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Not Possible

by penguinz0 • 508,736 views

This is the greatest effort of All Time

"Stupid Turbo Titty Turtle Truck Mobile" This is the greatest alliteration of All Time
Lol! if you wanna clear it, here is what to do, you wanna be in the exact middle of the tunnel and just tap a little up or down depending on the walls and if you feel like you gonna hit the last one coming, jump it, turbo tunnel is all about timing and it gets better when you get to the fast walls at the end, but get the warp in front of the 10th Wall, at the bottom. good Luck!
you dont even care about your wife, do you mr toad?!
HeghehEYh gO to trUThConTEst$~`%com< rEAd The PrESEnt`5
10/10 he should be the new Carfax spokesman lol I died laughing when I heard that, "show me the Carfax" XD
"I'm about to do to my ass what Jimi Hendrix did to his guitars"
0_0 How Come Cr1tiKal Doesn't Have 30 mill Subs... He deserves The Phuck out of that!
To be fair, this is considered to be one of the hardest levels in all of gaming,
You're shitting my shit with that shit!
the is the most I've ever seen him care... usually soo apathetic
DId anyone ever beat this
Cr1tikal didn't even make it to the hard part of this level.
+TheManlyman21 From 3 on, 100% no mercy for the weak. I could never beat Clinger Winger. But the Rat Race was fun.
"I don't know if people realize how many walls they come into contact with per day." That's pretty fuckin deep
Reagan was the best
I think you may have forgotten about the Great Richard Nixon, our Lord and Savior.
The best what? Definitely not the best president.
Okay, I just subscribed. I don't do that very often, but I love your commentary. I'm trying to become a "let's player" but I don't think I'm very funny. I would really, really enjoy watching you play Amagon for the NES. It's a game I had growing up and I think you would make it extremely funny.
This game was voted the most difficult game in existence. More than Dark Souls.
Dark Souls isn't nearly hard enough to be on a list of the most difficult games in existence. Battletoads might be.
Try Ninja Gaiden.
i like how the url has Peeek in it 
Show me the Carfax.
Cr1TiKaL confirmed new Carfax spokesman!
"that'll really bring down the house" goddammit
I want to draw for you! Show me what you look like or maybe a sona for me to draw for you. I just absolutely love your videos and really want to do something in return.
You just wanna see what he looks like, don't you?
IN ANY CASE. People usually either depict Cr1t as a guy with a hoodie that covers his face Or a pengiun 
"you're shiting my shit with that shit," i couldnt have said it better myself
car fax report: accidents at least 100 or so, brick walls are dangerous 
4:28 The origin story of Dogi the Wallcrusher.
and to think critikal had battletoads the whole time, guess i should stop calling gamestop.
This is the greatest wall jumping of all time
Sounds like someone needs The Power, NINTENDO POWER! (because this game is not hard)
Funniest man on the internet, by a country mile!! This is his most crude video of his, of all time! Absolute legend!!!! Well thats the end of this comment, rememember to like the comment, agree with the comment and let me know how awesome I am. See ya.
I can still hear the music, still ringing in my head. Over and over...
only game I never finished as a kid...mid-level 4 the best I could do.
its all good i had missouri winning alsoxD
this game is fuckin hard. i got the snes cartridge and when i was a kid it took me and another person like 3 1/2 weeks maybe a month to get thru it completly.
I'm pretty sure the SNES version is easier than the NES version
don't you use twitch ? if you do plz gime :D 
the same Mr.Toad from the wolf among us xD 
they look nothing like a tonberry !!
Played my ass like Jimi Hendrix played guitar lmao
It's "Do to my ass what Jimi hendrix did to his guitars" (he set fire to his guitars)
Wow missouri Really I put Oregon
I love how he doesn't get mad and shout when he dies but instead says something completely random, i wish i had that, tired of shouting and breaking shit
Don't you know, Cr1tikal doesn't have feelings! He can't just get mad.
I wish that I can solve a rubics cube with my bare nipples.
I love this fucking game
Lost it at "I'm going to do to my ass what Jimi Hendrix did with his guitar." Jimi Hendrix played guitar with his mouth lmfao
I think he meant when Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire.
I'm pretty sure he meant doing all of the above.
"You Anus!" I lost it.
Tristan Dahl Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is hilarious, and I empathize with him greatly. (NSFW language)
Sup fellow uncommon name
+Tristan Saunders My real name is Tristan as well....0_o not so uncommon now is it >:D
"I feel like George Washington's wooden teeth are gnawing at my nipples" Best. Quote. Ever.
I heard someone do that once while on a TF2 server, the clerk really told him off.
"I'm about to do to my ass what Jimi Hendrix did to his guitars." So you're gonna light it on fire?
That brain wall makes me.. horny.
lol when I heard "I'm fucked in the March Madness bracket" I had to look at the date. HAHA! GO CATS! Number 8 baby!
there is a gamestop that still has it and they are selling it for $9000
The legends say his actually a pair of titties or a nipple.
I am about to do to my ass what Jimi Hendrix did to his guitars. Incredible.
Carfox? Voice in background: CARFAX! *Trollface* VIB: SON OF A CHILBEARING TIT SLAPPING RECEPTICLE! Ha
We don't know what he looks lie so I guess you should do that to every stranger you see just to be sure...
3:25 was the best thing ive ever heard
I traded in Battletoads in gamestop for 5 cents! My friend only got 4 :)
I was drinking out of a gallon jug of Gatorade in my bed, but when he said, "That makes absolutely no sense. Show me the carfax. I cleared that shit." I found myself drowning in glacier freeze
In my youth I could beat this on the first attempt.
george washington's wooden teeth are gnawing on your nipples?
I pissed myself at the end lOLOLLOL!
Google "jeremy renner ass" Gj, you just asked for a picture of a mans ass.
It's pure evil... Believe me... I've seen things... °_°
so does he use emulators to play games?
My pubic hair are way better than pewdiepie so that doesn't say much.
Cr1tiKal is the titties we deserve, but not what we need right now...
I',m honestly angry that he didn't actually complete level 3
Sometimes I just put his videos on and do other things so I can just listen to him ramble. He says the greatest things.
is the guy on the dead space commercial Rick, from the walking dead?
I just heard a philosophical discourse on walls. My life is complete, bro.
Everyone is better than pewdiepie XD I just can't stand the guy lol
Played this game on SEGA When i was 5. Good times... goooood times.... i couldn't pass this level.
I remember beating this part as a kid. I had it down man. Problem is it only gets harder from here
This looks like a great game. I think I'll ask for it on Gamestop.
It took me almost 20years to notice you gotta be very agresive if you wanna pass this f... level.
His Neighbors must wonder whats going on in his house, all they hear most of the time is NIPPLES!
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