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Mass Effect Tali and Ashley BOTH kill Wrex

by Robert Hamilton • 209,905 views

Tali playing as Commander Shepard trying to reason with Wrex which does not end well for him! You can also check out my other Wrex death videos, including another with Tali

How the heck did Tali become Shepard??
why do they always make characters not have shields in cut scenes 
One pistol shot kills a Krogan!  Looks like they forgot this little fact in Mass Effect 2!
+derekmok notice how it took around 3 pointblank shotgun blasts plus multiple pistol shots to end him
O_O I will NEVER kill Wrex he's too badass.
Killing Wrex is the best decision I ever made.  It makes the Mass Effect 3 "Genophage" mission so much more interesting.
+Puglous nope making wreav on the Normandy mourns you killed him and he isn't the sample to cure the genophage. without a krogan army your full of small army lizards that eat flies 
"What. Did you just kill him chief?" "Commanders orders." LOL. Idk why I find this so funny.
Is this a mod to play as Tali or something?
I think that was at the PC-version, I don't know how to do, but you can make almost everything at the PC-versions of games - even look and sound like Tali (ok, they call Tali 'Shepard' and 'Commander', but ngaaaahhh ;D) But killing Wrex..... I would never do this. I like Krogans too much ;D
That was a little overkill on poor old wrex.
how did u get to be talk ??
Killing Wrex is the one option I would never pursue. This was funny though x')
the first 2 thing tali said were from mass effect 2
Stupid organics. Just assume direct control...
Well now I know who's commanding B-Team
Wha...? Did you just kill him chief? Um, no. Can't say that I did...
Christ, the only thing that was missing was Tali reciting Ezekial 25:17 before killing Wrex!
sounds like a female version of dexter.
Simple Aria Tali and Ash were jealous of Shepard and Wrex's badassery so they killed them both and brainwashed the crew to make everyone else think Tali is Shepard since Tali is working for the reapers
I was a little confused at first, but now I think I got it. It's FemShep's voice, but modded with some sort of synth effect to sound like a quarian? ...right?
OK WT* If you did kill him, kill him painlessly!!! Well you shouldn't kill him at all!
So much in a rush that you didn't read all the dialog options? I don't know what those options lead to, but you could've at least chose neutral...
"Commander's order...."yeah it always comes down to Shepard. :P
Wrex is a douche. He go rot in hell for all I care. come the voice not Male or female shep???? ow did you change????
i've been trying to do that but it doesn't let me though!
@comedyking1011 having him loyal by doing his family armor quest is enough :-) just for info.
Am I the only one who found it slightly funny how they spammed shots?
She had your back! Wrex would of killed you. Unlike Kaiden who had no slight clue of the situation at hand.
Really? Well you have to complete ME1 then have the save on your HDD. Then in ME2 just go to new game and "Import ME1 Character" then select your save. Do you know the problem?
i was in a rush and i didnt know he would die i i just winged it...5 seconds later ASSley shoots him in the face :(
NOOOOOOOO!!!! Wrex is a badass, he cant die :(
how about shoting him one moar time
@TheUltimaBuster I never really played ME3 because of all the backlash it's gotten for the ending.
i miss kaiden.... when i try and play me2 it will always just kill him off and leave me with that bitch ashley :(
HDD is Hard drive and maybe you need to sign out to select your save, I don't play ME on xbox. Is there any other details about the problem?
HOW DID THAT PISTOL EVEN HURT WREX!?!?!?! I mean, I have no problems with people killing Wrex for whatever reason they may have, but PLEASE. Please respect the rules of an alpha krogan & full armor, health and barriers and use a mother effing BAZOOKA to kill him. Seeing Wrex fall from a single pistol shot makes me CRINGE >.<
He could of got bits of tali diolouge and glued it together and did a hack to reshape Shep to a quarion.
ashley,you stay and make sure nobody steals the bomb, tali, you'll be part of a distraction team soon enough
@KarateKidZX Impressive work! One edit to Ini and this happens? Could you tell me where I can learn to edit these ini files? Liked!
How did you get to play as Tali for this part?
Fuck Wrex, and the Krogan horde. Long live Humanity!
so what happens if the real tali comes out of the normandy and sees shepard dressed like her?
Your problem for not building up your reputation, not Ashley's. You gave the order. Ash wouldn't have killed him if A. You killed him yourself or B. You built up your reputation enough to save him
Well then, case in point. Gotta level up your reputation
When I started playing Mass Effect 2 I had already deleted the first one, so I started the game from zero. The original choices are awful, I let the Counsil die and Wrex was dead, it was pretty sad.
yes because fighting a krogan hand-to-hand is tiring and dangerous... then again Garrus fought Garm one-on-one in hand-to-hand
That was probably Shepard's daughter. Think about it~
one shot not dead. second shot still not dead. third shot STILL not dead. forth shot STILL NOT DEAD. fifth shot STILL NOT DEAD!!! sixth shot FINALLY DEAD!!! How tough is wrex
@Melenkurio i'm betraying ashley with tali WHY DID YOU KILL HER
so this has a repercusion in mass effect 3 right? right? right?
Nah,it's a great game,only the last 10 minutes are terrible
not very good but insanly good all the work you did earns a like kudos
Then I'd like to out you into my aquarium, mutated fish
It's just audio from freedoms progress in me2
Um "Signal Ashley to kill Wrex" is one of the options. How did you not know that he was going to die The middle right and top right options probably wouldn't have lead to Wrex's death
Noooooo Wrex die so horrible death Ashley you bitch next time when i replay all mass effects i will left you to die and make romance whith liara !
Tali - "I can't just let Cerberus handle this.." Illusive Man - "Hey now, don't look at me. We're not a part of this yet."
Wrex always dies unless you choose the renegade/paragon options :\
uhh whats HDD? and i've beat the game yes three times already and i've only had it for about 5 days. and i've been playing me2 now and it always says when i try to import that i need to sign out of my gamer profile and when i do it still doesn't let me play because then it can't read the storage device! so when i sign back in it asks me to sign out again >:(
how about garrus ,shepard wrex,ashley,tali and thane kill harbinger
i think that was overkill. i mean yeah he's a krogan but still. shooting him five times? once to knock him to the ground and four more times when he's down? total overkill.
its funny because it fits together and makes sense.
Was there a secret marriage between shepard and tali so now she has his last name? Tali and Ashley must have found evidence that proves Wrex was secretely working with cerberus so they took him down and now Ashley and Tali are best friends forever!? Kaidan must be very confused by the end of this video...
This video has been Flagged for Wrex abuse. Don't worry, Youtube will take care of it.
I guess since there is no legitimate way to play Commander Tali, her dialog is made up from parts of other dialogs. Apparently, this was the closest thing we could get to her saying she can't allow that thing to happen.
How the fuck did you do this? Did they actually have Tali say all of Shepard's lines when they were making the game?
The Fuck? Wrex is the best Krogan ever. You will burn for this Williams!
no no the way they did it: 1.A mod that changes the skin or maybe a armor for femshep 2.He just took audio from me2 missions
I romanced Wrex... Now I have the genophage... And need a wheelchair...
Yeah,Ashley is a racist bitch and doesn't trust you i ME3,always save Kaidan,unless you want Ashley as your romance option
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