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If Movies Were Real

by Smosh • 27,173,801 views

BLOOPERS & DELETED SCENES: IF IT WERE REAL SAGA: WATCH EN ESPAÑOL: What would happen if movies were real?...

Who else is watching this in 2015
I watch this over And over And over And over
You're lucky it's not raining durians.
I was about to say it
That's really fucking sexist
I can't believe it's been 5 years XD anyone still watching this?
Sexist AND transphobic... wow.
Or maybe it's a guy becoming a girl?
Its like life get the fuck over it
I'm just imagining living next door to these guys, looking out my window and seeing them getting pineapples thrown at them...
+Maria Gutierrez are u in smosh games? Ur name sounds really familiar
i would like this if it wasnt for the idiotic beginning i dont care how funny it is if you find that funny you're incredibly immature some people can actually get offended by that
my point is, making these types of jokes makes sweeping generalizations about INDIVIDUALS, and devalidates everything social justice advocates strive for- social equality to be precise
+Ametaf Johora I smell something Feminazi around here.... will you get it? It was a joke.
I found nothing funny about this in the hell does it have this many views?
go back to the planet of gays and feminists scum
Am i the only one who sees suicide squidward in the "up" one?
no, i'm just saying that it's a ceiling fan
Right so u havent seen the other comments, clearly
Why does Smosh feel the need to stereotype the ladies? Ladies can be smart and hot.
Let me put it this way. A third part that people are missing is that hot smart MECHANICS don't randomly walk up to a lesser - looking male, who lacks information on automotives, preach about it, then pursue to imply intercourse. I mean, unless it's a porno. Anything goes, there. Literally.
+Trenton Lafferty   I'm all for stereotypes because they're funny.  These smosh guys somehow found a way to make everything dull as shit.  I didn't even crack a smile or snort at any part of this video.
You make things exaggerated. Up- he had WAY more balloons.
If they had the money to buy that many balloons, they probably wouldn't have made a video channel haha
Has anyone realized Smosh has almost 10 million lest subscribers than pewdiepie?
+Derpy Hooves All these messages were to me.
yep, but with all the respect, and I really don't want to offend you
fuck you asshole. what do you know about cars eh? but you know that hot chicks cant know about cars? fuck yourself you arrogant privileged narcissistic cunt. you are what is wrong with modern culture.    
I think his nanometer just went jewpocalyptic!! THERE'S NO TIME TO HIDE!!!
Making fun of transgender people isn't funny.
There is a certain level of hotness with women where her having a dick doesn't matter anymore.
can gay guys say the word retarded?
You know, linking people who habitually pause videos by clicking on the video itself with one of those stupid links is a really cheap way to get people to "check out" your channel.
Oh my English teabags said by harry potter
That is sexiest my gf knows more about cars than me I had to have here to tell me what kind it was she's hot!!
Your hand doesn't count. 
I loved the ending XDXDXDXDD
Whats the song that transitions between each movie
Forrest Gump just killed me xDDD
Back when Ian's hair didn't move and Anthony didn't get hair hate.
The Harry Potter one really pissed me off mainly because I hate stereotypes
OMG... my English tea bags.. that made me laugh...good one
Forrest Gump is one of my favourite films, but I did find that part funny! XD
Does anybody actually find smosh funny? Or is it just 12 year olds who think they are cool by watching this blasphemously stupid horse s**t that like it? Just wondering.
It's "blasphemously" not "blasfamosly" btw
i remember when this first came out. you guys were much different back then. :) keep making videos! :P
This smosh was way better U.U
I just said shut up at the same time as the intro. cause the volume was too loud. LOL
I disliked because of the sub bait annotation.
I don't get that last part. Can anyone explain what that meant?
+TheEganGaming she had a dick so was to say that there were no hot women that knew anything about cars was a shitty joke
I remember watching this when I was 7. I was like OBSESSED. This is literally the first vid I ever watched
1:22 Do you know why u dont fly ? You dont sayed ,,Hop´´
No distributes on thoughts. -_-
the Harry potter one made be die!! ??????
The Harry Potter one was just plain halereyus and stupid but I like it
dislike for not being able to pause on the screen and that you make us go to yr channel
YES IT IS XD I love that part its from the first tranceformers and I'm watching this in 2015
Damn 5 years have passed by so fast
Wow, 6 days ago have passed by so fast
+Christian Gainey Damn 2 weeks have passed by so fast
"Auch, My English teabags" xDDDD
That was the funniest part of the video!
LOL my english teabags
A girl doesn't have to be unattractive, smell bad, or lesbian just to know a lot about cars. Get your head out of your ass and actually talk to girls and learn about their personalities
Really? This was made 5 years ago?!? That means I was 16 when this came out...
Had to like purely because Marv died! Amazing! :D
On this video I love when they copy harry potter and up and also up is the best movie ever I even have the video game of it
I've only seen one Harry potter but that just about sums it up
Wtf. Lol. My English teabag! Lol I'm laughing so hard lololol
I really don't get the last bit where Ian is staring at the girl's stuff and he spots something on her shorts?? What??!! I don't get it!
Oh my English teabag . .. nice one XD
Okay I have a creepy personal question to ask, abd it has to do with this video, but im only gonna ask if somebody responds to this cause i do not wanna start a huge youtube war.
When he found out the girl had a dick I couldn't stop laughing
whats the song that they put in each transition?
You are very lucky it's not raining coconuts or durians hehehe LOL
 that car does not have a distributor cap. 1 of the most brilliant and beautiful women I ever knew could have told you that. she was a gorgeous straight auto tech so cut the sexist BS.  
This chanel makes me laugh all the time this chanel is so funny
I'm pretty sure these boys wear more makeup than I do. They are pretty funny though
Who's watching in 2016 I am and41600 th comment
"Oh! My english tea bag!" Dat line doe 😂😂
I know what you are... Your skin is pale white.. You suck up blood.. Say it out loud. Say it.         Tampon.
Classic Smosh...Smosh inspired us to rip them off,We just uploaded "Board Games In Real Life". Check it out on our channel. Before you hate, give us a chance, were just a young channel trying to get discovered. 
It was actually incredibly funny. Well done.
Yay they made fun of Twilight.  Xd 
Forrest gump was 'real dumbasses its based off a true story
That girl at the end is still hot.  I would put up with the minor inconvenience of her having a bigger dick than me, so long as the rest of her looks like it should.
anyone know the background music at 0:44 ? please dont reply darude sandstorm.
im am a midget who likes bacon :)
Its funny UNTIL they make fun of Harry Potter
I, for one, actually like Anthony with white hair.
Like if your watching in 2015.
Amazing that would be
why do some american youtubers make fun of british people -.- i might just start making fun of americans...
We do have lots of McDonald's... Hey, I love Canada, England, pretty much everywhere but the Vatican, and the Canadians always give us things like 'merica and stuff about child obesity. Plus, who doesn't like an English accent? Everyone loves them! It is just amazing!!!
+3picG4mingz Blame Hollywood. The varying English accents come off as snobby to Americans, and UK actors have a tendency to play the arrogantly sophisticated main villain. 
people actually saw these movies? or am I the only one.
English people do not sound like that besides we used to have your country till you kicked of cause of tax still hundreds of yearslater you still complain
Lol you used charlie for the G-force one XD
This video is offensive to British people- happy potter
Up was a really amazing movie but u made it really funny 😂😂😂
Do if dragon ball z the movie was real
No Brit calls their balls English tea bags
well i do know this one guy...(dont ask)
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