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NaNa's and Joseph's Vlog....

by nanaluvstroubles • 61,710 views

I created this video using my Logitech webcam software.

She's going to eat the baby
At least she has the decency and wanting to give a video. It takes great courage to make a video showing yourself and showing how happy you could be. Y'all see how happy she is? Yeah, she ain't got no time for haters like you, like seriously, get a life instead of tryna hurt a lady from doing what she loves. Smh.
joseph leave now before you get emotionally scarred 
She doesn't know what a vlog is its not sitting on your bed barking like a dog terrifying a baby
el bebe es hermoso, pero desgraciadamente en una cultura como la de  USA el va a sufrir... Nana debería someterse a na operación, dieta y ejercicio, no solo por el bienestar emocional de su bebe, si no por su propia salud, afortunadamente he visto que ella cuenta con su familia y espero de todo corazón que esten unidos para darle apoyo a ese hermoso bebe...
Eww ugly baby and mom. Wish u go down to the sewer and get eaten by rats hahahaha :p
i wouldn't call her ugly hun....wheres your profile picture? yeah thats what i thought TheSubsList    
all the comments are terrible...JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!
0.38 you cant play with the pubic hair xD
This sexy bitch has a kid?.. how does she keep her girlish figure? Someone find out this hotty's secret.
No! how the hell did she got a baby?
Enjoy that beautiful baby.  So precious :-)
She can barely see over her cheeks lol
You're great and good! Don't give up and your baby's so sweet. Best wishes! ; )
That child is fucking terrified. 
You should read are comments he was playing with the computer to stop it He was terrified of you And he was probably trying to get of you and go And you don't know what a vlog is thats not a vlog is where you go places and record it!
I swear people need to grow the fuck up ecery one who made a neggative comment go fuck yo self
why has no one said this :Snorlax found a mate and had a munchlax like seriously you trolls are getting bad
At what point does she  eat the baby?
I almost started crying from laughing
She has a kid so obviously someone likes her!!
And i dont really know how
It's not her kid, he's a nephew or something
I hobe she is not going to eat the kid XD
HOWD SHE HAVE A BABY?????????????
You now what get over the fact that she's fat it's not nice it make me sad to fat be made fun of
she didnt realize she was prego and thought she just needed a good bowel movment...then she slid out a child instead of a turd.
sto being so mean! some of you. she is a human with feelings as all of us. she may have a problem and this is a fact. no matter what who are you to judge her.. look your face first and then talk for an other person. she has a beatiful child and i see a lot of love.. so su.. and go hate justin bieber..
Que tiene que ver Justin Bieber en este video? xd
No she is a whale with feelings
She must have burped him up.
you people are disgusting how you can talk about others . her and her  baby whats wrong with that. I don't see what's wrong at all with her posts or anything funny   nothing at all but i will say their is something wrong with those that bash others are bullies and are not happy with them selves  that's what bullies do is make fun bc they have nothing else better to do and for you David, and Jayla, Carmen and Phillip and the Subs list , and the others i can't even pronounce your names but that doesn't matter bc you are all bullies and it shows you all are the ones with the problems not her or the baby at all  . Its yall maybe one day you all will grow up and be someone and have a family of your own then maybe you will understand what its like to be adults and to be mature .
Ploon, toh eenteen. Il yabba ma dookee Mahs tah, icht boong
You people are so mean she is a human being not a pig.She is perfect the way she is!!! I love your videos nana keep them going!😋☺️👌👍
omg that thing reproduced?!?!
hey dont eat that baby!
I found this video to be very sweet. Just forget the haters your beautiful and your son is beautiful.
poor babies thinking, this bitch is gunna eat me D:
that is mean she loves her son and would never do that and i bet that the baby loves her just the same maybe even more :)  
If you don't like her then you don't have to watch if ou are going to leave these comments you can go yourself I might be ten but you need to stop and no I did not learn this from school bullying is a way if harassing
aww the baby is so cute and adorable ! :3
Your baby is CUTE!!! pocket sized :)
Is tht ur son cuz he gorgeous like you xx
I love you Nana. Your baby is very cute by the way!!! 
Omg who's that little sweety pie? He is a cute little munchkin. Fuck the haters, keep doing what you like. No one gives a fuck what all the haters think and obviously not her either. Seen how many views her vids got?? Try topping that one.
At least she can get a boyfriend unlike most I you
Stop posting hateful comments here. You people should know better.  I haven't met her but I'm sure she's an amazing person. So, learn to be a little respectful. who had sex with this toby lumpkins
Stop being so mean and the baby he is a little cute baby
People are so fucking heartless. All of those who post crazy, sick comments wishing death on someone because you think they're ugly, are the ugliest people in the world. Outer beauty doesn't last. Inner beauty does.
Le bébé est trop mignon
How can people get so fucking fat!!!!!!!
Your fucking going to eat him
Knock if off people. Her morbid obesity is nothing to be laughed at. She's too likely to die from medical conditions much to early, leaving her child without a mother. It's much more sad than funny.
Aww ur baby's beautiful! U much be such a proud mom! Well done for raising him:)
haha and you cant spell so that makes you more of a retard :)
Don't say it's you'r child?? Who wanted to fuck a fatty like you ? maybe Homer Simpson with crust on his eyes
Si no te gusta el video, y usted no lo ve, vaya a joruncarte el culo o moco y dejar de criticar escoria, no te das cuenta de la basura humana de ser como usted está haciendo, y usted lo sabe.
@FishLp2210 vor allem wer schwändert denn so einen haufen scheiße?
@Haushaltsreiniger that is so messed up why u such a hater??? u got problems it's not like she did sumthing to you
continue je t'encourage encore a faire des video :)
Leave her alone she has a beutiful baby and you ar taking the pxxs out of her get a grip people seriously does any one agree with me fgs
yall sum mean as people damn let me see how you look no one on gods earth has the room to talk so get a life and i pray for yall
you're beautiful, and your baby too *-*
omg!!!! she's gonna eat that kid!!
hey instead of making this videos get out nd excersice u scare the kid......damn
wie will das kind mal sprechen lernen ?
hahahahahahahahahahaha nah " you can't play with the computer yet " omg cant get pubic hair out now
Do not let the child just like you
All you bulshitters betta quit it because she is trying. Yeah shes fat and not the best singer but you could all be reported for this do BACK THE FUCKING HELL OF.
are you telling me someone actually impregnated her??????!!!!!!!
who's baby? does he sleep on you
0:40 "you cant play with the pubic hair." LOLWUT?!
@UrrSel She will get eat him??? Are you really that stupid??? Go back to your own country you damn terrorist and leave this girl alone!!
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