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NBA 2K12 My Player - The Offseason, A Season of Change

by Kspadetheprospect • 65,036 views

We last saw Spade being pulled over for driving..ummm..suspiciously after a SWOOPIN at the hands of the Detroit Pistons. Spade was clearly angered at the effort the team put forth and even said...

Haven't watched your videos in a while, and I miss em.
Mr2kvids@ what about QJB aka Neal Bridges
lol yea idk what i was thinking about the 1st 2 trades not sure y i didnt just trade myself to the team i wanted to be on. But oh well. If u still dont wanna be on the team id just wait til the off season unless u end up wanting to trade urself
And who did the voice for your PR lady? Your wife?
Dat bus almost hit yo clean ass car
Lol... I should have gotten his tag number for that shit
Being more update vides like this ... That's cool as hell
My G i shouted u out on my special shoutout vid go check it out
yo spade when you going to release that made men song?
whats the name of the intro music????
Lol...there's no off season to show in my player. If I didn't give you the "virtual life shit" you would have gotten 2 minutes of me running drills!!
what car game is that in the beginning?
6:41 LOL Of Course Ryan Anderson whack Ass didnt Make the Shot But i Did My Part...NICE VID
only time will tell. I'm just gonna keep bringing my best and soon folks will take notice! Thanks for the support tho man!
ok i meant the one where you were driving around,i will check the description
Of Course his whack ass didnt make it
You IpodKingCarter And Smoove =the best
Lol...there's no off season to show in my player. If I didn't give you the "virtual life shit" you would have gotten 2 minutes of me running drills!
how can u drive a car of season it doesnt happen on pc version it just says simming offseason
I was unaware that you only played one game. Thank goodness!
Yeah what racing game was that ?
I'm sell NBA 2K12 simple ..boring crew see ya cuhh good video though
But hey we all make mistakes in life especially athletes, we just have learn don't let happened again continue with your career you good man my guy.
Nice vid man. Keep up the good work!
Nice vid real creative. Driving around in 2k from home to practice or hotel to the game i think would be kind of cool!
could anyone please tall me how to do signiture layups
hey spade you should have got that bitch lebron james while you where in miami
thumbs up if u noticed that the ring said fight night
its weird that i noticed that the midnight club LA map is the EXACT version of the LA map in Midnight club 2, just updated (obviously) its only weird cuz i havent play midnight club 2 in like 8 years lol and i never played midnight club LA
lol him and kimbo look like a before and after picture
damn that sucks. I had a problem with going to my player and it freezing so I have to flick the stick to get the menu (not the picture of my my player but the real menu) and then go to my player and it works. Hope this helps
it was funny when he put dumbass cop hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u should hook up with chris smoove
thanks man. Thats great company to be mentioned with me I meant Chip! Check your private message!
in my first season i traded 6 times and then i singed a new contract whith bucks would have stayed with okc but buck offerd me a 70.69 mill for 5 years cus im a 97 ovrerall
do it from that 1st in my player but the 1st menu screen. If that doesn't help let me know!
Skip Bayless, not Chip Bayless. Lol, nice vid though!
You shoot as good as Neal Bridges can dunk. You get a dunk every now and then ,and he gets a 3pointer evey now and then.
how did yhu get the lebrons nines i got just the basic shoes in the nike id
midnight show more on the description
the game in beginnning is midnight club and the other is 2k12
thanks! Which game do you mean? Well, click on my description....its has all of the info
too bad ryan is so bad in this game, in 2k13 he's a beasti
of course his wack ass aint make it
I REALLY wish 2K would make a game like this..
its kinda late in the game to buy this one with 13 dropping in late sept...I think. I'd probably wait
if you keep on making videos people are gonna watch you more than chris smoove. your storylines are crazzy man keep it up
Yo spade can we both agree thar offseason is the best part of association and my player
so since chris smoove makes my player videos so no one else isnt allowed 2? STOP HATING Good video bro keep it up man
It's about time you cleaned up your image. Your rookie season is over. You got the superstar you wanted. Time to go get a ring.
Nice vid kspade I know about your DUI haha.
I'm working on something special.....stay tuned is all I can say
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