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Hotel mario the story plot in Engrish (Ytp style)

by Maund001 • 20,480 views

The title says it all. using babelfish and a text-to-voice program... And the storyplot i found on wikipedia searching for "Hotel mario" Hope you'll like it... Please subscribe/rate/comment if you...

Still never getting tired of Ruijipikunitsuku.
I cannot stop laughing xD
If little kids see this video, the will have horrible nightmares after a bedtime fairytale. Who can blame them, I think even I'd piss myself if I was dreaming about a princess and she suddenly looked like the King Woman.
King woman = King Harkinian's face on Peach? Mah boi
Im thanking you and offcourse everyone else, im hoping to create something like this again too! ;D
Oh. I went to GT, translated F to J and back to E. Here's what it got: PURINSESUPICHIMARIO Luigin been invited to picnic. Find the richest mushroom Koopan coyote brothers arrived at the gate, he notified the National mushrooms, she visited on a regular basis' was, "said a letter submitted with the list of hotels. [6] is to save the princess Mario and Luigi Bowserin of a hotel owned by his children and to begin a visit. duo, or find ways other Peachin several times, ends in a different hotel.
hd takes a REALLY long time to load but yeah, weird
LOL I Laughed so hard listening to this, I almost cried laughing so hard!
lol this is hilarious the king woman
*sigh* this is speakonia isnt it?
i loled at cloud from kingdom hearts
Apparantly its too much for your brain to possibly comprehend.
well... The story is translated from English to Japanese and then back to English... so sorta wierd stuff happens XD
This video is a better plot with greater production values than all the cd-i games combined
radar overseer scotty reads hotel mario! LOL wtf did they call luigi?
Nice of the king woman to invite us over to a picnic, Gay Ruijipikunitsuku?
"Where Bowser exists after all?" What is Bowser, Bigfoot? Did Mario not believe in him beforehand?
I couldn't stop loling after Ruiji and the child and the whole video.
Yes, after every adventure Mario just regarded it as a dream.
good thing i took my time to create it :D
he is not weegee anyways weegee comes from the computer game 'Where's Mario?'
ROFL, I wanna make a video in engrish now.
king woman.... i was like.. what.. then... then I saw IT.... King Woman of the land of the Stache
Thats what peaple shall do when they see the beuty of the kingwoman!
"Being invited because of Taodstool, [mario] and [ruijipikunitsuku] by the king woman, arrive to the kingdom of the mushroom." wat?
i bet in the original Japanese transcript it would be only like one letter too.
Ruijipikunitsuku... Absolute brilliance.
No i just got the story plot in english in the wiki, then i took it to babelfish and translated it to japanese and back to english then that text become this, i used this with a "text to sound" program to get the voices for the text.... Hope you understood all that O_o
nope, normally i'd use speakonia, but in this i just used some simmilar program, but its still the same voices so it doesnt make any diffrance...
Hey, how do you record the text-to-speech voice? Because I really wanted to make a vid with Engrish plot!
The kingdom of the mushroom which changes name, it happens: Klub Koopa Resort" <-- lol, WIN.
@Firestar77777 Thanks for the comment, dont knwo when or if, but i'll try and remember to make a new one of theese later, subscribe and hope for the best :D
His name's ruijipikunitsukuk? I've been pronouncing it wrong this whole time! =D
Why did I click where it said "click here"?!?!?
Part 3: Also, Mario and Luigi in the first six and access to the hotel, the Princess several times, and every opportunity to find lost sight of her, to close at another hotel. They eventually found galumphing Please enter the palace. Lost before the owner of the hotel collapsed, Mushroom Princess brothers, fleeing the building. Princess to rule a kingdom of peace for her now, thank Mario Brothers is both a kiss.
apparently (translated from engrish back to english) it is the queen (peach), but i just wanted peaple to get terrefied by the kings face! XD
it was so funny I farted. Ruijipikunitsuku shall be the name of my firstborn son.
well mario is just a stupid fat plumber after all, dont blame him too much...
The King Woman in which the non-existing Bowser grapsed as a permanent guest gives me chortles! Along with Rujipinkunitsuku and the kiss of DOOM! 5/5! :D
Seeing Harkinian's head on Peach's body made my brain delete it's system32 folder.
from the begining Claud is from FF7, kingdomhearts is just a mix between final fantasy games and disney movies, but you are correct he is also in kingdom hearts...
Gawd! i laugh every time i think of the king-woman and rujipinkunitsuku
rujipiksiniksuku LOL i fell ff my chair
so if his real name is Ruijipikunitsuku, then just what the hell are we supposed to call Weegee?!
well then, my work here is done! ^^
The kingdom of the mushroom which changes name, it happens.
np, thank you for watching it (and offcourse liking it)! :D
damn, so that game i played on the GameCube 6 years ago was really called Ruijipikunitsuku's Mansion?
Its so actuate that it seems it has been created by a real Asian sweatshop worker
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