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Avenged Sevenfold Wins 'Best New Artist' at the 2006 VMAs

by TonightWeAllDieYoung • 178,294 views

Cheers, they deserved it. A7X, The israeli fans love you!! we can't wait for you guys to make a stop here in Tel Aviv!

M shadows face haha :D
Maaaan, look at Chris Brown's face at 1:51.
He looks like want to cry,,,Haahaa
When matt stood up and started walking chris brown took one look and thought 'I better not say anything'. Lol. No one there was more deserving than avenged
That wasn't Chris Brown. Chris was wearing a red shirt at 2:31.
+TriciaPooh01 who gives a fuck. It was a stupid guy thinking a rap artist would win against a7x.
Back when MTV knew the true meaning of music
+I'mTheDrummer is that even Rock ??? 
Wish they still had a place for rock music. -.-
Love how all the rappers looked so pissed off, fuck them.
+Ryan Voso avenged sevenfold admit to like the game, Ti, r Kelly and pharrel
Chris Brown's reaction was priceless :D I'm just annoyed that Abigail Breslin couldn't pronounce Avenged Sevenfold so Fergie had to help her
take comfort in knowing that both Abigail & Fergie are irrelevant now and MTV stopped being important after this VMA
+RocketRoketto Every year MTV pulls a stunt to make the awards relevant. 2007: Britney Spears opened the show with an awful performance of "Gimme More" while she was intoxicated. 2009: Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift... blah blah blah....  2011: Beyonce reveals that she's pregnant, what a twist!  2013: Miley Cyrus shook her ass like there was no tomorrow! Every year in between were boring and irrelevant, which is sad though. Because 2012's show was actually pretty decent, and the video's that won actually were good and deserved the awards, but the ceremony was one of the lowest rated VMA's of all time, so I guess MTV had to resort back to "controversy" to get viewership. How sad.
why is mainstream media so scared of metal these days?
“If you don’t know, now you know.” – Zacky V.
HAHA jay z looked mad and chris brown lmao good job a7x
I remember the 12 year old kid I was back in 06' thinking that Brown or Rihanna would win it. Then when Avenged Sevenfold was called, I was too excited!
Zacky is like hurry n give me tht microphone
The revs speech and Chris browns face😂
James Blunt. Ugh. That songs annoys the hell outta me.
tom delonge is just like :|
I like how they put the a7x vid on for like 3 secs
We are the underdog! Haha nice
how can they be new artists when they had 3 albums?
Well some of the other artists weren't new either (Rhianna was definitely around before SOS came out).
Best new artist IN A VIDEO on MTV . They had other videos but not on mtv
Lmfao! Chris brown was sitting their looking at matt like "Shit this mf' big"
2:31 Chris brown is like "What's going on here..."
The revs part was priceless
"Uhh, I'd like to thank god..which ever one I believe in. Still trying to figure that out right now...just kidding dad" 😂😂😂😂
"Want to thank MTV for still having a place for rock music." Annnnnnnd queue the downfall...
Dumb girl ... Can't say the name of the most awesome band on the planet -__-
But 'Avenged Sevenfold' it's not that difficult to say ahah
Is anyone else happy that the other nominees look pissed that they won? 
Rihanna was happy, probably the only artist that didn't care to lose. Most likely since, just a year after she took home 2 awards including Video of the Year. So...
All the rappers just look pissed off. XD
If A7X comes back to the music awards Chris brown and the others will say "crap their back and more badass then ever and the Chris brown get his ass kick by Syn and Matt! Then johnny will get drunk
Jimmy was a little drunk HAHAHA
2:38 Tom Delonge looked bumbed out... 
I love the little thing The Rev does at 1:49 
I like how Jimmy did a little dance to mock them after he got up. 
wow i really miss the old mtv,nowadays only stupid pop shit like rihanna would win
3:03 LOL i just noticed the face that shadows made............
and for all you who don't know ... now you know. well said Zacky V. Still my favorite band after all these years!
2:38 why delonge face tom?
Zackys like "give me the goddamn Mic"
2:25 Syn like, "MOVE ZACKY I'M HERE TOO!" XD
2014 and only artist still relevant in this video are Rihanna and A7X
I hate it how mtv doesnt collaborate with rock music anymore now its just abunch of stupid electronic beats...I wish people would go back to actually using intsruments and their true voices
I'm with you on that
U Guys Better dont Mess with The Most Dangerous Band in the Planet...
Kanye West gets up to walk to the stage, sees how fucking big they are and walks back to his seat whistling "Golddigga"
Angels and Airwaves should've won....
Avenged Sevenfold wins For Best New Artist at the 2006 MTV VMA's at Radio City Music Hall and also Fergie and her kid presented The New Artist in a Music Video Nominations : Angels & Airwaves - The Adventure Chris Brown (featuring Juelz Santana) - Run It James Blunt - You're Beautiful Panic at The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies Rihanna - S.O.S
oh thats great -You deserve the awards  and the rev really makes me cry for that part .. fuck cris brown!   love A7X foREVer
Chris Brown looked like he was about to cry! Haha
Wow.. 2006. When music was actually played with instruments.
Yeah now music it's only about business and It makes the youth of this generation stupid mainly pop & rap
Never underestimate the under dogs lol. The other nominees liked so pissed!
For all who don't know, now ya know.
I love how these guys don't give a fuck and don't just play music for awards but because they love it, well said Jimmy! R.I.P Rev
ahahah tom delonges face when he lost. "the greatest rock act since 20 years ago" wasn't good enough for this award!
i like how they win best NEW artist.. after being around for 7 years..
i swear when they got up my heart just started racing and i died (although i knew they were going to win it was in the title lol) they are so fucking awesome and badass and when i saw the rev i was just "holy shit"
Hey guys , THIS was the only GOOD part of the 2006 vmas, the rest of it was fucking SHITTY.  The last good, watchable VMAs were the 2003 vmas. 
wow I didn't know that M Shadows was bald lol!
Well, rock is the best genre... ;)
FUCK YES!!! to bad though that MTV is only about crappy ass reality shows and not about music at all. gotta miss the old stuff man
So glad they won that award. I mean its not like the award itself matters, but thats one of the best ways for a nonconformist to tell the world, fuck you.
Hahaha the look on Chris @ 2:32 Pricelessss! xD This so was so deserved! :-)
Chris Brown and Tom DeLonge looked so butthurt.
james blunt, chris brown and rihannah shuldnt have been on here. Avenged sevenfold are fucking awesome, they deserved to win
Chris brown lost bahhahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha
Chris brown was so mad lol that was a look of defeat and what looked like to be a bit of terror.
Tom FUCKING DeLonge! AVA is amazing but no as rocky as AX7
I love when the underrated artists win, especially when theyre the most talented
man.....i wish good bands would still be nominated in these award shows... i love you guys a7x. keep up good work...the rev is still with you and your fans in our hearts....
lol Chris Brown looks like a sad puppy
"I'd like to thank god, which ever one I believe in, because I don't know. Just kidding dad:P" WE LOVE YOU JIMMY!!!!! foREVer in our hearts
Everyone looked pissed that they won... HHAHAHAHAHA MOTHERFUCKERS
2:39 Hey Tom, why Delonge face? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
they were new in the mainstream, city of evil had just come out
Couple of things... I would've been happy with panic at the disco if they won, when Syn stands up to go to the stage and guess like WTF o well whatever, the Rev "I would like to thank food which ever one I believe in", and everyone who lost is like WTF did we lose to. Also how disrespectful no one on that stage knows how to say Avenged Sevenfold.
Ahahaha... Love this! They're the best *--*
She couldn't even pronounce it lol
Thank you mtv for still having a place for rock music..... chris brown's face...(:
Chris Brown is like "fuck me".
Yeah, Avenged Sevenfold pretty much just checked "Win a VMA" off their bucket list and became superstars. This moment would likely mean nothing but it is important because it WAS the fans. A7X has some of the best.
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