Lion Cub Rescued from Balcony in Beirut

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In Lebanon, this adorable lion cub was rescued from a balcony in downtown Beirut! More and more lion cubs are being smuggled into Lebanon to be kept as private pets, but unfortunately they rarely...

I know right... Why are people so stupid? Leave the animals be, I mean for fucks sake, they will be extinct soon because of the neglect people show them. I can't even say that without being a hypocrite because I don't know what I COULD do. :(
ok u whould like them in a zoo but if u have a lion as a pet u chould give tham to a africa lion pride
Gratitude for the good people everywhere who try so hard to do the right thing for all things that live and breathe.
@wonder10jd That's understandable. No one likes to see animals being abused ^-^
Why do people do this? Why smuggle these poor animals into countries for people with too much money so they can have a 'cool' pet? It's cruel and people who do it should be ashamed of themselves. Good job to the people who rescue the ones they can. <3
@Luvs4Yu i know, it just wasn't suitable for this particular video :)
Thank you guys for rescuing and taking the right care of him!!!
1:05 , something funny to share? that wasn't funny at all. ANIMAL ABUSE AND ILLEGAL TRADE MUST STOP!!!!!!!
I want one as a pet, they're so freaking cute. But animals like these shouldn't be pets, they should stay wild.
Why do people keep these as pets, they deserves to have a full life in the wild as intended.
@wonder10jd it does that "Got something funny to share?" thing is at the end of all of their videos. It's definately not just because of this video.
Cute. Till you're face s is cut in peices
their parents must have been killed for them to be captured. so wrong. thanks for saving them.
These wild animals are not intended to be kept as pets. They are not domesticated. People's selfish ways these days, makes me sick.
@itaku Did you happen to read any of the white text floating across the screen? It was a private pet, HEELLLO! Your comment makes no sense, go back to school.
Lions are cute Pets ... the problem lies in there when they grow out... theres no way to keep them when they are adults (you cant tame a lion). Why arent people able to think a liiiitle far out to see what will happen, that way they will see, that it doesnt make any sense to prison them into a "home" when they should be free.
You don't seem to understand the concept of "Rescued".
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