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Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.40 - THE FATE OF DR. PEPPER

by UberHaxorNova • 414,938 views

Leave a like FOR QUAD EFFIN MOUNTAIN Map:...

if you put dirty meat in the furnece it will give you leather
Dr.Pepper (the turtle not the soda) must be the baddest and coolest and favorite turtle of all. make sure yo don't put teleporters near Dr.Pepper or this will happen again :P
Holy sh*t dr pepper is the most badass turtle I seen
Make this a turtle sanctuary!
He teleported back ?!?! Lol
I think dr pepper does whatever you teach him so that's probably why he teleported
dr pepper follows james and trying to follow him walked over the teleporter
When/if Dr. Pepper dies, you need to make a super special grave for him.
dr. pepper the adventurer turtle :D
I need to kill you duck, for your chicken... :P
Dr. Pepper Journal Entry #3: After a long day, Master Nova finally found me, he got mad because I was talking to another turtle and he must have gotten jealous, but I decided to go back home but Nova decided that I shouldn't, so he brought me back and stranded me, but I did have a nice conversation with a butterfly while he was gone.
how dare nova leave the THOR the god of turtles alone!
Dr.pepper knows how to play minecraft
fate can also mean what happens or escape the fate like to escape the thing before it goes wrong
Where is fate of doctor pepper I didn't see it.
By nova iv almost like. Copy pasted your cav house in my qaud mountain
when is the next treehouse episode or is that series done
Thor's diary: Master nove has returned with Dr.pepper,while he was gone i seen T-dog plotting with a couple of the turtles to kill master nova and be free.I fear for master nova's health as T-dog makes deals with the monsters outside to kill our master.It's a shame to see other turtles who were saved by master nova to be plotting against him.I would try to step up but i need the rest of the avenger turtles to stop T-dog,and so far,only iron turtle and I are here
when i first saw the title i thought he was gonna die
He was mad at him because he cared XD
is that Simons skin from the yogscast
Professor Salt Diary #1 I met with my brother today, as it turned out he was in that tornado, and was then saved by some he called blue. He went on and on about how great he was. Then he showed up, mistook my gender and told my own brother to fuck me over and over again. He's never going to hear the end of this
YOU'RE GAY TOO, but you just don't want to show it. ;o
leave ducking Dr pepper with the rest of the turtles in the downstairs pen
Nova and Dr. Pepper, still a better love story than twilight.
nova: i need food+so many turtles=turtle soup?
some call it saving. others call it kidnapping :3 jk
hes said multiple times in videos how he doesnt want to do that, him and koots. they think its somewhat cheating and if you got that dying wouldnt mean anything and adventures would be careless, therefore less entertaining for them and us
Wow yugioh is apparently dementing people
Dr. Pepper you're grounded Stay here and have sex with this turtle over and over again till i get back
Hi Doctor pepper I'm a fan lol
I can't belive nova left Dr pepper out with who knows how many tornados.
You should get the mod that makes u get ur items in ur inventory when u die so you don't leave them behind
lol that drill item is the tornado summoner
I wanna enchant my shit shits enchantment:stinks x
you sir are commmited to nova if you created a profile just to say that
Dr peppers diary:nova got out so I asked all my friends to come and have a party but then nova vald back and games the
Can someone tell me the piano music that starts around like 5:10?
Even creeper have reinforcement?!
Come here duck I need your chicken
oh dr. pepper they grow up so fast! he is already independent and probably thinks he's better than nova because nova complimented him lol
I gotta say dr pepper is probably better off fighting t dog to the death I wonder who would win that's a hard question NOT dr pepper is a turtle version of chuck Norris because he's awesome that's why
Nova and Dr. Pepper: This episode, Nova experiences the woes of parenthood as Dr. Pepper becomes independent.
Apperantly, the diaries are saying it's Turtle Pen, Leader: Rick #3/ T-dog: Team Rebellion VS. Dr. Pepper, Thor and Iron Turtle, Leader: Dr. Pepper: Team Nova
rick #3's diary: I have started plotting with the rest of the turtles, including t-dog. Master nova shall pay for what he has done to my three brothers. however, some of the turtles are becoming convinced not to revolt due to iron turtle, thor, and dr pepper. We need them exterminated. soon. t-dog and i shall arrange plans with monsters on the outside world
you should put the bed down with the turtles and there is more gold blocks in the third montain
ohhh so that creeper uses shadow clones to try to kill u
a good name for a turtle Thortle.
Elemental creepers and there mods so you can't get it neither can i
Why is the episode called the fate of dr.pepper if,he dosent die?
dr pepper should have his own monument far under ground in a bunker where nova can stay safe and mambye the other turtles can come down in a different room
What version of minecraft is this
Dr Pepper is like a rebellious teenager :P
I read the title and I thought that Dr. Pepper died! I WAS LIKE WHAT. THAT COULDNT BE. Thank god he's alive!!!
The previous episode it was unclear if he was still alive.
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