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Oh Land - White Nights - Behind The Scenes

by OhlandVEVO • 220,519 views

Music video by Oh Land performing White Nights - Behind The Scenes. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

Rocio durcar megustas mucho tu
the prettiest woman in music today.
great. now i have to find suffocated's comment.
Coreografía: Les Filles Föllen Vestuario Oh Land: Jessica Bobince Vestuario Bailarines: Roberto Piqueras Maquillaje: Víctor Álvarez Post Producción: Álvaro Posadas Video Mapping: Área Técnica
Niggas you got trolled hard. Just ignore it. Also, Oh Land is fantastic. Sheeeeeyit.
Damm :) i love this songg and this braid is Wow !! loll .. i wonder how they do it..
That's a cool videoclip, and watching this video made me very surprised that all of it was real, no green screen.. even the butterfly was real!
i recall i heard this song for the first time on Teen wolf.
Where is she from? I can't quite place her accent. German maybe?
This + Sun of a Gun is all i need in life
@MIndependencePhoto I don't know bout this part but I heard when she was on a horse it was in Argentina or something like that.
This is actually one of the most interesting "Making of" videos I have ever seen, even though it is so simple. Oh Land is really quite amazing.
21st yay i can legally drink sex and smoke.
For those as curious as me, @suffocated called Oh Land an overproduced cunt. Mister @suffocated, first of all, didn't you mother teach you good manners? And finally, if she's overproduced, what's Lady Gaga? Minimalistic? This video complements the song's awesomeness. And if you can't deal with this, do us a favor and go listen to Justin Bieber.
lol if u saw the mcdonalds commercial right before the video started, right that burger looked nasty?
Is the team that recorded the video spanish? Because the last girl when they cut says "Vale, hemos terminado!"
Producción Ejecutiva CANADA: Oscar Romagosa Producción Ejecutiva PARTIZAN: Jeff Pantaleo Producción Ejecutiva DOOMSDAY: Danielle Hinde Jefa de Producción: Alba Barneda Coordinador de Producción: Jorge Llama Fotografía: Marc Gómez del Moral Diseño de Producción: James Hatt Director de Arte: Tomás Navarro
What type of african dance is that? beautiful!!!
@suffocated what a waste of a perfectly clean username...
she is the exact opposite of overproduced. Just watch her and the guys perform live and create everything from scratch.
right. they are Spanish and their production team is called Canada. Check them on vimeo All their videos are awesome
Did I hear some Spanish there?? :D
Whooo speak in spanish at the end (VALEE HEMOS TERMINADO) :OOO ???
2:08 "synstisisers" lol i LOVE her accent
Why this video doesnt got more views? Btw 22th :)
She suffered a back injury that ruined her career as a dancer, but I have to say that if she is limited on how she performs, she is doing extremely well and gives hope to other dancers who may have had the same or similar injury....don't give up on your dream...just re-invent it.
@suffocated Why don't you just drink some poison or something and go and drown in a ditch. What a waste of fucking space...
I love this song!! They are the bestest! i had to make that word work
Oh Land is so beautiful from the inside out ^.^ how wonderful to see a true artist being original from her music to her videos! Being true to -herself-! And not being like most other popular puppets just using money grabbing, attention getting strategies. Oh Land relies on her talent! but of course negative ppl will never have anything good to say, hence the reason for negative comments on positive artistic creation anywhere. Best of luck Oh Land!! you keep being your awesome self!
well, i sorta do love this song;)
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