? HHHHMMMMMMM...
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