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OFFICE KOMBAT!! SourceFed's Half Time Show featuring Lee and a bouncy castle

by SourceFed • 312,120 views

A while ago, Phil promised Lee that if all the videos on the first week of SourceFed got over 100k views, that he would get a bouncy air castle. Well they all did. And we also got an air jousting...

Will is the gosh darn Avatar. He will always win.
Awwwwwwwwww! Intern Will!
remember when Will was just an intern
SF should do another jousting arena. I'd love to see the current guys do it.
I love how these grown men and women were rewarded with inflatables. That's why I'm subscribed to this channel.
Awww little baby Will!
is the intern young William Haynes?
1:06 William Haynes again everybody!
William Haynes: Origins
Lol Will is an just an intern in this video, and currently on the sourcefed nerd channel, he plays in everything
Will back then... WOW
Look at the Will in this!
Will fights against Elliott, he thinks he is able to best the master, but he is wrong. He must wait. . . he must gather his strength and in two years. . . Will will become the master.
0:56 William Haynes everybody!
damn young will is killing that buzz cut
Wiiiiiiiiilllll. Nothing matters.
They spelled Elliott with 1 "t"
Do I see a fetus will? :O
Back when will was an intern
People in america can't dress for shit
Just noticed, Will was kinda there since the beginning, well done will!
I wish Steve, Trish and Meg were there for this.
You know they were all like guys just let Phil win or he'll fire us
Watching this in 2014, Phil has lost so much weight since this vid!
1:06 Everyone spells poor Elliott's name wrong.
god i want to work at sourcefed so bad
i see a younger will here 1:07 
Is it just me or after Lee said Dark Horse did anyone sing Dark Horse
Elliot vs "Intern" ah good times
lee should have wore her dino suit
was thinking the same thing
Omg "Elliott vs Intern"?? Two years later Will takes his place as host! I had no idea Will's been there since the beginning!
that intern at 1:07 turned out to be a host....will, you are awesome
Open this to the public!
will being a little intern lel
Holy shit, Will's in this video!
They spelt Elliott's name with only one T!!
well almost any comment with Elliott people spell his name wrong except you
IF all your videos in the month go over 100,000 a piece, then you should build a go cart tract in the office and have races.
Whaat joe and lee are black!? and also play for NE!?
Oh god, I would absolutely love to work for SourceFed!
When Joe was saying about facing Phil and said "Philp defranco is about to get filled in... With my dick" I lost it
this remains my favorite sourcefed video
Haha your right, it's hard to control it when you're a teen. She's sooo hot!
1:06 - Does Elliott '2 t's' Morgan know you spelt his name wrong? :P
6. If anyone dies, this never happened XD
I always thought Phil as scrawny but he's a giant!
Best part was Lee's "shut the fuck up Joe" face at 6:40
holy shit joe doesnt have his mustache
was elliot wearing sanuks at the end there?
1:04 they spelled Elliott's name as Elliot
Are you making a joke about her being a princess or a child?
joe's trash talk and intro. he should win just by that
i wish Audrey would've won just so i could find out her name
Joe had the best entrance ever, of all time. I want more of this awesome/funny combat.
So... This popped up on my homepage as recommended. That's not unusual except... It says it was posted 136 years ago. I'm calling BS
Kissass crew, f it. Its not like phils a professional boss
lol. you guys and gals have an awesome boss!!! Joe, have you lost weight? Where the eff was steve at???? He would have totally won. Lee, you were as pretty as ever :) Elliot, congrats on marrying up!
Phil has to be the best boss ever
what you should do is more jumping with Lee!
Working at sourcefed..looks so fun..
lees such a camera hog whenever something happens shes there
DAMN joe is a fuckin ninja 2:03
HAH phil and joe at 1:46 ... simply hilarious.
It always comes down to Phil and Joe!
what happened to the bouncy castle?
finally found this video, took me like 30 mins cause I looked through the other channels as well and I didn't remember the title
i think these guys might work a bit too hard
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