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Drinking Games for Gamers - Mortal Kombat Drunktality

by The Warp Zone • 220,051 views

Suggest drinking games here! Drinking Games for Gamers: Mortal Kombat Drunktality Get ready to drink your face off with this highly anticipated Mortal Kombat...

This hopefully can apply to the upcoming Mortal Kombat X coming out soon?
My sister and I were a little less creative. We both wanted to be hammered so we made our punishment for losing a match was take a shot, the reward for winning a match was to take 2 shots. This made it more fun because it kept balancing is out as we went.
Could I use soda instead of beer
do 5 nights at freedys !!!!!
As an emetophobiac I hate this series
what happens if you get a babality?
Dead space 1, 2, or 3 for a drinking game
I got a budlight ad. Tips
Most of these moves dont even exist on MK2!! =(
lame, alcohol is shitty drug-makes you vomit and gives you headache, weed edition would be cooler but it's still too mainstream, MK on LSD would be the best (but there's no penal shots, so maybe coke?)
I dont know how u will do it but what about world of warcraft
Too busy being mesmerized by your gengar shirt.... and now i'm ordering one for myself :@
Pokemon. Lose one, take a five second drink, get a status infliction take a shot and if you lose the battle, you finish your drink
your joysticks must smell heavy on alcohol :D or you wash them everytime :)
Brilliant show, brilliant concept... Wish I thought of this...
whats that david tennant from doctor who?
That's a lot of drinking in just one game...
Coors? watch out guys, we got a badass over here!
Idra rage drinking: Everytime you leave a game of sc without gg, you take a shot.
what happens if u get a flawless victory
This one will get you drunk fast!
Beer pong with pong LOL! Bartman meets radioactive man with jack. That's not really a suggestion you need it to play that game.
Can we look up the Fatality from the menu?
gengar shirt? where do i get one!
But first you need to actually go out and become social enough to have at least one friend. And this is the point where the game fails for the majority of gamers.
@loldowl dude your just a faggot who watches that my little pony shit so please kill yourself you faggot
I Love This Game..And That Gengar Shirt!! O.e
Fuck yea haha you would get drunk as fuck playing this!
TheWarpZone Did you use my idea i posted on facebook plzz reply and tell me my facebook page is Matthew Slater
Well drinking games are supposed to get you drunk. about 1 beer and about 1 shot per game makes you last about 10 games until you're hammered. A drinkinggame isn't a several hour activity.
Drinking Games For Gamers. Blood Red Meatboy edition.
@TheWarpZone I promote this much drinking. Infact, Playing these drinking games has built up my points! I'm soon going to purchase the Golden Liver of Jesus of Nazareth. That guys blood was wine. So, I ask TheWarpZone staff to raise you're goblets, and toast me on a live webcam stream sometime!
@Noxic89 Europe does tend to have stronger beer. but what I said is true. Bud light and Coors (US) are 5%. Stella Artios is 5% (US) and 5.2% (EU) There are others that are less/more, so the AVERAGE is about 5%, give or take a bit. The real factor is amount, the UK serves more, per glass, then the US. So "one beer" is not the same. Their are websites available if you're interested in looking up the % of your favourite beer.
Additional rules for Injustice: 1) As there are no fatalities, punishment goes as if fatality was done. 2) If stage transitioning was triggered, the hit player must drink for as long as it goes. 3) During Clashes, the player who lost it takes a drink. 4) Supers are considered X-Rays. Any additional rules, thank you.
kirby's return to dream land could make a fun drinking game. 4 playa madness son
@Balgore8 Well Balgore8, some men are born to drink and play video games. Others, merely to watch. Lucky for you, we will be uploading a play through of this drunken escapade next Thursday in our Warped Gaming let's play. Then you can decide for yourself which kind of man you are... Gauntlet thrown!
lolz my drinking game watch?v=MvCAhnAqERM
what if you don't have MK9..... what would you do for X-Ray and toasty
@somestupidjackass They did Call of Duty: Blacked Out and Goldeneye: Shaken, Not Stirred already.
@CaptJackofficer no^^ thats not what i meant... i meant the beer in the video. Because i heard that americans got beer with less % so they can drink a lot more of it
I want that Gengar shirt!! Well ... it doesn't have to be THAT one
I NEED to do some of these games at a party!
do a lets play of your Mario Kart DUI :D
Your "Strategy" and "Punishment" voice gets all the ladies...or maybe just me. It was just so romantic, there between images of guys getting ripped in half.... *girly sigh*
do a drinking minecraft video wher you drink beer and play minecraft ._.
@Noxic89 The % is different for every brand of beer. But a good average is 5%
there is actually a beer called antarctica sub zero here in brazil, ideal for this game!
@halofan128 Lol try this mortal kombat drinking game, and let me know how many rounds you last :P. I predict you make it not even 5 games deep ;)
@JstrummyStrings wow, just let all the typos fly on this one >_>
played this with my friend last week, we were fucked within 30 mins
Agreed with that top comment, this is such bullshit exponential difficulty curve. Observe accepted drinking games like beer pong, and adjust your penalties accordingly. This is bound to make people disgustinly drunk way too fast and will get no one laid.
@lilogden then you have disgraced us! i hereby BANISH YOU until you learn the true meaning of TOASTY! return without the knolege and i will FINISH YOU!
@TheWarpZone Watch out, we got a badass over here...
where did you get the gengar t shirt? I MUST HAVE ONE!.
how bout sc2 you could do something for loose or for getting cheesed or failing a cheese. looseing workers or destruction of the main building (nexus,command center,hive)
GAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!1!, shirt, I meant shirt
@Louispryer42 Just adopt the Mario Kart: Drunk Driving rules
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