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Yahoo Hacked!

by SourceFed • 251,423 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: ‪‬ Some hackers got a hold of the passwords and logins of Yahoo users. Guess which passwords are the most popular? Our Source:...

Assloads of Spam Emails.
They would see 'Obama' emailing me like he has been for the past 3 weeks asking me to send him my credit card # because he is stuck in Nigeria and needs $10,000 to get back to the US.
A whole ton of Team Fortress 2 purchase confirmation emails.
They would find... spam, lots and lots of spam
my friend hacked an account on reddit using the password password lol
A couple of thousand unopened emails.
they would find NOTHING! lol jk just abunch of hookers numbers lol
If someone would hack my email, they'd probably just feel bad for me...
younow younow younow spam verification letter repeat
emails R important to some ppl?
a buttload of unopened facebook updates....damn you facebook i said no to email updates 3 times now!!
Interestingly, despite the crap ugly interface, Yahoo is the most popular search engine here in Hong Kong. So this news may be more significant in other countries.
somebody hacked my account and sent emails to all 3 pepole in my email address book oh you say why do i have only 3 names beuase i can fucking remmeber email address as for stuff in my inbox u tube thats it oh and spam
People only use yahoo and hotmail for junk emails. So... No big deal. :P
so you're saying I have to shoot my computer to wake it up?
This makes the nerd part of me (99.9%) REALLY happy. :D
Steam sale conformations... Like a billion
@connorbearsfan why would it matter if someone hacked your account to a picture distorter made to make pictures looks fuzzy
my password is an mp3 player from 5 yrs ago, good luck.. (this isnt even my YouTube account)
Mine would be Emails from video games and Steam Summer sale receipts dam it was a long day........
Sourcefed video upload notifications is pretty much the only thing in my inbox.
They would find a shit ton of spam..
They would find pizza ads and beta keys. That's about it
hmm.... they would find a lot of xbox letters, steam letters, and music store stuff. nothing interesting.... I get personal emails maybe once a month, if lucky.
In my email you would find the log in info to other email accounts. Email-ception.
I language they will most likely not understand.
why are Elliott alone? :( no more 2 hosts?
"Sourcefed uploaded a video" "sxephil uploaded a video" "PhillipDeFranco uploaded a video"
Anonymous have different motivations, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that they have different methods.
the way he said hacker for life haha
What with my being close to graduating high school, they would find a rather bothersome amount of college emails. Along with a few stumble upon emails and iTunes purchase receipts. And I use yahoo, thank you very much, Elliott. You are still my favourite, though. :)
Elliot is the most fun to watch lol :3 But for reals, I still use Yahoo because all of the things I've subscribed to, and all of my official stuff is there, and I feel bound to it. lol
My email World of Warcraft Planetside2 beta code Pre-orders for many games 1bordeelands 2 Assassins creed 3 etc... SPAM
that i have a facebook i never go on and i get spammed and never check it
Lots of mass email spam from colleges
/watch?v=B2TvYyXu3rc yahoo hack , is real ! 100%
In my email they would find a map detailing how to get to utopia which is where Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa, Tupac and Michael Jackson now reside after tricking the world into thinking they died.
A hacker would find some pretty interesting things in my inbox; 1st: I appear to have a huge dependance on viagra, apparently I'm a lesbian seeking to find ways to pleasure women with my huge inexistent male genital. 2nd, People are trying to hire me from every part of north america, specifically to casinos. 3rd: I always win something. Last, I love sending things across the world using UPS and FedEx but they always fail to deliver. Cant belive my parents haven't noticed the bills yet...
Uni info, spam, daily offers, diet tips, mails from my mom and spam... Yay exiting mails,
no one uses yahoo anymore except for yahoo answers
It would say here's a link to yet another soucefed video
I can't believe people actually use password as their password like really...
If someone hacked my email they deffinetly would not find pictures of lee newton....
A blocked email. Stupid Hotmail...
You're clicking on a link. A link that will take you to a new domain. You know where you hope the link will take you, but you don't know for sure. But it doesn't matter. How can it not matter to you where that link will take you?
My endless collection of unread junk mail, please hackers, its all yours
YouTube, spam, and Betty Crocker
They'd find a whole bunch of e-mails from YouTube "X has replied to your comment", and receipts for what games I've bought on Steam..
What would they find in my email you ask? Uhhh: junk mail, junk mail, junk mail, important school project, junk mail, junk mail, news articles, junk mail, junk mail, facebook updates (oh, wait, thats junk too). Hackers welcome, they wont find much!
i dont use yahoo but on my gmail they would find emails from school, online shopping confirmations, via-email arguments with my mom, and newsletters from the beauty sites im subscribed to. they would then realize i was a female college student and stop wasting their time lol
my yahoo account haha all my junk mail cuz thats what i use that account for junk.
they would find so many alerts that fanfictions have been updated.
If someone went into my emails...they would never return...
they would find a lot! of online order receipts.
hey , i use yahoo. since for life... yahooooo
in my email there would be alot of nude pics of my self and guys
Best buy gift cards, I'm just kidding porn.
I found out I'm a distant relative of a billionaire and I just need to send all my information to the attorney to confirm it. Gosh...what should I buy first?
I literally just used a keylogger on a friend and his yahoo password was 12345... I'm not sure I even needed a keylogger...
what a hacker would find in my gmail: email about math... no seriously, that's it.
I use yahoo mail, nothing wrong with it, I just see no reason to change, it would be too much work
Elliott: As an epileptic, let me say THAT WAS HILARIOUS. Also, a hacker would find all of my pizza delivery confirmations and computer hardware newsletters. And that no one returns my emails.
what a hacker would find in my email probally a few pictures of world of warcraft characters and dont forget the all important spam.
Yahoo!!!! You have let me down. Now who will I use to receive emails.
They would find porn, lots and lots of porn. Haha jk or me I?
Why SourceFed keep hating on websites? Yahoo and Facebook?
A lot of youtube and notifications.
They would find some pizza confirmations, random spam I get from weird dating sites I've heard of, and all twenty-thousand of my apple email receipts.
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