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Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Ep. 2: Jax, Sonya and Kano (Part 2)

by Machinima • 6,912,365 views Click here to watch Mortal Kombat: Legacy Ep 1! Series Description Mortal Kombat: Legacy brings to life the complex and rich history of the gaming world...

Like if anybody agrees they think this is a pretty good series ;D 
+ToontownHaley:3 Awesome show.  Only problem is Sonya's cuffs are WAY too long.  Kano would never put her in such loose cuffs.
It's 7 of 9 from Star Trek. She has a great rack ;-)
Micheal Jai 'Fcukin' WHTE!! That dude is the most underrated martial artist/actor in Hollywood today! This guy can kick ass for real! I'd actually pay to see him be a villain in an Expendables movie.
WTF!? So a nade goes off right next to Jax and Kano and they are VERY close to it, no problem, they get up and continue fighting. A second nade goes off and Jax is even further away than the first time and he is all screwed up and losing his arms?   Can someone explain why explosions are more deadly the further away you are from the initial blast in this universe or is the director just completely awful? I cannot take this series seriously.
All the people who watched the second season then the first, u realize this started out fan made, so they didnt have netherrealm's support yet.
Dammit Shahlavi, why'd you have to go and die all over the place?! Rest in peace.
wanted to reply on grimm.exe, but couldnt...grimm exe..... its a brilliant show with good fight choreography. ;) 
This series shouldn't have started out with Jax and Sonia, the most boring characters.
I'm glad it started off w/ them lol b/c I almost skipped through it, If they were like the chars in the game w/ the arms and same move sets then yeah, id wouldve enjoyed this more, sonya has always been boring, i mean cmon a grean fucking spandex suit... anyway, I also agree she shouldve been like mid 20s???
+ma1k3ru01 I thought she was cool in the movies
6:45-7:14->This scene brings me back golden memories from the first Terminator movie,when the T-800 pulled out his own eye after it got damaged during a fight with Kyle Reese.
Okay screw that. Kano could not have survived that. Jax ran from the grenade and still took a shit load of damage and lost his arms. Kano took that grenade point blank. He would be FUBAR...
@Grimm.exe since somehow i can't see a reply button. The Legacy MK was made to show warner bros and some others that own rights to the movies/games/MK-universe that a third MK movie should be made. And this time of course more realistic as the movies these days at least pretend to be realistic in some way(often failing). If these guys had the money and rights, they'd probably do the film by themselves. What would you think if the fighters in a future MK -film jumped or jump-kicked like in the games. Yes, that would look ridiculous.
+freddy Can you deny the reply button? In that case he is an asshole.
+Hapsi Hapsenkakkiainen its actually possible to block replies on comments :s ugh, hes totally missing the good there is in this series.
Why do they have a old ass lady playing Sonya Blade?! That chick hasn't been relevant since she played the role of 7of9 15+ years ago on Star Trek
I agree. She is very very old to be sonya
I thought quan chi or something ripped jax hands off? I can't remember
+Drew Ahrold  "he MAY have willingly had his own arms removed in favour of mechanical replacements"
Bruh, im with YOU on this. Im saying that it's not a fact.
I thought Stryker was fat?
How come Curtis Stryker isn't in the title he is also a MK character
this sonya blade is not look alike in the game
the fuck happened to stryker. Nigga hardly did anything
I agree, and he's a war machine in the new video game...
credits longer than the actual thing
Kano's face was fucked before Jax ever showed up no? I don't know how but I was hoping something better than fucking up on his own weapons.
That 'torturing Sonya' line should have come when Jax was in a hold or something
Woaaa Jax just unleashed a Mike Tyson punch, most likely because Kano mispronounced Sonya as Sanya, lool
Probably because of the accent.
Michael Jai White who plays Jax, actually played Tyson back in the early 90s in the biopic. Funny u use the Tyson punch line
OH MY LAWD. Sweet Dee is Sonya.
Ugh, dammit... I DID watch the 2nd season first....
Really, Sonya isn't supposed to be this old... Could have been better.
This was a bed idea eating a sandwich while watching this part
sucks michael jai white got sucked into this piece of shit
What da faq? Is this Mortal Kombat or Mission Impossible? The events are COMPLETELY different than what originally happened!
I have Only seen up to this episode, I'm gonna hazard a guess on this series. A realistic non-Outworld take. as of this episode I like it.
They're just laying the foundation and telling the backstory of main characters (Or at least so far from what I've seen 2 episodes in). Me and my older brother would read the comics and backstories of the MK Characters, and this is definitely how it goes (although different games and different comics tell different un-canon storylines as well). Sonya and Jax are head of a Special Ops team and Kano is the leader of a dangerous gang - therefore he's their #1 target and personal rival (MK1-3 games support that, and even the beginning of the Mortal Kombat movie. Remember, Kano was the reason Sonya foolishly ran after him into the MK tournament). They were just telling us how Jax ended up getting his arms and Kano got his eyes. I'm a 90's baby MK nerd, so personally I liked this episode....
hate hot this made Kano look like a li bitch....jaxx can't kick his ass that easy
Pfft most of you guys referring to Jeri Ryan as old and unattractive.  She'd destroy most of you in bed and left unsatisfied.
sonya looks more hot in games in here she looks all old n shit
Did Sonya and Jax doo so real nasty shit some night or something?
You can see the sculpt marks (the untidy lines) in Kano's eye piece. Hard to get neat lines so I personally would have left them, besides, they make it look too much like a terminator like that.
It is funny how jax and sonya are hurt from the explosion, but kano has no scratch on him.
the blast didnt even affect kano? or they got him out efore it went off? but if they did wouldnt they have shot the guy helping kano? what happened?
so sonya is in the hospital for a week and her face is still dirty ? man those nurses are lazy 
Sonya is so flat chested! Where re thy boobs!? 
Sonya looks too old!
Sonya needs a bigger bewb
Besides, if this is the edited version it should not be age restricted. Now take this! GET OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!(impales stupid age restriction law through its center, torches it, and runs)
the action is very good!!
I fucking love this. Im going to watch all of these today. I have been an mk fan ever since a kid. Fuck yeah!
yes sub zero is so cool i like him i mean he have cool power
I like this sonya, she reminds me of sarah connor.
except that while Sarah was hot, Sonya here is just old and unattractive
There needs to be a MK movie ... Imagine how awesomely they could make all the characters come to life...
Damn Sonya does look old I wish they had a younger actress
Where is the partial nudity I was warned about and promised?
Why is this age restricted when I watched part 1 of this without any troubles
I thought it was extremely bad choreography between Jax and Kano
Stupid age restricted content GRRRR....!!!
This bitch Sonya blade look old after where the young bad white bitch at like Kim Kardashian
.... you should stop commenting on the internet and go to jersy where u belong
how old do you have to be to watch this!!
1:30 for start of ep. past recap
Sonya blade supposed to be sexy.
i know this is a late reply but to be fair sonya is suppose to look like she was  tortured in the film I know kano said something about torturing her
+Rick Casillas Sonya from the '95 movie was hotter
Jax kicks some hardcore ass in this episode lol its pretty badass when he is whoopin kanos ass xD
fuck sonyas still ugly
sonya is sucks face
they didnt introduced stryker.... whats this world coming to..
good show but why is the first one has subtitle or cc and the second does not?
shocked this anit bad the show ^^
Man kanos eye got ffffffffffffffffFUCKED!
"you've been out a week" ... still covered in dirt and moist blood
i just want to say well done Doug Kerr. you are a expert boom operator!
I can't take Sonya seriously.. I feel like she's going to hurt herself. lmao olddddddd
what channel do this pass it on?
wait jax punched kano so hard that it disfigured the right side of his face, what?
stryker is supposed to look like steve from gta 5 he doesn't look like that funny thing is stryker works for FBI and SWAT and steve works for the FIB(FBI)lolol
alguém poderia me mandar em português!!! BR
So we don't get to see Jax's robot arms?
its still early in the series..maybe in the later episodes
What the hell im 34 years old and i cant watch this shit!!
Yes. And we can speak some English too :p
Do they gotta tekken series also ?
Am I the only one who is on the side of dark ones?  I always sided Kano over Sonya, Sub Zero over Liu Kang, Scorpion over Johny Cage, etc.   I could not be happier when Johny Cage died in MK II
+temich1985 sektor is someone entirely different, tundra=subzero2=subzeros younger bro
Subzero was never a bad guy
II'm fucking 40 yrs old you idiots @ Youtube why is this age rstricted to me.
search the program to get it through
to be fair this show is really fun to watch so far but omg! ive just spent ten minutes watching the first episode and im being made to watch 2 minutes of the last in catch up. how poor do you think my memory is!
Keep in mind when Season 1 first came out, they put out just 1 episode each week, so the recaps made sense.  With Season 2, however, they put out the whole season all at once.
i see and that does make sense :P
Michael Jai Whit is the shit im pretty sure.... he did his own stunts
Wait, so Sonia is in ICU more than a week and they still haven't found a time to wash her face? Damn, that's some bad hospital servise..
Showing the series Mortal Kombat: Legacy on the Channel Fox
The battle between kano and Jax is amazing! Congrats on the special effects etc machinima!
I thought it was horrible. They embarrass Kano, he is supposed to be an elite fighter, yet he couldnt get one punch in
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