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by Don't Flop Entertainment • 87,563 views

Artist: @Dialect1 Filmed by @BodyBagnall Edited by @Cruger7 Intro Animation by Recorded/Mixed by Dyson Beats at Free House Studios : |...

get him on charlie sloth
Dialect is undeniably sick but ever since Logic ripped the Milkbone beat no one can compare...
Big L has just turned in his grave at this comment!
Would love to see this guy collab with Freddie Gibbs.
His flow is insane he absolutely killed it
very hard first heard him in his battle vs cortez fully rate him
mother fucker..............
This Kenny Powers dope
Yo D get at me I'm in LA, I have a few contacts. Love ya cuz
man destroyed both beats A++
When he spits over good
Talent...why would you dislike this
Victor Vaughn ; yeah, it's called black rose. You can find it on soundcloud
Very talented, that second beat and his slowed down flow is fluid. I think he's pretty hard. Keep rockin my boy
Does anyone know if he has a mixtape/album out?
yea bro on datpiff
2nd instrumental - Milkbone keep it real 1995
milkbone keep it real
this guy would be nice over the el-p beat too
Victor the black rose mixtape from BIG mixatpe!!
Can;t find the mixtape anywhere can you link me the site or download ect please bro 
AsherDon Dialect 2v2 get it sorted Marcus!
wow ! sick talent sick bars just all round sick guy !
Don't normally like grime but its just awesome
so if its slower and delivers it quicker.... its obviously nothing like his flow you 'fucking tard'
Unreal, if you disliked this you should have your ear drums burst as punishment
Dialect is rudeboy! More from him please
Immense and really class. Love that second track especially
whats the instro on this? if its made by an underground producer where can i download?
This is fucking unreal, but why are people calling for a Warm Up Session or an F64 when Don't Flop is averaging more views than SBTV. SB used to get atleast 100k a video a couple of years ago. Now I'm seeing talented kids getting like 6k views, which is shit. Don't Flop is the future, calling for Dialect to link up with Jamal is pointless, he's doing big things with Don't Flop. DFAFD!
YOu have fucking no idea what you're on about pal, absolute bollocks.
SBTV Warm Up Session? I think so!
love that he says bled instead of blud
Why the fuck is he not making major tracks for a label yet..
Grimes from uk how can that guy say british aint meant to be grime artist the yanks started hip hop rap thats it
Leeds City!!! Dialect reppin all day!!!!
yeah F64 has to be soon, took its time but finally dialects getting seen
as an "American" this cat is dope universally .. I can understand every British rapper people who say they can't are just making an excuse to hold back talented people out of jealousy , especially in the "industry"
26 Americans cant undestand the Leeds accent
Dialect is too sick man! He's gonna blow up this year!
I'm a softy southerner and can understand him perfectly. Epic flow. Love it.
yeah it really is. giggs just does it slower and delivers it differently, its my opinion you fucking tard stop crying
the fact hes not at WD4 and deff and youth are is a bit silly no? not much uk at wd4 and those that are arent even top 10 to be fair, youths will be good but who else?
so like dialect has a webham but no f64 or fire in the booth ? I think jamal need to hit up dialect with one of them!
Fuck this shit, dialect kills it... Enough respect
You American or something? Just listen to more Uk rap then it will be easier for you to understand
Miilkbone - Keep It Real. Listen to music more, mate.
Who said that he or any UK rapper had a problem?
LEEDS CITY!! all day hold tight Dialect aka Develish never stopped grinding from day 1
this is sick, but Ceezlin killed that first beat differently
who says stuff like that you homo you just wish his finger was up your arse
Oh I'm a huge fan! Some of it is a little hard to get but I understand alot more than I did say a year ago, I'm just saying if they want to make this go "worldwide" because some of these lyrics are actually insane and it would be a shame if they were lost on the listener because he clearly works hard on his verse's.
Sickest flow I've ever heard, mad talent
never heard anyone as sick on grime. the guys sick
problem is the world doesnt appreciate insane lyrics, thats why we have people like lil wayne and drake at the top
Dialect SERIOUSLY needs to get an sbtv, the guy is fucking raw. Jamal, have you missed this one??!!
This guy is too fucking hard.... shit man
hip hop / rap is poetry and its english.. over instrumentals.. all of that shit is ours, let em talk shit who even cares about them and their 89 combined IQ
big up sam dyson on the boards, and of course dialect is way too good
Dialect is SICK ! Mad bars and Flows !
Giggs flow is shit and boring, nothing similar about the 2 of them. Lyrically 2 different species.
Dialect and Giggs got a similar flow, except Dialects is so much more entertaining
lool fuck sbtv dialect already done a westwood
sick bruv, first set reminds me ov dat track adrenaline (cant memba who by) dont know why! BIG UP DIALECT
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