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The Avengers Movie Review: Beyond The Trailer

by Beyond The Trailer • 65,664 views

The Avengers Movie Review. Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the low-down on The Avengers, Marvel's first big crossover movie starring Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain...

The Avengers without a doubt is the best movie of 2012.
I think they are exaggerating. It was good, but not that good. I was annoyed that the cast was primarily male, and when thinking about it, I wish they had utilised Dr Banner much more; I liked his fragility and his struggle for control of his…other side.
yes i know i am replying to an old comment but i could not stop and answer this so here. the cast was primarily male. of course wanna know why? because in the avengers comic book the original avengers were as followed thor,iron man, ant/giant man, wasp, and captain america, and in someways the hulk. name how many female characters were in that.
Why is this video age restricted?
LoL. You looked ugly that time... But now. Just so f**** sexy...
4:15 that man in the back lmao
Grace, your hair looks beautiful in this review! <3
maybe this time they will fight Thanos at Marvels Avergers 2014
The old guy sounds like Stan Lee... "I didn't wear my Captain America shirt."
The Avengers 9/10 For me But I Loved It :-) IT WILL NEVER BE THE DARK KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!! NEVER! But It Is Defenlty On My Top 10 Favorite SuperHero Movies!
Very good movie but VERY overrated.
You are kidding right? they've tried it twice. I liked the first one but it was too drawn out and you couldn't understand Nick Nolte, but the story was pretty good and action was awesome. H2 didn't work for me. But I agree he works best as a partial role. It would be awesome if he made guest appearances in other marvel films. BTW did you understand how Hulk was about to kill black widow then comes back to the team as if nothing happened??
LOL 4:15, look at the black security guard repeatedly patting his head!
Stop comparing it with the dark knight they are completely different
The end scene is the first time you properly see him but its certainly not the first reference to him. There is a brief glimpse of his back during the movie's opening and when the Chitauri warn Loki that "he" will hunt him down if he fails the he they refer to is Thanos. He's in it more for the fans, he'd need at least half a movie by himself to explain to newcomers
The story sucked. Villain sucked. Comedy was ok but cheap. Overall a very predictable movie for little kids. Even when hulk was smashing, was I only only one who wasn't wowed by it? I mean... read world war hulk. He wrecks peoples ****, that's what he does, that's his thing. It's not surprising or even wowing. Oh, stopping a nuke has never been don before at all *rolls eyes*. And the invasion force was what, like 30 aliens? The US army could have handled it... I expected them to be like locust.
People that don't like this movie must have depression issues. It was just great fun of a movie.
The movie didn't do it for me. I hope the next installment is better.
It was but it I didn't like that it had too much comedy.
I couldn´t agree more!!! But...Can Hulk hold a movie on his own? People say it´s not a good idea because hulk is only about SMASHING and GROWLING things out !! I would love to watch a movie where Hulk had the main role,but it´s too risk now....Anyway...Let him stick to the avengers and make the difference all the time!! Thor 2 is in a making it´s going to rock!!
"Two of his three tv shows," What are you on? Four. Count 'em: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse. Four. FOUR!
I do not think at all the hobbit wil be dissapointing. Since its from peter jackson who did lotr. Lotr is a masterpiece and awesome!
I preferred TDKR but I loved the avengers too.
These aren't plot holes. You still don't know what that means. a) Watch it again, because how could you not see more giant worm ships coming out from the mother ship? b) It was like he was knocked unconscious, the roar woke him up. Jesus, it was some comedy, lighten up. How can you fixate on that as a major plot point? c) This one is just stupid. You're just nitpicking. I can imagine a review: "2/5 because Captain America should have frozen." Gimme a break.
Actually, as a serious question because maybe I am just missing something, would you mind giving me some specific examples of why The Dark Knight was so great? Maybe it might change my mind a little, maybe not. We'll find out. lol
I hope so. Although it seems like he's making it epic movie like LotR, which it shouldn't be, it should be funny, a bit more childish etc. if he was following the books :P but let's hope for the best :D
Loki: ENOUGH! You are all of you beneath me! I am a God you dull creature. And I will not be bullied by-ah! *Hulk grabs Loki by the leg and smashes him around like a ragdoll* Hulk: Puny God.
I wish he could bring Firefly back.
It should be OVER 9000 great movie btw :)
what did you think of the movie, Grace?
Why shouldn't every1 not like this movie. I know people have their own opinons then you just contradicted yourself by saying its overrated then. Its THEIR OPINION
I can accept that, being an opinion and all. I just don't consider The Avengers predictable because I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. While The Dark Knight was completely unsuprising. The only suprise was that the Joker didn't feel like Joker to me. Even then I already expected that with the tone of the Dark Knight series and marketing. I like The Dark Knight, but finding out ppl are calling it THAT amazing I find myself looking back searching for what parts made it supposedly so.
AVENGERS HAD NO STORY!!! Its basically, Lokis mad, he wants to tak over the world, avengers hate each other, they must stop to defeat loki. WEAK STORY!!!!!!!
I bet you a lot of people in that cinema had already seen it once, if not more times.
LOL... talking to a 4 year old at 3:27... yeah, he sounds really interested.
the key to REALLY enjoyng a movie is NOT going into the theater with expectations. go in ready to expect anything. thats probebly why few disliked this movie, they expectations were WAY too high. but personally, I think it go$s beyond expectations!!!! great movie!!
Dark Knight was awesome ... but I really loved Batman Begins better.
What was so great about this film and the Loki bit really don't see why its funny everything in the movie was predictable sorry.
nope,it seemed to be more a scene for the animated version
4:15 . Guy In Background. WTF.
What are you saying you know its the thruth and hey I paid to see the movie and I said it was amazing and had an interesting story. I didnt say anything bad I just said that harry potter deserved more.
that black guy it alot of these videos
I wonder who came up with the nucler thing this or the darknight
...from fans. Last years' X-Men: First Class was way better.
4:15. The guy in the background is thinking: "Goddamn it, my forehead sure does need a good beating"
And his is the ONLY approval I seek and that matters. He gave me my first comics and has the original 60's Marvels. If you're disdainful for the sake of it or are a Batman fan only you're not going to "get it".
For Marvel it's ''In Wheedon we trust'' for DC it's ''In Nolan we trust'' 2 astounding directors
Marvel didnt wanted to do a complex history and thats why you have the other movies -.-
@7pulford who is the "main actor" who you claim cannot act?
That's what people do, we compare. You can't say that you don't. I, for one, came into this movie thinking that it would be over hyped, previously seeing the hulks, ironman, green latern, and thor... all just ok films, except ironman 2 which was pretty good, I didn't think this would touch Dark Knight... but I was wrong. lol. This is indeed on Dark Knight's level.
why is everybody saying they're planning to make a hulk movie? there are already two, one of which was tied into the avengers (2008 version)
"It brings me so much joy!" Win! Haha
I am not a Batman fan or anything like that, I just except good movies to have everything in place. This didn't. The characters certainly weren't balanced (but I've "argued" about that too much, not gonna be picky), action sure was good, comedy well it was ok, some of it was too "obvious" it was gonna happen but most of it. Thank you for giving me a lot of reasoning behind your argument, nice to see someone whos not just with the public hype :) (and I _did_ like the movie)
Oh I guess thats what I missed in the first few minutes. All the more reason to see it again. Thanks!
there wuz one girl who said to me the movie sucked.........she wuz saying dc is better....i said it doesnt matter who makes the movie. batman is great! i love batman but i love iron man. it matters how good the movie is. im planning on seeing all of the super hero movies. u souldnt hate the creater of the movie u sould love the movie for how well it wuz made
Yeah, that's what I'm telling you :) I liked the movie aswell, but that doesn't mean everyone should like it :) (just wanted to be a bit picky)
How did YOU like the movie Grace?
I like how when avengers came out everyone loved it and now no one does because it's so easy to hate on something good
this is gonna be the year of nolan vs whedon.
joss whedon is a FUCKING IDIOT! He screwed up The Avengers with a bad story and he's screwing up Avengers 2 with scarlett witch and quicksilver. Everything about the movie was great except for the plot, and it just pisses me off that whedon covered up the shit plot with amazing characters and great special effects. Does no one agree?
Serenity needed a happier ending. They could bring back the franchise (Firefly,Serenity) by pulling a Star Trek 2. Also, Eva Longoria should play Wasp. She could be introduced into the Avengers franchise by first appearing in a new Hulk movie (someone helping David Banner, etc).
Seeing this movie at midnight will be a memory that sticks with me forever. Seriously, I have never been in a theater where the crowd was so into a movie. It was amazing! Cannot wait for Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2!
4:15, black dude slapping himself?!?!?!
4:14 what is the guy in the back ground doing o_O
The thumbnail doesn't look like Bruce Banner...
If you watch any of her other videos (especially the Les Mis one) you'll realize that she does absolutely no research.
yes, haters are definitely pissed off Batman fans, I even know some :/ Avengers was amazing, epic... Any good word you can say about it! Can't wait for Age of Ultron!
That's not what i was getting at . They have completely different stories , backgrounds , characters , and have nothing generally in common and personally i wouldn't class batman as a 'superhero'
999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 out of 10
excuse me, where did you buy your shirt?
i know, but still it can't not be denied, whedon got style
"Biggest Marvel opening day ever in Hungary!" Wow, I didn't know that.
They were all meh... the books are unbelievably better than the films. Having a main actor who cannot act doesn't help.
I thought it was a great popcorn flick. It just lacked depth. It's my 4th favorite superhero movie (iron man, spiderman 2, tdk)
As a longtime fan of Buffy, I think it's fair to say that it has been "In Whedon We Trust" since 1997. Not to knock Nolan, but I could watch Avengers over and over again. Dark Knight, while gripping, borders on unpalatable, sacrificing enjoyment for pathos. Whedon took us through all the humor, fright, and daring do of a comic book come to life. And it had its moments of gravitas, too. And when the other shoe drops in Black Widow's scenes, it's perfection.
Oh Hulk completely stole the show!!! He pushed so many feel good moments, like when he just sucker punches Thor, and waking Iron Man with a growl was raw. It was so awesome to see the hulk done right I may have even gotten wet in the eyes.
I'm not trying to diss you or your opinions, I'm just trying to find your reasoning behind them.
Ah, yes, Joss Whedon just needed the right project. He got it and it paid off. The Avengers was awesome.
I DEFINITELY thought Avengers was impressive, but i completely disagree with the Dark Knight being predictable buddy... If anything The Avengers is a VERY impressive popcorn flick and its incredibly predictable. That being said its the best predictable film I ever saw... I had NO idea the Dark Knight was going to be that Amazing...but thats just my opinion.
LMAO at the man patting his head
Scarlett Johansson wins it for me
Oh well, Black Widow was concerned about Bruce freaking out, thats why she spent a whole 2 minutes trying to calm him down. Maybe he can control it, he did say he had a "secret"...that he is "always angry" Regardless it rocked!
the reason why he wanted to kill black widow is because he was under the influence of loki's staff, which is why everyone was throwing cheap shots at each other when they were in the laboratory.
And this isn't a Nolan vs Whedon thing. It's not a "The Avengers rocked, The Dark Knight sucked" kinda thing. It's not even a DC vs Marvel thing! I liked the Dark Knight. But the Avengers was suprisingly impressive. The Dark Knight was predictable. I expected the movie to be exactly how it was. Now if they do Justice League I will be baffled cuz of the extreme diversity in tones (Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern kinda deal) and if pulled off balanced I'll be impressed.
We should've all lied through our teeth, saying the film was absolutely and utterly terrible so that Marvel would bring out Avengers 2 sooner and want to make it even better!
I won't forget watching the Avengers on opening day in Vienna! The crowd was cheering, laughing, on their toes the whole time, it was an amazing experience that Joss Whedon and the team created. My personal opinion - WORTH EVERY PENNY, maybe even more. I saw it three times in theatres, then bought it from iTunes! Best action movie by far!!!
I didn't like "the dark knight series" too dark, and his voice is like "urhugurhgurhughur irm batman"
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