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Quick Simple Eyes With Bold Lips

by eyeXluvXmakeup • 105,217 views

If you didn't see my new Beyonce "Telephone" Tutorial, you can check it out here: Products used in this video: Brown Skin Beauty Matte Foundation in Tawny...

This may sound weird but your lips are such a nice shape, espescially for applying lipstick
What's the color called? KFC blush?
how old are u to wear makeup
I already have one up, you just have to look through my older videos.
Wow I am 37 and just now starting to wear make up. I don't really know how to apply it. I've alwayz been told I have sexy lips but they are darker, more brown than pink. I am shade darker than you. Now I can try some colors using your technique and make them really POP!! thx
@MaggieLepe Still gorgeous? Her lip size is awsome. Ppl pay for lips like that. You are right. She is gorgeous. Her lips are full but its natural so it doesn't look a mess like when ppl over inflat their lips.
you would just have to modify the amount of liner and the colors to make it work for you.
Besides your lips, your eyes are really pretty : )
So pretty! Love the music too.
aaaaaa give me your lips!!!! it's sooooo amazing ;)
thank you SOOOOOO much for this tut....i've been looking for a two tone bold lip for sooo long!....TY!!
@eyeXluvXmakeup Not so good, I think the plum liner I bought wasn't dark enough. I just need to buy the mac products instead of the drugstore versions, they never turn out as well to me lol.
Loved your tutorial. Are those your lashes? I can never get my lashes to look mice like yours.
the lips of dark people are soooo big....i love them >< i want
actually, to tell you the truth, I don't think its that special. I was just being silly and convinced myself that I NEEDED to have it, but I really don't.
This looks so fresh on you...very nice makes your skin look flawless! I am white but have full lips and large round eyes so I realy love watching your videos and applying it to my white skin.....I am huge fan!!
thanks! I think the same lipliner with red lipstick. And also brown lipliner with a nude colored lipstick.
i have huge eyes and everytime i use dark eyeliner on my water line i look like a raccoon or some kind of gothish emo person..what am i doing wrong.? is there another way .?
exactly! If its something you can't change (like your legs), then embrace it!
im actually not super familiar with mac lipticks, I only own a few. I like Hug Me, Siss, Half n' Half and Fresh Brew. Hope that helps.
Its Just Like Magic. O.o Just Kidden Itts Wonderful.
Beautiful!!! Love your tutorials!!! Your skin tone is beautiful!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Maybe this particular type of lining does not work for your lip shape. I tried this on my mom and t looked totally different. Just practice lining your natural lip line and I think you'll get the hang of it.
OMG, I can't wait to wear this look to WOW hubby. Very nice. Your lips are so plump and lovely. I have full lips also. Love this look.
I used to think chestnut was the best (before I knew anything about makeup) but nightmoth is totally my favorite now.
omg i lve u ur so pretty i all ways wach ur videos
waauw!! your lips are amazing!!!!!
That color looks soooo good on you, I don't think I could wear it. Maybe if I watch you do it a couple of more times I might try it.
no grandmother has been doing this look for years looks great on you
I have very small lips. I wanted to know how I could make my lips look fullero without having to use the lip plumping lipglosses?
@prtybrwneye85 lining your lips slightly outside of your lip line would help. Also, using a reverse lipliner or a light concealer to highlight the cupids bow and outer rim of the lip might help as well.
I Tried this Look ! I thouqht I Had full *Enouqh lips to Rockk it ... Fail ! lOl FYi , Fuckk the Hater ;; Yur Lips are AMAZING ! Yu NATURALLY own what Others PAY for
Love it! You look like Kimberly Elise Neal on here!
you are a very pretty and talented young lady. I love a bold lip too. Great tut!
I am a rookie at makeup and Im trying to find myself. I love this look!!!! Im not real big on eyeshadow and I like the more suddle look. I do like the bold lip. Do you have any natural eyeshadow and brown bold lip tips?
stop at 355 so hot ypur lips so nice
I enjoy your looks. Happy to see your back
did you get it yet Ladwina? Snob is so awesome! I love it!
I think this is a r n b video look
I never thought pink could look so good on dark skin. I will be heading to mac tomorrow to get me some of that snob lipstick. Thanks girl......well done.
ohmygosh, thats genius and I love it lol
@shawna4change A bold lip could definitely work in a professional setting. Just don't pair it with a bold eye and bright cheeks. I work in a coorperate environment and these lips would not cause a fuss. They'd be complimented.
Love it...I want those lips!!!!!!
your lips are totally bratz doll!
i wish i had ur lips to make bold statements...unfortunately, i gotta stick to my eyes lol ... u look beautiful!!!
nice, think i'll try this for my monday moring face.
I didn't mean those colors, particularly! I just meant that anytime the liner is darker than the lip color....
So I don't have your fabulously full lips :( lol Will this look work for me? This is such a date night look, I really want to try it.
I absolutely love this. So much, I subscribed, lol. I've always been a top-lid liner person, and I'm glad you showed a way to make eyes pop naturally by just lining the bottom. As simple as that is, I never thought of it, lol. Thanks :)
Love the lips!! Great tutorial lady!!
i think I got it at hairsisters(dot)com. But it is reeeeeaaaaalllllly long, I had to cut it.
You have Jay Z lips ( in the cutest way possible)
Thanks for sharing! Those colors look great together! God Bless! =)
What lip pencil did you use. I love the lips.
I do. But this is my absolute favorite lip combo, i just don't get the chance to wear it much.
Hey, What were the name of the colors you used on your lips? Great video!
i have always hated my lips because it full jst like urs,bt damn gurl u jst make me love ma lips the more,cus am soo inlove with ur lips and hw u allpy ur make up,so simple classic nd unique....go gurl u make me proud of ma lips,love u for dat
why r ur lips so big no offense but cool i just wanted to tell u that ur not supposed to put a different lip liner then the lipstick
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