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Hair Update: Great Lengths Hair Extensions

by Nicole Guerriero • 325,359 views

All the answers to your questions are right here.... - I got them done May 14th, 2012. I know everyone will want to know the price but every stylists charges a different...

Great video, I'm considering these over tape next time. Did you do a follow up video by any chance? Would love to know your impression after a while and how long they really lasted, if there was upping, etc. thank you!
hola mi nombre es dahiana robles ,soy de república dominicana  necesito saber como compro estas extensiones de pelo , si tiene algún envió ,o atreves de quien se pueden conseguir .  saludos dahiana  
I was so proud to introduce Layuri hair extensions to my friends and they love it like their natural hair. We have been using it anytime everywhere together and we feel so glam.
That's a great review about Great Lengths! No matter how expensive your hair extensions are, taking care of them is always about you. Thanks for putting that out!
Let me first say this was a very insightful video Nicole, thank you! I am considering getting thermally bonded in extensions and pretty much had no idea what to expect. I live in Clearwater area, I looked up your stylist at Salon Monaco Tampa and I think I will go ahead an pay her a visit because your hair looks marvelous. I have one question, I know pricing depends on how many bundles are used and if color correction is necessary, etc. But how much did you end up paying for everything? I don't need to know exact just an approximation so I can have some sort of an idea. Lastly, did she provide you a consultation before hand?  Thanks again hun, your hair and your personality are amazing xo. 
I wish I found this video 18 months ago before I started getting Great Lengths! I've had 2 lots now, they're amazing. Cannot say enough good things about them.
Hi can you use WEN on great lengths hair extensions? thanks Zoe
I love your attitude it's amazing
Hey girl. Did you have some bonds slip down..NOT fall out completely, but start slipping down, some faster than others. I have 3 that totally fell like 4 inches, maybe 5..IDK what to do. I'm only 3 weeks in and it's distressing right now. I had it done at a primo place. Mucho $, 6 bundles of hair, and some are like 1 inch down, some closer to my scalp. I'm getting panicked about it, and just wanted to know if this is at all normal because I am being MEGA gentle with my hair, and now I'm just petrified all the time. Thanks love! xoxo
"I wished it smelled like the, whatever" xD
what length are these?? Anyone please lemme know if you do.
very nice results but it damages the hair so bad, so i don't recommand it at all.
Haha! You are so funny! I have always been negative about the glue in hair extension as they can damage your hair but I think obviously the great lengths are very good! Thank you for your great video! When I qualify in law and get a good wage, man I'm going to have these whipped in my hair as soon as I can! 
How much do they cost?
What's the difference between Great Lengths and fusion extensions? Is great lengths just a name brand of fusion? Is it better than regular fusion?
you need to try weave
Do you get headaches? I get them from my clip ins so I'd be afraid with the greatlengths.
You said you only use the Macadamia, you don't use the anti-tap stuff?
It's crazy how you try to give us Allll the information in your videos then people still ask!
hi i love u soo soo soo much and i live in LONDON!!!
My Hair us naturally curly! So that means that i have to straighten my hair everytime i wash it right? Its reaaaaaally curly. And i buy these extensions on a site then get someone to put them in???
just foundbthis vid and i wanna instantly sub to u :D
as you are a self caring person u can care alot but for others its a task really tough task baby ...........luv your videos u always look great
How could you. How could you leave us!
The owner of the salon I have been going to for 7 years is a master at installing Great Lengths extensions. I am now convinced that this is the route for me to go
what about micro loop extentions? plz right back
Is luxy hair a good brand?plus is it 100% human hair?
did you dye your hair lighter?
how much did it cost to get them ??
hahahaha you are so hilarious! By far best personality on you tube;) love ya girl thanks so much!! keep doin what your doin!!!
I have never ordered from tobi and dont know anyone else who does! WOULD YOU SAY THERE CLOTHES ARE GOOD QUALITY? THANX IN ADVANCE:)
How much you paid for those extensions?
I soooo what these does anyone know if they have these kinda things n dallas tx n how much they go for?? AND can I still curl,and straighten my hair without damaging the extensions??:)
they are SOOOOOOOO painful!!!! couldnt stand them! i cut them all out went from 18 inch hair to a bob hairstyle bc i couldnt stand the pain!
Mine about killed me cus when they touch n rubb ur scalp
you should donate some extensions to me lol its cause my 15's is coming up and my hair wont grow :( pleaseee
You are too funny! I love your videos.
can streighten, color and do everything on your hair with clip on hair extensions?
You inspired me to get Great Lengths extensions and so far I love them! Can you do another update if you still have them in? Thanks for always giving the styling tips!
Omg!!!!!! Girl!!! My hair is damage tooo! I want bond exentsions
Can you plz do an update on these? Like how did you like them, would you recommend them, etc. Thxs
Hey, random question but how did you used to keep your old clip in hair extensions in such good condition? As i have had 6 sets of hair extensions and they always go like matted at the bottom with like split ends, within a few days of getting them out the packet! Please help if you have any advise as i hate having short hair and need my extensions!! thank you :) ps i love you xx
' This aint what ya hair look like girl ' HAHA
You are so adorable! Ilove your videos! Thx for helping me decide on extensions! xoxo Sheri
hey nicole im new to youtube took ur advice havent downloaded a video yet but please subscribe to me ;)
she had them taken out a few days after she made this video lol she said she hated it.
You look mad with those eyebrows lol
i just gotta say i love all your videos!! your so helpful beautiful and your personality rocks!!!
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It looks amazing!!! those extensions are a fortune though, aren't they ?
"if I had naturally flowing beautiful hair, I wouldn't be clipping in weave, would I? NO." hahaha Nicole I love you!
i like the mitt ad in the beginning :)))
what clip in hair extensions did you use?
I have now got my second set of bonded hair extensions and im from the UK and my first set cost me £400 and my second set cost me £600 and that was just for the hair! They are good at first but they do get matted and I am so going back to my clip in hair extensions, they are easier to manage and better for your hair!
May u please do a update ... Please
I would like to get them for christmas present or something.. But they are too expensive, and i dont even know, if they blow my all hair just away. How much did you pay them?
Person on the bottom of me 👇 this isn't church!!!!
Is that method better than sewing the extension in braids?
would you recommend the extensions to girls with really curly hair?
How do you like these now after this amount of time? I have heard that they start falling out after 2 months or so ? Would you recommend them? I also heard you will have to pay 300-400 to take them out ? Thanks for your time
Have you ever used Micro Loop extensions? Or know anything about them?
ALSOOO, how did you buy the great length hair extensions?! Because I don't see anything about it on their website.. -_-
Ooooh my God i want!!! And im going to tampa! What is the name of the salon? I will love to get them done.
My step mom put those in for me! It hurts so bad and you get little bumps . & your hair gets very tangled!
love your skull blouse really looks nice on you really brings out your beauty more :-)
where did u get your shirt?Love it!
I have these type but they are falling off idk why??); Had them for 4months though since prom what do you recommend me to make them look more natural and last longer ???
Is your natural hair short? I have shoulder length hair and I use 18 inch clip in extensions and I always want to put my hair with the extensions in a bun but the clips always show. Do you have any suggestions?
Do u gave that in .. in the note video
If you put your hand over an open flame it will burn.but dont take my word for it..Some hair extentions DO DAMAGE YOUR HAIR..
how many strands per bundle? Thanks.
That's kind of gross, in my opinion. If you don't have the money to buy some new ones, you don't need to be doing all of this stuff to your hair.
Where's ur shirt from its really cute??
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I have also had great lengths extensions, the stylist used 3 bundles on me and it cost me just under $2,000. I would absolutely say they are worth the money & with proper care they did last me a full 6 months w/ no more damage to my actual hair than styling it does anyway. 1 thing, they are A LOT of work especially if you have VERY CURLY hair like I do. They were great while they lasted but I will not be getting them again any time soon.
Please do an update I want to get this done but im tooo scared! And how can you go blond if your hair is as dark as yours iv never died ut before and ps ur gorgeous you really look lije kloe kardation
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